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G&P Full Metal M4 WOC GBB Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle Challenge Kit (Model: Magpul Desert Storm)

6 Customer Reviews

by Rodrigo L. on 11/06/2013
"I just received this kit today and finished within 4 hours of work.

Building this awesome kit was very entertaining and very educational, since i work as an airsoft technician and this helps me understand how m4 gbb work.

Dont expect this kit to work smooth when you finish asembling it, it needs some sanding and LOTS of oil to help the gun wear itself to make it run like it should... remember this is a challenge kit, its supposed that you make some effort putting this together as it should, once it starts running smootly well.. i just gotta say i fell in love with this thing.

Mag efficiency is awesome, holding enough gas for about 80 rounds.. mags take 39 bbs each.

Things to get as MUST, are Hammer with bearing, Sear, Buffer Lock, Bolt catch , all of them made from steel, since the ones that come with the kit wear down easily because they are made from aluminum.

I havent field tested it but overall i would definetively recommend this.. Man id even buy another one just for the fun and challenge of building it!
by andrew b. on 03/13/2013
"I have recently purchased this kit and it is very awesome, after 2000 rounds the only thing to break is the buffer lock, and a steel replacement is only $10 so I can not complain to much. If your are wary of getting this gun because you have to build it DON'T BE!!!! It is extremely easy to put together and I have a very en depth step to step procedure of how to put it together

Easy to assemble.
Two nozzles, one for 300fps and another for 350fps.
Solid construction.
Upper and lower receivers may be wobbly against each other, however it varies, in one of my kits the upper and lower meet very tightly and then my other kit has a pretty sloppy fit.
G&P Pmags will need modified to work in the gun, either modify the gun or the mag catch, again this video can be found on my you-tube channel if you want to know how to fix this.
Great looking gun and after you get the mag or mag catch modified it works like a charm! I have nothing but absolutely great things to say about these kits. If you are on the fence about getting one of these kits do it! They are only a fraction of the cost of a assembled one, plus if you put your gun together to start with you will better understand the weapon, and be better able to fix and maintain it in the future.
by Chris P. on 01/30/2013
"I got this gun a few days ago and its awesome. It took me about 2.5/3 hours to put it together ( I accidently messed up putting the outer barrel on and I couldnt get it off.) Anyway: I didnt recieve a pin to put the auto hammer lock in, the buffer lock broke immedately and the mag has problems. As far as the provided pmag, the bolt gets caught on the black rubber valve on the magazine. Despite those things its a great gun and im sure its fun to shoot (didnt shoot it yet). Also, if your worried about some assembly or any peices they were different than in the picture and in the videos we all watched on youtube: The bolt was COMPLEATELY assembled *woot woot* no need to assemble the nozzle, the buffer is wayy different, rather than a speed buffer or silver solid one, its a black one with a hole in the middle. Lastly, the hard hop up bucking everyone complains about is rubber, super super soft rubber.

Easy to put together
Magpuled out
comes with a magazine
full metal
new pieces

No auto hammer lock pin
buffer lock broke (upgrade to steal immedately)
magazine valve needs a replacement
by Matthew D. on 10/17/2012
"i love this gun. it took me about 2 hours to build and everything went together perfectly. mine came with an oversized bolt and after about 2 months evike finally got me a new one. mine shot over 425 fps with .25g bbs right out of the box and that was awesome. it is super accurate, im hitting targets upto 200 feet away. it works great and is really gas efficient. if you want to get this then you really need to. i cant say enough how great it is. the cool part is that this comes with a magazine. and its the G&P PMAG, which is actually full metal, but im not upset. its 10x better than the LM4 mags. its super easy to put together, and worth every penny.

shoots 425 fps with .25g bbs
full metal parts
realistic to a real gun
operates flawlessly
is just awesome

it shoots 425 fps with a .25g bb

thats not a bad con but for those that want this for cqb try using heavier bbs or get an NPAS kit for the gun.
by nathalie w. on 08/27/2012
"Let me start of by saying that this gun is a very nice gun. For the price, it simply cannot be beat. I own 2 of these and have assembled and used a 3rd. All of these are amazing quality except for some crappy pot metal parts. the buffer lock broke on 2 of my rifles, the bolt catch assembly falls apart soo after (on both) and the hopup will break aswell. al of these parts are relitively cheap to replace with good quality one. Once thats out of the way, these guns are great fun. they shoot hard, far, and fast. I would recommend this kit to anyone. It really isnt as difficult to build as it may seem. A little technical savy and this thing will be running in 2/3 hours!

hard kick
good rof
great range
high fps (feild)
great external and internal quality (mostly)
WA parts and support

some parts need replacing immediatly
high fps for cqb (may need an npas or something)

FPS with green gas is 430-400 with a .25g bb, though settles to 350 with a .25 for most of ma
by birgit D. on 07/25/2012
"EPIC I love this gun. Im 14 and this is my first GBBR this took me 2 days to assemble i didn't want to rush it. its fairly easy if u have the right tools witch i did . when its fully assembled it has a very nice wieght not to heavy not to light. I'm very happy it came with all the parts and a few extra. the hammer assembly is a pain in the butt but it can be done. and when its done your gonna one a sick weapon. i had to to some serious breaking in before it started to chamber the bb on its own other than that this gun is a 10.

every thing about it
hard recoil
400fps with .20

absolutely none

get this gun and with a little elbow grease you will have one sick weapon.

love it.