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Echo1 850rd FAT Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEGs (Color: Black)

10 Customer Reviews

by Stephen H. on 06/15/2018
"This Echo1 Fat Mag is *amazing* in combat. Grab 3 of these and you effectively become a support assault gunner. It is made of metal and fits into any gun that takes standard M4 mags. Well, except for mine, I had to stick a few layers of duct tape to the hole where the magazine locks so it wouldnít sag and not feed. Easy fix, no problem. No one else has been complaining about it so Iím just gonna guess my mag was weird. Winding is pretty easy, a little stiffer than JGís M4 mags but wonít imprint your fingers with plastic gear marks. These things hold a whopping 850 rounds, compared to standard 300 rounds, for only about $8 more. Thatís 550 more rounds, almost two more magazines worth! If you run through ammo or simply need a new mag, buy one of these. Theyíre worth it.

Feeds well, easy winding
850 ROUNDS!!
Made of metal
Fits any M4

May need some duct tape to keep mag in place (no one else is complaining, I may have gotten a slightly defective mag)
Does stretch your mag pouches a bit

Overall: Great mag, buying two more. If you need a mag, just grab one of these, itís got ammo almost worth 3 mags, for only about $8 more!
by Carol S. on 11/04/2016
"Got this for my KWA M16 which was $285
It is the only mag I need to carry.

Metal body (solid)
Fits better than the mag that came with the gun
Fits in my M249 which is broken );
Fits in G&G raider m4
Feeds fine with the 11.1 lipo in M16
Barely have to reload
I love going prone and this mag allows me to do so
No holes in bottom of mag for dirt to get in

Cons: spinning the winding wheel all the time gets
annoying, but better than needing to reload
by Denise K. on 06/18/2016
"SO TO START OFF WITH.... mags are pretty well made

second- great ammo capacity , I mean 850 rds people who doesn't want that

third- great overall totally worth the money.

great job evike
by Matthew K. on 04/12/2016
"After returning FOUR of the 12.75 Fat Flash Mags, all of which were defective... I decided to opt for the good old winding wheel. This mag is solid, works and feeds great. At first I was having issues with feeding, but it was resolved when I pushed the mag up and forward. I solved this by adding a small strip of loop side velcro into the rear of the mag well. The mag feeds perfectly now and I'd highly recommend it.

The only complaint I have is that Evike needs to start testing the mags they send out and stop sending out returns as new. At this point I'd consider anything they put on "sale" as suspect for being defective. I've had issues with 6x masada mags also, 4 of which were defective and just flat out broken. Test those mags Evike! Stop sending out junk!
by mike l. on 03/24/2013
"I use two of them in my KWA M16. Best support set up ever. These things fit in it as good as the Kwa mid-caps. Never had an issue. Both of them i have put 20 mags on each so far. If i wind them up enough i can get one heck of a burst out of them. They are kind of expensive, But totally worth the money, Especially if you want to be support but don't wanna spend all the major amounts of money.


Comparability with KWA
850 rds, but can still fit in some m4 pouches
Durability and reliability


Wish it was cheaper so i could buy more.
by john o. on 03/07/2013
"These are beautiful mags, i have had no misfeeding after a little bit of oil. They work 5x better than the mag i got with my gun.

- super hi capacity
-doesn't look to awkward in the gun

- none that i have found
by Randy G. on 03/27/2012
"So there weren't any reviews or ratings on this yet so I decided to bite the bullet and grab one. Couldn't be more happy. Works great with my JG M4-S, no misfeeds yet. Takes a while to wind, obviously...and the only con being that there is no winding key slot. Wondering what it will look like on your gun!?
by Dave C. on 10/25/2012
"Amazing mag!!! The only problem I had was it was a little loose in my Javelin M4, but then again all of the M4 mags I have are. The simple fix was two layers of electrical tape about 2 inches below the top. The mag feeds well and holds plenty of ammo. Perfect for the squad support gunner and a must have! I would give it 4 1/2 stars if I could and only because it's not 100% compatible with all guns.
by Antonella C. on 03/26/2012
"The Echo1 850rd FAT Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEGs is an excellent magazine. It winds and loads up like any other high cap and fits perfectly in any M4 M16/ SCAR/ L85. Excellent feeding and great for when you need to give suppressing fire. Light weight to carry around and fits into any M4 pouch on a vest. Definitely works better than any drum mag I've ever used out in the field and has saved my squad more than once in situations where all hope was lost. The only problem is its weight when inside my gun. The weight from all the BBs can pull down on the mag causing the it to misfeed or fail to deliver BBs to the gun entirely, but this can be fixed easily via using electrical tape or pushing the mag into the gun while holding it. Overall, a great mag to carry with you and definitely worth the investment.
by Jon C. on 02/27/2015
"It is a nice mag, love the 850 round capacity. has a slight wobble in my ECHO1 MTC 3, (Which uses M4 mags, so I thought it would be a perfect snug fit since both gun and mag were made by the same people)

Had 1 major problem with it right off. The second time I test fired my gun, (for reference I had shot a less than a quarter of the mags capacity at this point in testing) I noticed the magazine wasn't winding up properly, there was tension on the spring but no bbs were coming up to the top of the feeder. I took the feed mechanism out of the bag and discovered that some bbs had gotten jammed in the feed mechanism.

I have never had this problem with regular M4 high caps, will have to wait and see if the issue repeats itself. If this happens more than just a time or two, the mag won't be worth using as if it happens during a match, 850 rounds do me no good if they won't feed through the mag properly.