Reviews: APS M4 Full Metal Guardian Match Airsoft Electric Blowback AEG Sniper Rifle


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Model: AEG-APS-ASR110D
Location: L5-057

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by tanner c. on 2014-01-10 09:10:26
"I purchased this gun already having owned one (didn't shoot how it was supposes to) and this gun was no different. I received this gun in the box. when i opened the box all of the inserts holding the gun in place were not doing there job leaving my gun to wonder around the inside. i Got it with a wobbly outer barrel. and it had absolutely no fps. chrono'd it at 280 fps. so i got into it and upon my findings they have an absolutely horrible bucking that air just flows straight past.and when got to gearbox all the screws had been glued in there slots making it a very difficult and frustrating gearbox. i ended up breaking it and having to order another on. after the full gearbox swap and bucking and barrel swap(accuracy also was horrible) I got it shooting 400 fps like its supposed to. trigger guard assembly also broke due to glue in the slot. internals are somewhat good. gears look fairly strong but piston is a no. and this gun absolutely needs air seal work as soon as you get it.
-looks great
-feels great
-has great wiring
has no fps
air seal sucks (like throwing a hot dog down a hallway)
bucking is crap
so much glue in the wrong spots

AGAIN that this is my second one- my last one was sent back to the tech department (warranty) but came back virtually no different so i was doing this one instead since i am an experienced tech. Now i have my (hopefully one of a kind) "SR-47 guardian edition"
by christian s. on 2014-01-07 19:31:21
"Great rifle. I purchased this from a friend and I am very impressed. I absolutely love the gun performs but I am even more impressed with the layout and physical look tp the rifle.

full metal
tan furniture with black body and barrel
crane stock
fcu unit

not much rail space
the barrel threads are a different size so an adapter is necessary for barrel extensions
irremovable orange tip
by Truman V. on 2014-01-04 18:05:59
"iv had this gun for about 8 months this gun is a good gun i like the plat form the rails are super nice very custom now to the pros and cons i would sugjest getting a acog/red dot and a new hop up and new barrle

1. fps

2. rails

3. very salid

4.sights are very nice not magpul thoe

5.blow back

now the cons



3.rails are hard to figure out at first!!

4.bad directions

5.wobble mags
i would not get this gun agine its a wast of money dont get it
by kaizon s. on 2014-01-01 23:02:10
"Got this gun this past Christmas. Awesome gun 390 fps with .20s and still keeps great range with .25s accuracy issues can be fixed by getting a new buckling for ur hop up. But the Gun is great if u want to have a dmr platform. And if u just like long guns it's great rail system is fully customizable. Get a longer inner barrel for more range.
by Brad B. on 2013-09-20 16:40:05
"Had this rifle for over 2 months now. The guardian RIS is very comfortable and I love how slim it is.
The quick spring change is a huge plus. All in all, a great buy!
by Tom T. on 2013-07-28 13:57:57
"I have had this gun for a week now. 360 fps with .20s but great range. used it in 3 wars and one all day event and i have no complains. everyone falls in love with it when they put there eyes on it. The blow back broke but easy fix the return spring fell off. sat one match and fixed no big deal. seriously recommend for anyone that wants a different style m4.
by Jack S. on 2013-07-05 12:32:25
"Disappointed to say the least. Accuracy is sub par. Listed fps is 380. Chrono at home says 100fps less than listed. Love the look and feel of the body. Performance has me upset. Ordered 200 dollars worth of aftermarket upgrades hoping to get it up to listed specs!

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)