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Matrix Single Point Dual Bungee Sling - (Tan)

7 Customer Reviews

by Andrew G. on 01/11/2017
"It's the only one-point sling I've ever used personally. It's very durable and reliable.

*Strong material

*Durable build

*Metal latch hooks up to most sling mounts and has good finger tabs.

*Adjustable sizing for neck or under arm carry

*Bungee reduces shock from sudden drops well which is great for swapping weapons in a hurry

*Material is tough on your skin and can dig in some if your weapon is heavy

*Metal latch can sometimes lose tension if bumped or caught on somethings.

*Not recommended for anything bigger than a carbine, longer rifles will come close or drag the floor. (but it can support the weight of a Classic Army M249)
by Charles C. on 09/18/2014
"Very well-made sling, would recommend to anyone who needs a nice, fast sling
by Vince B. on 05/03/2013
"this works great on my KM4 tactical and for a year now it still going till today Buy It, Shoot It, Love It!
by Henry D. on 05/03/2013
"Great sling. Bungee was a little tight but loosed up nicely. Comes with clip and "belt" to attach to stock.
by Joshua T. on 11/09/2012
"This sling is cool
you can were around your shoulder or as a neck lanyard
(i recommend wearing it around your shoulder)
and if you have 2 AEG it is easy to access the other one
by Adam T. on 06/17/2013
"The quality of this sling is great. unfortunately because I'm on the short side, 5'7 the sling hangs low, even when it is tightened to the max. So I can't really just sling it and run around using my pistol. That's the only issue I have. great for after matches so youre not carrying the weapon the whole time.
by Mike c. on 09/20/2014
"Nice sling but to big.

my friend let me see this sling once he bought it and i had to say i was impressed at the quality of the sling once i put it on. it felt really nice and stayed close to my body which i wasn't expecting from a $12 sling. Everything seemed nice about this sling until i attached a weapon to it and that's when i found the biggest flaw in this item. The sling like i said is nice But! the bungee on the sling is extremely weak not like in a break way but in a as soon as i attach a gun it sags to my feet way. Being 5.11' it didn't actually go all the down to where the gun was on the floor but it did sag all the way down to my knee caps and to make things worse the gun i was using was a G36c with the stock folded. I cant even imagine how low a full metal m4 would sag. It didn't feel like it was going to break on me but it was so low that if you were running in a game with it you would have to hold it or else you would keep smacking your gun agents your knees. I am only giving it 2 stars because even though there is only one problem with this sling, the problem makes the whole point of having a sling useless because you have to hold it because of the weak bungee.

Over view if you don't want to read all that above

-Good Quality
-looks pretty sweet
-Detachable clip is a nice touch
-stays close to your body like its supposed to do

Bungee is WAY to weak (not like break weak but like the gun sags down to your knee caps weak)

Overall i think if your something like 6.2' and are using a polymer body SMG or LPAEG i think you might be fine but other than that i would find a smaller sling.