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Bushmaster Licensed M4 Carbon 15 Airsoft AEG Rifle by ICS

12 Customer Reviews

by Judy S. on 04/08/2013
"I have owned this gun for 10 months now and it still amazes me.
Alright, so I purchased this gun at a local sporting good store for only $160, and I have never regretted it since.
I have ran well over 40 mags through it and it still fires perfectly.

You get awesome quality for the price.
The mag is a standard ICS mag, which has a nice feel to it.
The rate of Fire is exceptional.
It comes with an Awesome ICS stock motor that blows the competition motors out of the water. Seriously, the stock motor is pretty legit, and will be the last part I upgrade.
This gun has the weight distributed perfectly for someone who plays CQB.
Looks pretty sick With my mock silencer attached, even though I prefer to play with it off.
It has the ICS split gearbox which is amazing, especially if you purchase other upper gearboxes. This will literally allow you to change your FPS/rate of fight mid game. This is the only gun I have seen that allows this.
Slight mag wobble after months of using it.
Doesn't use buss fuses, which are very common.
Flip up sights can be annoying.
Battery space is extremely annoying at first, but after a while your wires "form" to the correct position and makes the battery easier to install.

I highly recommend this gun.
by Randy S. on 11/22/2012
"I have owned many guns in my day such as VFC, Socom Gear, and my own custom guns. However this gun is one of the best guns ive ever owned in my 7 years of playing. I spend a couple grand a year in airsoft and yet I keep returning to this gun!

High rate of fire with 9.6v
light weight
Awesome for CQB
1 battery will last almost the whole day
spring release ( this is an amazing feature and it saves your spring!

My selector switch was broken when i bought it, but I am a gun tech so that was an easy fix!
orange tip is glued on so it took forever to take off! ( but it looks amazing with a suppressor on it.

If you are looking for a great gun for $200 this is the best bang for your buck!
by Erik P. on 10/11/2012
"This gun is amazing! This is my first "professional" AEG. And it is more than expected. Packs enough power for CQB and Medium distance engagements. The gun is amazing and would reccomend it to anybody looking for a GREAT rife.

Fast Full Auto
Adjustable Stock
Muzzle Cap
Great Accuracy

Plastic Magaziene
Hard to get up Flip Up sights
by Andrew S. on 08/30/2012
"This gun is amazing! Small enough for CQB and packs enough punch for medium range combat makes this a great all around airsoft gun. The fact that the barrel has 4 standard rails on it makes this one of the most customize-able guns I've ever owned right out of the box.
by Brian Z. on 07/06/2012
"i got this gun last christmas and it works awsomly. my favorite thing is the rof is insane with the stock 8.4 and i also bought a 9.6 and its beond belief!!!!!!!!!! i love this gun


by Chase W. on 06/07/2012
"This. Gun. Is. Amazing.! When i first charged it for 4 hours it didn't shoot but and i got very mad (I'm very impatient) but i called my friend (which is like
A airsoft expert) and he told me to charge it for about 15 hours so I did and when I took it off it was amazing!!!

It's not even funny how high the rof is.
Light weight and compact.
Great for buildings/castles/etc.

Clip is plastic!

But I would recommend this gun to anyone I know!!
by Garrison G. on 05/21/2012
"just got this gun and it is amazing

Extremly high ROF with the stock battery (I can go through a 300 round mag in less than a minute)
Made of durable ABS and feels sturdy
330 FPS with .20 making it great for CQB and small fields

Flip up sights are kind of hard to get up

Bottom line:
by Paul K. on 04/16/2012
"I have sold about 8 of these at our local store, and my customers and myself love it.

Just a couple of things I wanted to say.

1. The forward handguards battery compartment can easily accept a 9.6 nunchuck battery.

2. Flash Mags and MAG Midcaps fit (something I was asked very often that we tested)

3. Like most ICS guns, the piston is pretty soft, I have already seen 2 come back with shredded pistons, but not a hard part to replace with the split gearbox, and not as expensive as most internal parts.

All in all, a great gun for players of any school of play. From skirmish to mil sim, this gun will treat you fine.
by john c. on 03/19/2012
"`this gun is very nice..lightweight..compact..its fps with .20 is around 330 fps....dont even use .12..they will destroy your gun..the gearbox on this gun is very accessible and easy to get to..the barrel is made well..which makes the gun very accurte
by Tyler M. on 03/10/2013
1.) Good rate of fire
2.) Good fps
3.) Amazing accuracy
4.) Good gun for anyone
5.) You don't even need to by a sight because iron sights are really good

1.) Dust cover flips down when you fire because of vibration
2.) You have to wind mag a lot but just buy another mag
3.) Iron sights are a pain to get up at first but are really easy after awhile
by Zak T. on 11/19/2012
Good FPS
The Rate Of Fire is good
Easy to change the gearbox
Easy spring change
A lot of tactical rails
Metal gearbox

The mag is plastic
battery can sometimes be hard to insert
by Kerri S. on 05/04/2012
"I'm going to start off by saying that this gun is amazing! The only difficulty i had was with some of the parts being plastic, its like a 40% plastic gun, but the metal pieces are really good too. The plastic i think is ABS. I have i had this for about 6 months and never cleaned it a single time(oops) , and the gun shoots like it could be in an Olympic sport! Recently, my mag that came with it had some feeding problems, so i took it apart and it exploded. I went on Evike and got 2 mags for less than i payed for BB's!

Pros- Reliable!
- Cheap for a gun this good!
- Great RIS
Cons- Mags break easily
- Nothing Else!

Bottom Line- Get this gun! Its insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!