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G&P / G2 LED 170 Lumen Tactical Personal / Weapon Light - Sand

11 Customer Reviews

by Brandon H. on 03/24/2014
"Very bright perfect flashlight, buy it and get a pressure switch with it too
by John N. on 02/24/2014
"Excellent flashlight, G&P quality!

Solid construction for the price
Bright, dim, and strobe mode
Perfect brightness for airsoft and daily use.

1.5 second change time between the modes
by sandra g. on 12/13/2013
"Great flashlight, I got it for only 15 because of the daily deals thing. I give it a 5 out of 5, the brightness is not so great but the strobe makes up for it.
Sort of bright
fun to use
Not so bright

Worth getting!
by Eric T. on 11/18/2012
"Great bright flashlight worth it.

Extra battery
Laser etched

It can blind a person
by Daniel C. on 11/18/2012
"Excellent Flashlight. Came with 4 batteries (2 inside flashlight and two spares). Good deal.

Bright as heck! Definitely worth the purchase!
by William S. on 11/18/2012
"THIS THING IS A BOSS! Im sure everyone has seen the "surefire" flashlight with the grip built in. Well, i decided one day to see which was brighter so I asked an attendant at the airsoft field i go to, to see it. I held them beside each other and this one is WAY brighter!!! DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONEY! and way cheaper than a Surefire too!
by Tim G. on 11/18/2012
"OMG! this flashlight is AWESOME!!! if your thinking about getting it or second guessing yourself trust me... Get it! This flashlight is by far the most compact/brightest light i have experienced. I can see clearly at night probably 150-200ft. away but this light will probably hit about 250 with some loss in overall vision clarity at that distance. But by far a worthy investment.
by Zachery W. on 11/18/2012
"This flashlight is absolutely phenomenal and was way brighter than I expected. 170 Lumens doesn't seem like much but holy crap you'd be dead wrong to say that! This thing could light up a whole floor of a house and has a high beam look to out with a outer glow around it. The push button on the back of the cap is very nice and won't wear down anytime soon and if you tap it fast with your thumb you can strobe it quite easily and don't really need a pressure pad but that depends on your preference.

Strong and feels very solid in your hands
The belt clip can be removed easily and scope rings can be used to mount it to your gun
Super Bright and the light area has notches that more the outer glow of the main beam look like a gear

Absolutely nothing as of right now
by Lester R. on 11/18/2012
"Just got this in the mail today, awesome quality, seems really durable, great price for it too.

It is super bright, I'm very pleased with how good it is, I'll probably end up buying another one just for regular flashlight use, I aired mine up with the NcStar offset 1" mount and attached it to my ICS M4 and it makes the rifle look awesome and it's more than fully functional.

Buy this! You won't regret it.

Thanks evike for the awesome deal on this light.
by EMMANUEL G. on 11/18/2012
"Wow! I was very impressed with this flashlight when I pulled it out of the box. It is oozing with quality. It is very bright. It is almost like seeing a little bit of daylight at night - I'm saying it's pretty bright. right now I'm using it as a pocket flashlight.

Did I say it was bright? I'd buy it again!
by Alex Z. on 11/28/2012
"Just got this in the mail an i have to say it is very bright and useful

only my high intensity works, i do not have a strobe or dim function
thats it