Reviews: Pre-Order ETA 02/28/2015 Matrix Eagle Force High Power Multi-Purpose CNC 40mm Airsoft Grenade Shell - One

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Model: GS-EF-03x1
Location: U5-096*

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by Kenneth K. on 2013-07-31 14:59:36
"I got is grenade shell a few days ago, and it is great. It is very solid and heavy.

With BBs the maximum range is about 30-40 meters, but the spread is large. With a foam rocket you can get 40-55 meters, depending on the angle you fire, accurately.

Great range
Great popping noise
Large vapor cloud
Beautifully machined metal

You have to push the plunger back sometimes
The O-ring in the fill valve is kinds crappy
by Kevin P. on 2013-07-09 15:17:36
"I've got two of these in some no-brand madbull type tube thing. The shells are great, they'll shoot anything you can fit into it, except dimes half the time. Depends what you put under it i think. I haven't gotten any kills past 100 feet. Well one at about 100... out of 5. So the spreads pretty huge. It looked like about a 40 ft spread at 100. Definately cqb only. Got a triple kill at about 30 or 40 feet, though. Never had any leaks so far. I do a 7 second or 5 to 7 pumps of green gas. Puts out a loud pop when fired, not exactly intimidating but i shot it right next to a kid and he jumped. Also lets out a bit of a smoke cloud which makes you feel pretty bdass. Only shell I've bought so far. And probably the only one I will buy. If you don't have the rubber caps like me then just shove some paper towel in it and shake it to make sure it won't fall out when running. If you're looking for a good shell for cheap, I did a good amount of looking around and settled on this. No regrets so far. Buy this. Don't forget to reset the button when you're done. And DO NOT press the button when filled and looking down the tube!! Have your finger nowhere near the button when you're looking down the tube. Better yet just don't look down the tube.

launch whatever you want
decent power (doubt they'll really feel it past 50 ft though)

Not cheap enough to have six of them
Not so great past 50 feet but looking at other grenade shells it doesn't seem like any are

by Patrick S. on 2013-02-22 19:02:52
"Just received my new shell today and just had to try it but unfortunately I'm very disappointed. I'm using a echo1 m 203 launcher and the shell will not fire in the launcher but u can fire it manually what's the point of having a launcher if you can't use the shell in it the shell looks and feels strong but I don't have a problem shooting any of my mad bull shells in it
by Christopher R. on 2012-06-14 15:20:31
"Great range- about 120-150 feet with a wide spread of BBs. Load them to the rim, stuff piece of paper towel to hold them in and fire. Does not even compare to the 120 round load the holes with a speed loader grenades. Pour, charge, and fire. Also resets itself pretty easy. I have a couple 120 round Big Dragon grenades- they barely reach 50 feet- maybe good for some CQB but these Eagle Force Hi Power put a shower down range.

I have tried to use with foam golf balls- not very accurate- range is limited to about 80 feet in CA Short M203. Nerf Vortex have about 100 foot range, but take some practice to be able to hit anything.
by peyton w. on 2012-05-19 15:58:34
"You load the gas into the shell just like the gas Airsoft guns, load the bbs into the sell. Hit the button on the back of the gas shell and BOOM! All the bbs will be released and shot out at once. We also sell Airsoft grenade launchers that can mount on your airsoft gun and have one of these shells sit in side just like the real grenade launchers! This has got to be one of the coolest thing in Airsoft or paintball history!

I had one installed on my gun and once you get your opponent in an Airsoft or paintball match with a CLOUD OF BBS ONCE, everything will be worth it. True story: I was once in a game and I was surrounded by five guys...a launch took out three guys and while the rest were wondering where the loud sound comes from, they were surrendered.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)