Reviews: G&P M4CQB WOC "Navy Seal Skull-Frog" GBB Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle Challenge Kit (9.5" Barrel)

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Model: Kit-GP-WOK001-WP75-S
Location: AA-01

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by Cy A. on 2013-05-31 13:41:48
"Incredibly good kit. Internals are strong, they're not going to break anytime soon. I was surprised at how similar the internals are to an AR15. It's not as difficult to build as they're making it out to be. If you're debating whether to buy this or a pre-built custom M4, buy this. Plus, you can then easily add any different parts that you want in your gun.
by Benjamin R. on 2011-11-19 22:44:10
"got mine and finished it the same day! if you even remotly know anything about ar 15s you can totally handle this thing! heck all the trouble with the nozzle assembly was taken care of for me my bolt came totally assembled which was a huge plus.
kicks great
amazing feel
fun to put together
saves a huge amount of money
super part quality
comes with a flip up sight
sounds great
great markings
lots of aftermarket parts

no mag
crappy manual-but still usable
paint scratches easy
expensive mags-deal with it the quality of mags is great

over all amazing gun, worth it if you want somthing to do and a great gun. it was fun to build and its fun to shoot. if you ever even remotly concidered this gun ya need to go for it , its just great. nothing but good things to say about it
by Dayne B. on 2011-11-15 18:28:27
"Absolutely amazing. My First WA system. Im very hands on so it went together real quick and easy for me. Under 2hrs for assembly. I bought GHK CO2 mags with the kit and even with its aluminum internals it has held amazingly! very little signs of wear after 5 games and about 7000 rounds through it. For those who wonder, it does come with a manual. But Id call it more of a picture book as there are no words, just a picture of a couple assemblies.
- Good FPS
- Great Kick (harder than my WE Scar)
- Easy Assembly
- Little to no wear
- Amazing quality on every part

- Needed assembled (saves you a couple hundred $$$ so quit complaining)

Thats all I could think of off hand. If you dont have an AR-15 Multi tool you might want to get one.
Tools I used were...
*Needle Nose Pliers
*Allen Wrench **METRIC** (Hex Head for those who dont know the correct name)
*Small Flathead Screwdriver
by raymond m. on 2011-11-15 18:28:11
"I love this gun! The craftsmanship and quality of each part is unsurpassed and is by far one of, if not the most realistic airsoft gun on the market. Some of my friends who own real steel ARs were amazed at how accurate in parts, weight (only .25lb difference between a real m4) and function the G&P WOC GBB gun was. The Navy SEAL themed trademarks are beautiful! They aren't cheap decals, but laser engravings, my only gripe about them is on the select fire where it reads "SAVE" not "SAFE." SEAL Team 10's skeleton Frog logo as well as the SEAL's Punisher Skull is a nice switch from the manufacturer's usual trademarks. One word of advice, if you plan on purchasing King Arms magazines with the gun, your going to need the King Arms bolt assembly as they will not work properly with the stock G&P bolt and nozzle. This kit is not for the faint of heart though as you have to put every part together yourself, but take your time and you'll easily have one of the coolest airsoft guns on the field.
by Alex D. on 2011-11-15 18:27:52
"Very good quality, and price. Instruction manual is a big help to get this together.

'mostly' great quality
HIGH POWER nozzle ~480
LOW POWER nozzle ~400
not much to upgrade to make this skirmishable
recoil is strong

assembly required
aluminum internals, not steel
no magazine (they're $33 not bad)
non-adjustable nozzle, only 2 nozzle settings
shoots too HOT
have to replace bolt catch with steel
have to replace charging handle latch
receiver wobble (minimal)
requires modifying the firing block
no recoil spacers
6.08mm barrel

highly recommend getting an adjustable nozzle to shoot slower.. or hotter ;)
by teresa n. on 2011-11-15 18:27:29
"this gun is great, and its parts are made well.
but when they say "challenge" they mean is hard.
but i do say its worth it and it looks nice when its done.
another great deal from
by Aaron M. on 2011-11-15 18:27:08
"So I recently bought this and this is my run down on it:
Some of the gun parts like the bolt carrier and hop up are covered in the factory grease that i would recommend cleaning off and putting your own on. Other than that it does come with an instruction manual that takes you through most of the steps. BEWARE THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL IS A LITTLE BIT OUTDATED AND DOESN'T INCLUDE ALL ASSEMBLY. The Instruction manual leaves out some things like the hop-up assembly.

-keeps you busy for a while
-worth every penny
-good stock recoil
-very nice feel to it
-good quality parts

-some parts can be very tricky if you don't know what you are doing (like me)
-be careful not to break anything while assembling. (some parts are really hard to get in)
-some parts might need extra items for them to work properly (i had trouble putting the gas system together cause some parts seem to be missing or something.)

conclusion: overall this is the best gbb m4 u can buy for this price. It is hands down amazing after you are done building it. This is well worth every penny spent and if you have the time, knowledge, and money and looking for a gbb rifle that won't necessarily break the bank this is exactly what you are looking for.

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