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Matrix Match Grade M4 / M16 Airsoft AEG Gearbox Reinforced Full Tune Up Kit

7 Customer Reviews

by Kevin L. on 07/28/2013
"Great kit, but one thing of note. If you don't have a high torque motor your going to need one to pull the M120 Spring. A stock motor won't even budge it.
by Austin T. on 01/03/2013
"the best ftk deal first the 18:1 gears are standard torque and are CNC steal which are best with m120 springs and the full tooth piston for durability. what impressed me was the air-nozzle witch was a air-seal nozzle. last was the compression components which where made to go with each other and create a amazing air seal.

~air-seal nozzle
~comes with lube
~m120 spring w/ spring guide

~doesn't come with shims(there $4)
by Burk M. on 11/14/2012
"Love it. Every part looks nice, polished and strong. Much nicer looking than the stock brass stuff. My stock G&G Raider received a jump in FPS from 330 to 407 FPS after I install the kit and firing is now a lot more smoother. Highly recommend this for G&G raider owners!
by Alex K. on 11/04/2012
"I was looking for a gear set to replace my systema high torque that failed last weekend and decided to pick up the whole kit instead. I am installing them today and will post more reviews. From the look of these parts, they are better than the Guarder FTK kits because these parts are all CNC made! For those who didn't know CNC is much better than casting any day. It arrived yesterday well packaged and all the parts look very high quality.
by Kristian P. on 11/07/2013
"I have been using this kit in my Classic Army M15 for about 4 months now and it has worked out pretty well so far. The only issue I have with the kit is the grease that comes with it does not have much and it does not come with shims which isn't that big of a deal anyways. Also the stock CA motor would not pull the M120 spring so I have an M100 in there right now and it shoots about 340-350 fps. Overall a pretty solid kit for the price especially because I got mine when it was a doorbuster for only $50.
by Sergey K. on 02/07/2013
"Overall, a good kit. Parts are made of steel, not aluminum, and do appear to be m120 capable.

Just installed them yesterday. Most parts that came in the set are of very good quality and workmanship, with additional seals to increase compression. They obviously were much better than the original ones I had in my gun. It sounds as if this kit may generate up to 130-135 possibly, will have to check.

During installation, we found out that the cylinder that comes with the kit is quite superficially polished on the inside, which doesn't produce decent pressure. Had to use a well-polished native cylinder and it gave an amazing compression.

The set doesn't come with shims (are a must) and there are no bushing bearings either. Need to have those just in case the original ones are not good enough. Grease that comes with the set is not really good either, and the amounts are small, so get more for both piston and the gears.

If you get all of the things on top of the kit, you'd be all set. Still a steal at $60, and with a bit of extra money would give you a very good tune-up kit. Would not give it a 5 star, but is definitely a a 4-star.
by Michael B. on 06/08/2017
"This set is great if you're looking to replace worn down old parts/ achieve better compression and get fresh parts in your gearbox. This is by no means a tune up/upgrade from anything beyond a stock gun. The spring this package comes with...just toss it straight in the trash. It's flimsy & over the course of 3 days resting in my gearbox, it had already showed signs of being compressed, just from sitting in the shell. The spring guide included didn't fit my gun, but I can say that while it is an upgrade from stock, I wouldn't consider it a built to last part. If you already have a metal spring guide, just keep the bearings on the piston, and use the stock spring guide. Now for the good stuff: All of the other parts are beautiful...but over priced. The gears, cylinder, cylinder head, piston, piston head & air nozzle are all re-branded ZCI parts. They're all beautiful and built to last. You could trust these parts, aside from the standard gears, even in medium-high stress builds. All in all, to buy the gears and other parts separately, it'd cost you $4 more, so you're still getting a deal. No way I'd pay the non-sale 150% mark up price LOL. If you're looking to replace old dying parts without extensively upgrading, BUY THIS. If you're looking to build and not using the included gears, I'd stay away from this. 3 Stars for the lemon spring and the rebranded parts.