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Echo1 TROY Industry licensed MRF-C G2 7" RIS M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle

21 Customer Reviews

by jacob g. on 07/13/2017
"Great gun! Very accurate and a good weight
The only bad part is how big the battery compartment is. The battery listed under "you may also need" is too big to fit in the gun
by Joe M. on 09/19/2016
"So this was my first airsoft gun, I did a lot of upgrading and learning. This gun is perfect for beginners and if you upgrade it enough, experienced. I use this gun still to this day. Now for the bad this gun comes with a 2 piece hop up, (they fixed this in the newer version). A 2 piece hopup inst the end of the world, and doing a conversion from 2 piece to 1 piece is recommended from me on this gun. The guns internals are mainly plastic, but so far I have probably put 15,000 rounds through and nothing bad has happened, and the gun settled at 350 fps (the gearbox is full metal and has metal ball bearings). The motor on the gun is not the fastest in the world, but is decent enough with a lipo to still be very usable.
Now I have heard comments that this guns body will break... No, is it a strong as a full metal gun... No, but I weigh about 240 pounds, and went full sprinting down a hill, tripped and fell throwing this gun about 10 feet, while I landed on it. It was scratched up pretty bad, but it still functions and no body damage came to it. The only time it actually broke is when I was an idiot trying to open up the body to put in my new flat hop. I snapped one of the holding units on the gun, but if i felt like fixing this (still haven't) it would be about $20 for a full new upper. (cant do that with a metal gun).
So my opinion on this gun is as followed, if you are new to the airsoft world this gun is so perfect, thought it SHOULD be cheaper. This gun is perfect to take apart and mess with all the parts, its not overly complicated to learn either.
by Ryan C. on 05/04/2016
"Okay, so I bought this gun about 3 years ago and it is fantastic! High ROF (for not having a lipo), hit hard, shot straight. BUT it broke after I took it out only about 5 times. So I did a ton of research and found out that these guns are notorious for breaking right out of the box. Please, keep reading because it's not as bad as you might think. The thing that always breaks is this little trigger post in the gearbox. This trigger post keeps the trigger contact from falling out of its tracks and becoming inoperable. So when that post breaks (and it probably will eventually) the trigger contact can no longer be moved by the trigger. Thus not completeing the circuit and rendering your gun useless. But THERE IS A FIX FOR THIS. This happened to me twice. First to my first gun, which I sent back to evike and got a replacement without any hassle. Then I did my research and found out the problem. I also found out a fix for the problem. -this is a link to a youtube video made by echo1techsupport. This video shows you, in detail, how to fix the problem. I did it myself, but I am a little more mechanically inclined. So if you aren't confident taking your gearbox apart, do not try to do this yourself. If you can't do it yourself, contact evike and explain that you need the trigger post fixed. They might want to just send you a new gun, but insist on having it fixed not replaced. I'm not sure if evike's return policy covers repairs, but it's worth a shot. Otherwise, try contacting Echo 1 directly to have it fixed. I would even try messaging their youtube channel (same as the one that made the video to fix the problem). But seriously, this gun is perfect and I couldn't be happier with it. I can honestly say it was well worth the trouble of fixing it myself. But I think if I were to buy a gun again, I would get the G&G combat machine. I know a lot of first timers who get that gun as their first and never have any problems with it.
by Robby P. on 10/18/2015
"I have had this gun for over 4 years and it is great. I have never upgraded it or replaced any of the internals. The only thing I have done is down graded it. It has been used a lot and is very used. The only thing that has happened to it is that I had to buy a new battery eventually and the inter barrel is a little bend so if I don't trigger finger it some bb's fall out the barrel. It is a very durable gun and is GREAT for your first gun!

-light weight
-looks cool
-comes with sweet full metal flip up sights
-comes with a grippe forward vertical grip
-the stock is grippe too
-rails are full metal

-some plastic
-after many years of use it can jam but you just flip the fire selector to full auto and burst it and it comes clean
by Jeremiah B. on 04/29/2014
"Very good gun. A little too powerful for cqb. Very good for starting airsofters. If you're more advanced with airsoft go for the longer version. Over all very powerful. I chronod mine (version 2 troy, only because it's lipo ready) at 390 fps with .25s!!
by Hopkins L. on 09/24/2013
"Just bought this gun about a month ago. I must say, it definitely surpassed my expectations.

The full metal Troy rail system is sturdy, and gives the gun a strong and reliable feel.

I will say that the hop-up unit is very very sensitive, and it is very amo-specific gun..however, that could be the G&P p-mags that I run.

The gun is loud and super powerful. Mine chrono's at 405 nearly every shot. Nice RoF, good pop sound. Definitely a recommended purchase for up-coming airsofter's and the long term airsofters.

heavy(pro for me)

hop-up is touchy
its too powerful for cqb
the receiver is plastic.....the cheap kind too..

All in all this gun is really worth the money. With a metal receiver replacement, it can be top notch.
by stephen h. on 05/26/2013
"it is very awesome very accurate, and very durable. 10/10
by Scott H. on 03/05/2013
"Got this gun about a year ago played a lot since then still fires like its right out of the box. This gun is crazy accurate. I would recommend a smart charger though if your like me and forget to unplug your battery. It's a little heavy compared to other plastic guns but its not a big deal.
by Anthony C. on 01/20/2013
"Just ordered this rifle. According to Echo1, this rifles comes with:

A TWO-PIECE hop unit
Madbull 'blue' bucking
Upgraded ported/ballbearing piston/head assembly
Ballbearing spring guide
M120 spring

It appears that some of the spec info posted for this rifle is not correct and important features are not listed.
by Paul M. on 07/03/2012
"This gun is amazing. Its just the right length and feel great to hold and shoot. extremely accurate and powerful.

Full metal 7inch RIS
Flip up locking sights
Version 2 metal gearbox
Pre upgraded
400 fps
Comes with vertical grip

Not completly full metal(ABS plastic reciver)

Recomended to buy a new better battery and charger(both are complete trash and will screw up your gun)

Overall- amazing gun and great price
by Tyler C. on 03/28/2012
"This gun is quite the bundle of goodies. Not only do you get an amazing gun right out of the box, but also a quality vertical grip. I got this gun last week and I was so shocked to see how hard and fast this gun shot. Mine shot around 410-420 with .20g and jumped up to 1000rpm with .25g and a 9.6v. I am impressed with it's external quality (aside from the stock), but I am beyond impressed with it's internals.


- Vertical Grip
- High FPS (can be a con)
- High RPM
- Solid Internals
- Great Externals
- Full rail system
- Removable Flip-Up front and rear sights.


- The crane stock not the best quality, though It has no problems holding batteries and keeping them from falling out.
by Will R. on 03/03/2012
"I got this gun the other day and is great. It is really accurate and really strong (400) fps. Its shoots consistant too. It comes with a 9.6 which saved me around $40 of buying one. I would strongly recommend getting this gun.

Strong fps
High rof (16 shots a second)
Includes 9.6
Nice verticle grip included.

Plastic receiver, The plastic is strong but i like it.
by michael e. on 02/06/2012
"I got a 9.6 battery with this gun which i have had for 2 weeks now and i love this gun

fast rof (with 9.6) it still has a nice rof with stock battery though
lightweight (for me)

little trouble with mags i had for my previous echo 1 rifle

It is well worth the money and i would say its good for all experience levels
by Sean M. on 01/31/2015
Above Average ROF
Very durable
TM compatible

Some plastic
Not balenced well

Good weapon on the battlefield and worth the money for beginner/immediate players.
by Colby B. on 10/15/2014
"Very nice gun.. Awesome troy rail system but I would suggest that you install a 6.03 tightbore barrel and if you are interested in cqb.. I would get a m100 spring as the 120 is too high FPS for my CQB liking.. I would also suggest a metal body

Full metal troy rail system
Metal outer barrel
Compatible with 11.1v lipo

Inner barrel
Plastic piston teeth
Plastic body