Reviews: Emerson FAST Type Tactical Airsoft Helmet (PJ Type / Advanced / Dark Earth)


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Model: HELM-5668A
Location: Q3-007 WO10-T07 WSO1-M05

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by alex j. on 2014-03-17 17:41:10
"this helmet is the best replica of the ops core next to the dragonred replica. great buy.
by Ryan G. on 2013-08-21 19:23:51
"I picked up one of these a while back, and Absolutely loved it!!! My head is size 7 7/8 which is pretty huge. It didn't fit well at all without giving me a serious headache! But, if you just take the front most pad out, it fits GREAT!!! It'll fit a head well over size 8. The front pad is tricky and I actually kind of broke mine figuring this out. There are two Phillips head screws holding the forehead strap into place. If you remove the screws, the front foam piece can be removed (CAREFULLY) as its just held on by Velcro. INSANELY nice helmet!! I had a $30 one and it was junk. If you want a helmet that will fit nicely with goggles, look amazing, is pretty high quality, and is COMPLETELY adjustable I'd say you need this one.

P.S. I gave it only 4 stars because it doesn't fit all heads. I have a freakishly large head! But for $70 it really should fit all sizes. Still love mine though.
by Steven S. on 2013-04-02 22:01:45
"Got this helmet about a month back, certainly well worth the money! Very light, fits nicely, and has enough rail and velcro space for two helmets! The adjustment system is great, but if you have a large head, you might need a larger piece of equipment.

Fits snugly
Space galore!

One size fits all...if your head is small.
by Sean A. on 2013-03-18 16:13:25
"Just got mine the other day, and for the most part its a good helmet. Well constructed.n However, the description should say "one size fits most with small heads".
by Matthew N. on 2012-04-10 13:50:18
"Just received this helmet two days ago and this helmet is amazing! Lightweight, durable, comfortable, breathable, easy to don and doff, and come with accessory rails galore! The helmet was listed as a pre-order with estimated arrival of 03/2012 and then it changed to 04/2012 so I sent a notice to evike that I was curious as to why the date changed and they were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and professional.
by Kennedy Y. on 2012-02-14 19:10:53
"I just got mine in the a few minutes ago and can i say wow! feels extremely comfortable doesn't feel lose at all. the quality of the helmet feels nice, the straps on it feels very nice, not rough at all just very smooth on you. I have not seen any reviews on it so i took a chance of getting it since i loved this style. And i got what i payed for a great helmet to wear.
by Dylan N. on 2012-01-12 20:24:16
"My friend owns this helmet and for the price its worth it. I own a real Ops-Core FAST helmet used by various military groups. The Emerson version sits well on your head and has a great range of adjust ability. As for the shell of the helmet it feels like plastic(not so much cheap plastic but its doesnt have a polycarbonate feel to it). There is an obvious feeling difference compared to the real one. The arc rails good for the price. (real ones are sturdier) The chinstrap is the most comfortable strap on the market, real or replica. Velcro is velcro so that is indifferent. The pads on the Emerson are good again for the price( real pads are a lot more comfortable) Overall I would recommend this helmet to a airsofter on a budget. If you have money to spend buy a real one. (lowest price version is $150) Also a lot of people want the rail attachments. Until evike starts to carry them you can buy them for pretty cheap off the actual ops core website. Also everything ops core is 100% made in the USA so there is another plus on buying a real one.

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)