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G&P Complete 8mm Reinforced gear box for M4 M16 Airsoft AEG - Standard Deans / Rear Wiring

6 Customer Reviews

by Rick F. on 06/18/2015
"First the bad. The battery connector isn't the most common size, so had to change that. Also the motor wire for ground is was too short to reach.

Good: Everything else! I am happily surprised at rate of fire. I didnt build this as a rof build but it is very good. The fps is strong and allows for good range. Feels and looks super nice in the gun and feels like it will last a very long time. Thanks to Evike tech for recommendation!
by Walter C. on 03/18/2012
"I bought this to replace my shattered stock TM box. I've only run it through one day of games but so far so good with a m140 spring I swapped in. Comes with ball bearings, good set of G&P gears (with sector delay), good trigger and trigger group. It doesn't, however, come with a ball bearing spring guide nor piston head, so you might want to drop at least one of those in. I also replaced my piston with a aluminum because of the m140 and did a custom wire job due to a mosfet. All in all a solid box and a great buy.
by Kevin W. on 02/17/2014
"So far so good in a Umarex 416. FPS is a little weaker than advertised with the recommended G&P motor. with .20 and 7.4 Lipo it's shooting around 320.

Good construction and easy installation.
by nick c. on 04/07/2013
"Alright not much to say so lets get to the pros and cons


Deans wiring

28 rps on a matrix 3000 high torqe motor

comes with lots of shims (I love shimming the gears for some reason)

Great trigger contacts

Near perfect air seal


The piston wasn't even bad I replaced it because It looked like cream cheese but either my madbul piston swiss cheesed and 2nd to last tooth removed with a ball bearing piston head is a dream in any v.2

Gears are good but their axles are not

Overall: Don't get this gearbox unless you are a tech G&P is a lot like Tokyo Maurui, it was made for upgrades, but once you get it shimmed and set up with something strong like I have like Echo 1 18:1 gears and my madbul piston, Everybody and their mother with a KWA is wondering how they are getting destroyed in reliability and performance.
by Ian H. on 08/22/2012
"This G&P 8mm Gearbox is great. I got mine some time ago, and weighed it hand in hand with my previous (broken) JG stock gearbox. It weighed only slightly more. The internals are awesome. Half metal piston teeth (I believe 7 teeth), Shimmed gears, thick wiring (no tearing for me!). The 8mm bearing make these gears really spin! I went from approx. 25 BBPS, to about 30 BBPS both using a 9.6V 1600mAh nunchuck battery. Only downside to this gearbox is the motor wiring. First off, the plugs aren't normal plugs, they're circle screw plugs, which means you will need to buy a new motor. I got the Matrix 3000 Turbo (High Speed for me). Also, the plugs are slightly too small for these motors screws, so you'll have to drill the hole a little bigger.

8mm Bearings
Deans Wiring
Strong metal gears
Pre-Shimmed gears
spare parts (motor plugs, wire covers)

Motor wiring
My gearbox came really locked up (I got a bad egg, don't let this prevent you from buying this gearbox!).

4/5 If there were different sized plugs, or at least normal plug-in plugs, this would be much nicer. All in all, buy this gearbox.
by Daniel H. on 08/07/2013
-decent contruction
-durable components
-o-ring nozzle
-AR latch doesnt pop out
-well greased
-nice compression
-might as well put in 10$ more and get extra parts then spend 60$ for just the shell

-SPRING IS CUT for the FPS, must get new one or it will mess up your internals later on
-no ball bearings on piston head or spring guide
-not really perfectly shimmed, was still able to move bearings up and down
-trigger seems like its rubbing on the wires due to the fat insulation
-for some reason my box didnt come with spare parts (motor contacts, heatshrink) maybe they forgot it or something