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Summer Sale! 20% OFF (Exclusions apply, see details)   Use Code: SUMMER2017 Licensed CNC Aluminum Gambaruman "eRobot" Airsoft Desktop Target

4 Customer Reviews

by Margaret M. on 03/25/2012
"Definitely worth the ten bucks. I'm not sure about any one else, but it's a lot smaller than I expected. Its not really a practical target. As I said, it's very small and hard to shoot from a distance. Also, you have to stand it back up after every shot. This is very hard to do, since his legs are springs.
Still, he's very cute, and I'd suggest getting him just to have around though. If you're on a tighter budget, this is definitely something that can be left out.
by Conner R. on 03/15/2012
"First of all, I want to say that this is a awesome little robot. It's made of high qualitly aluminum, even though the diagram says the robot is 6in the robot is actually around 4 and 3/4 of an inch, but thats still fine because its really cool. Every thing seems great with the liitle guy but I wish that the hands and feet where magnets themselves, they can only attach to other magnets (like the base provided). Overall it's really fun to shoot at, I definetly recommend this!
by Nicolas W. on 02/29/2012
"I love this Robot! It is not as big as I expected, but I think I actually prefer it being small. I don't have the heart to use this as a target, due to the fact it is "?cute?". It is CNC aluminium so it is great quality... You can take it off of it's magnetic base and have it lye down. It is a but tricky to put it up right on the stand since it's legs are springs, but if you shoot it, it will fall over...The reason they have the magnetic base is so they don't run away. Very good for $15 on sale, I just wish they came in "Angel Custom's red color"!

-Can take it off of it's base on it's chest
-Has a mind of it's own
-Flexible legs and arms
-Looks cool
-Have it on my desk to fiddle with
-CNC Aluminium

-At first it may try to escape from you, but if you give it a bit of silicon oil, it will love you
-No room for a wedding ring on it's finger
-Doesn't come in blue and red
-A bit hard to put upright

Overal: I am glad I got this, and any other person with money to spend should get one if they like small things like this, and Evike! I just wish it came in red.
by Milton M. on 01/05/2013
"It's pretty nice, but it is way smaller than what i thought it would be. And the stand is very nice. You should get it if you like how it looks. But it is not really big enough to be a good target.