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Elite Force 140rd Midcap Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Black / Set of 10)

117 Customer Reviews

by David K. on 06/09/2018
"These midcaps are very high quality, and feel more like a tool than a toy. Polymer construction does not detract from their quality at all. They feed flawlessly, and hold exactly 140 bbs. I counted. My only problem is that on my Elite Force M4 CQB, these Elite Force mags take a good slap to get in the gun, or a forceful shove. But this means they aren’t wobbling in the magwell, so I can’t compain. You really should buy a lot of these.
by William U. on 03/19/2018
"For such a cheap price these work perfectly for me.
No jamming issues in my Krytac or my ICS m4.
Great item!
by Nick B. on 01/16/2018
"I originally bought 2 of these with my gun(G&G GC-16 Raider) and some cheap 6mm pro shop .20s. The mags did horrible and so did the gun. After switching BB's the gun did good and the mags still had some issues. I left a review on here stating my dislike for the mags. Evike never published that review...I wonder why...There was no profanity, attacks, or vulgar language.
Oh well it turned out to be a good thing because as of now I love these mags. I squirted some silicone into them and just started using them and after a few loads they fed fine with G&G .20s and .25s. So I ordered five more expecting to have to lube them, but they have all fed great right out of the box. I've run G&G .20s, .25s and KWA .25s and .28s all have fed flawlessly. I played an entire day on them plus some shorter outings, not one problem.
My problems all along were the 6mm pro shop .20 BB's I got from here, that particular bag is no longer available on Evike, but I will run screaming from those 6mm pro shop BBs. I think I would have better luck with walmart BB's...anyway back to the review at hand.
These are honestly great, they are cheap, they feed well, and they seem pretty tough. The bottom cap screws out for easy maintenance. All in all, buy them; I'm super picky and I will be picking up more.

Now why didn't my first negative review get published Evike?? :)
by Pedro Henrique d. on 01/03/2018
"the best cost benefit in mid caps for m4 platforms

already used in gg, ka, bolt, ics, cyma and others, and worked perfectly !!!
by Jose G. on 10/29/2017
"Good mags tight fit just how it should be ;)
by Colby T. on 09/03/2017
"Really decent for the price. Currently use them in my Krytac CRB MK 1 with Polarstar jack. These are still fairly new but right now they are feeding perfect at 45 rps using .28g bbs. They feed at 50 rps with the occasional 5th bb on 4 round burst with the same weight. They're a nice polymer and feel sturdy enough to last a long time if you take care of them. Overall I dont have any complaints for these mags performance wise. I do however wish they would make it so you can actually take them apart and clean them. But with these you can only take the spring out in hole opened with an Allen wrench in the bottom of the mag. But all in all I'd give these mags a 4.7/5 stars.
by Kolton R. on 07/08/2017
"Just bought these yesterday for $6.00 a mag. Got a total of six and the total was around $35. Went to the evike range and shot through every mag 3 times on auto/semi through my classic army ars4-13. Not one misfeed! Going to hsp tomorrow to put them to the test. It's sturdy polymer plastic for the price and looks good. For $35 for 6 mags I'm l not complaing even if they are to break later on. Can't beat the quality for the price.
by Michelle F. on 06/27/2017
"Everything arrived well in Brazil
comprei 4 mags e 1 para a glock e chegou tudo cert aqui no brasil em menos de 1 més recomendo
by David A. on 03/07/2017
"works as expected in ICS m4, feeds well, does not jam.
plastic, but works fine even after several mag dumps.

all in all can't ask for more at this price point.
by Morgan M. on 07/03/2016
"phenomenal product I love them I've had mine for 5 years now and I have never had any problem ever. I've used these mags in both AEG and HPA guns they feed perfectly in both applications.

Only con I have for these is they do come from the factory with glue on the spring guid cover that you have to melt with a hair dry before you can access the spring to be cleaned.
by Noah M. on 06/23/2016
"They magazine are perfect for me. They require no winding and its lightweight too. The only easy and fast way to reload this magazine is by putting a speed loader close to the feeding hole and pressing it.
by Noah M. on 06/15/2016
"These mags are great in my opinion, they very sturdy polymer plastic and feed well. I have a VFC H&K 416c and these mags have no wobble at all. Every bb feeds great. I recommend you buy these especially if you have a H&K 416c.
by Adam M. on 01/25/2016
"I own 5 of these mags and they're amazing! they're lightweight and have a great finish. they feed well with the G&G combat machine and the A&K Masada
by Jonny R. on 09/14/2015
"I gotta say, when I first bought these I was kinda nervous as there were a good amount of bad reviews on these. Especially for using them with a G&G gun which is what I have them. Trusting in elite force, I bought them anyways and took the risk. I am definitely glad I did as they are great. I have had 0 feeding issues but there is a reason for that. As I was reading other reviews I saw that a guy had said to do this process;

Load 10-15 bbs
Spray some silicone
Load 10-15 more bbs

He said to do this because when you got them they are bone dry and he is exactly right. So I would definitely suggest doing that as it has helped me. Another thing that I saw was that people said it was going to be impossible to do maintenance on it as they had sealed the cap shut. This is true as it looks like they have superglued it. Reason for, idk. I believe that they will last you about a year though and at that point, you can buy some more or try to pry the cap off but maybe ruin you mag. Now let's talk about pros and cons

Polymer (feels like it)
Great feeding (for me)
(Low profile)

Cap sealed shut
You don't have them

Like I said, even though that you might read some bad reviews, I would definitely take the risk and buy them.
by Josh B. on 08/01/2015
"Well, a few people here seem to have some issues with these mags, but Not me.
I wish people who had issues would explain their gun setups, since some guns don't work well with some after market parts. Anyway, here's my honest review

I run 6 of these Elite Force mid caps for my set up & have had ZERO ISSUES with feeding or anything else. I'm using these in a G&G Combat Machine. They work perfectly. Tight fight & no wobble.
They are light weight, so it's not like you feel these when their full of bbs and are loaded into your tactical vest. Their made of a pretty strong plastic and don't feel cheap at all. I'm guessing the people who think these feel cheap, are used to handling the metal high cap mags that probably came with their gun.

Great price!!
Strong plastic
Feed great
Tight fit on G&G