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Emerson Bump Type Tactical Airsoft Helmet (BJ Type / Advanced / Dark Earth / Medium - Large)

12 Customer Reviews

by Zach P. on 05/05/2017
"Great helmet at a great price! A lot of adjustments for a very snug fit. Feels study yet lightweight. A lot of Velcro space for patches. For me I feel like this was a great purchase!
by Sam W. on 06/04/2015
"I know what your thinking...i had the same thoughts when thinking about purchasing a helmet. Your thoughts are that the emerson fast helmets are the only helmets that look nice and not too cheap, but thats the problem! Their very expensive! I thought the same thing also so I thought "what about the basic emerson fast helmets" and i am very glad I did not buy the basic because when i got this in the mail it was WAY to big but nothing to deal with i just turned the back nob and whala! it fits! The chin strap is also very easy to adjust and very comfy.

worth the money
looks cool
just buy it already

a little pricy but WORTH IT! I can also attack a NVG mount for my gopro
by Noah D. on 01/05/2015
"These fast helmets are great! The level of adjustment is perfect. It took me less than 5 minutes to adjust this helmet to fit my head perfectly. Emerson has done an excellent job. I am glad that I paid for the advanced version instead of getting the basic.

Extremely comfortable
Easy adjustment
Protects your head!
Makes you look more operator

Only thing I can think of is price. $70 is a lot for a helmet, but it is completely worth it.
by Matt B. on 09/01/2014
"Great helmet. Got it at the Evike store for $70. I have used it a couple time at my local airsoft field and it works great! Fits really well, especially with the adjustable headband. The pads are all fully removable and can be placed in different areas of the helmet for comfort. I can wear this helmet all day and my head feels great! The neck strap is great! Fully adjustable and feels really sturdy and secure. The helmet itself looks awesome, fits really great with my loadout. I have hit my head a couple of times and this helmet has nothing to show for it. Overall, really great investment for any airsofter.

- Strong build
- Adjustable headband and pads
- Looks just like the real thing!
by Colin N. on 02/14/2014
"I waited roughly a month and a half for this helmet to ship. So, I was mildly in a bad mood about it prior to it finally shipping about a week ago. But those feelings went out the door when the package came in. The helmet is wonderful. The build material is a high grade impact polymer (which is plastic, guys!) and has very few seams. The pads are comfortable and the tightening system is amazing. Better yet, the helmet comes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY for the shell, and 1 year for the pads. That's impressive to me. It has ample space for patches, and has those silly elastic strings on both sides that no one knows what they're there for. Oh, and it comes with a billion different accessories and clips. Also a rail mount to fit something like a flashlight or laser onto the helmet. Just cause...tactical. Yes. It also has a nice little square thing to fit into the NVG mount, which conveniently allows an adhesive GoPro mount to fit right onto it, perfect fit. Speaking of perfect fits, that's what the helmet is. I love it already.

- High quality
- Rails and accessories included
- Ports in top for ventilation
- Easy GoPro mounting solution
- Insane warranty

- High cost (It's like $70!)

Overall, I highly recommend this helmet. This thing seems like it will outlast most people and their airsofting careers.
by Dylan F. on 07/16/2013
"Awesome helmet it fits snug on almost anyones head thanks to the adjustable strap and feels great.
Fits great
Rails for flashlights and other accessories
Fits headphones

Cons- Came with a broken piece ( this is ups's fault).
by Dana F. on 07/11/2013
"This is everything I wanted in a helmet. I fits very nicely and is more breathable and light weight than other helmets. The only con with this is that the knob in the back to adjust the helmet doesn't always stay tightened (probably just the one I received).
by Jan S. on 01/29/2013
"I got my helmet today,It was one go the last ones in stock. I love it, it fits well on the head and the material seems to be amazing. Overall I am super happy and 100% recommend this if you are looking for a Milsim looking helmet. I can't wait to play with it.
by Christopher B. on 12/27/2012
"I recently got this helmet an I must say, I am extremely impressed with it. My flakjak goggles fit perfectly over the helmet and it fits well. The quality of the product is exemplary for a non ballistic helmet. The padding is nice and snug, plus the adjustment is easy. Overall I give this a 10/10
by Gee L. on 12/30/2011
"Honestly the perfect airsoft helmet to say the least, ive always been a fan of helmets as far as looks go, but ive never been a fan of the weight. This helmet is extremely light weight and the straps are surprisingly high quality. Adjustments are very easy to make for a perfect fit, ive used it in a game and its really so light that at times you even forget you are wearing it, its also a very good looking helmet, has a modern to futuristic look to it,plenty of compliments were given to me. and for all you comtac users out there, my comtac 2s fit perfectly without having to move any padding around.

easily adjustable
good looking
good quality
headsets fit comfortably underneath.

couldnt find any.
by Jeffrey C. on 07/04/2012
"This is by far the best helmet ever. I got mine in a factory direst so there was plenty. There are lots of pro and few cons.


-fits my gopro
-dont feel hits ;O
-matches my raider G&G M4
-sidepatches and has rails for railcams
-high quality everything.

-hard to find (except for me)
-clip sometimes slides off (maybe for me because its been in use for a long time.

by Max T. on 02/07/2017