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Echo1 M28 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/ Bipod - Tan

6 Customer Reviews

by Robert Z. on 03/20/2015
"Just bought this gun. Out of the box looks good but won't even take into the field until I do some very necessary upgrades. Did a lot of homework & found almost all have experienced slam firing within a short time. So I'll give pros, upgrades then cons.

Nice platform to build on
Very affordable base price for what you get
Great bipod
All metal barrel & internals
Well made polymer stock(took paint well)
Looks like a beast

Installed custom made piston (high quality replacements did not fit or were not available)
Installed high quality sear set
Installed high quality bolt handle
Installed custom bolt washers

Top rail was made with slots that were too narrow to allow scope mount to properly mount. Had to widen slots with a dremel.
Fake magazine door rattles & opens??? Completely unneeded option. Used Jb weld to glue magazine door closed
Parts were hard to find & very little were compatable with other guns even though description says they were.
Plastic mags aren't good, & metal ones are impossible to find
Color was not very earth-tone.

Overall I like this gun but expect to put in another $150-200 in upgrades to get something that will hold up. I knew that before I bought it so I feel I got what I paid for. Counting upgrades you get a solid sniper gun for the price. Good hunting
by Felipe F. on 09/27/2013
-Nice and accurate
-Metal and polymer
-2 mags and bipod

by Isaac S. on 11/19/2012
"Ok 'want to start of with i saying i'm renewing my review because i've had the gun for a while now and well lets start.
1.Right out of the box with no upgrades it shoot very very reliably and accurately.

2.Comes with 2 mags and a very very high grade bi-pod spring loaded all the stuff that makes it good ]

3.The feel of the gun is so realistic when it got here it felt like it was almost real that includes the weight and
the texture

-full metal and solid polymer stock
-amazing hop-up system
-nothing wobbles or moves
-2 mags and a bi-pod
-no matter the scope you get it is amazing
-great price (175 compared to 500-700$ for the same fps and quality in another gun)

-mags are a little crappy
-the adjustable stock wobbles when extended
that's it and if you keep the stock all the way in it doesn't move at all

Over all this gun is amazing and will out perform any gun on the field.This gun is great for the beginning sniper or the veteran look for a upgrade now the color is amazing and the metal is high quality.

Thanks Echo 1 for such a great gun and such a reasonable price.
by Isaac S. on 11/05/2012
*good FPS out of the box
*very surprising how good the range is
*looks amazing
*Fluted barrel both for looks and strength
*easy to open for maintenance (but never will have to do that)
*Polymer stock for that extra realistic feel _=metal barrel
*Low price
*mags are just a little crappy
*really that's all

i think this is great gun and is a great investment because normally you might have to spend up to 500$ to get a 500fps gun right out of the box.Also this outperforms a lot of gun that price up to 700$!. So over all this gun is good for both the vet and n00b.
by lisa c. on 04/02/2012
"This things a beauty, i got it today and its awesome. I did test shots at 150-175ft with .40's and to be honest, im not going to until i need too this gun is so great stock. Im probably gonna pick up some .36's to get some better range but all in all, the best gun i have ever had.If your looking for a sniper, cheap or expensive, dont hesitate and buy it Echo 1 really out did themselves with this one. Thanks Echo 1 and Evike!

Accurate ++++

Mags are a little crappy, i recommend getting metal ones for the extra $.
Mine didnt come with a barrel adapter i dont know why
Bolts kinda hard to pull back~530fps stock
Thats it!
by Brian R. on 06/19/2013
"Ok so over all this is a good gun, the mags were hard to keep in but I figured it out, the only trouble the we really had were the threads to put it together because they were painted over, on mine for some reason the safety doesn't work wich is ok because its bolt action. But on occasions when pulling the bolt back it fired without pulling the trigger woch could be dangerous because once it ricoched and hit my hand. All in all itis a great gun and im looking to use it in an actual war.