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ICS Full Metal Full Size M3 "Grease Gun" Airsoft AEG Rifle

8 Customer Reviews

by Matthew N. on 04/06/2016
"I love this gun. I have had it for more than a year, and I love it. It has a hight fire rate and is has pretty good range. Only one problem is when I put it on safety mode I can pull the trigger and it will fire, but I think this is only a defect in my gun. I would recommend it to a friend, but be a where that its battery compartment is VERY tight, and you need the recommended battery for this. I like how the gun is fully metal and it is very durable. NOTE: this does not come with a battery so order one when you order this battery
by Drew J. on 10/12/2015
"We've had it for two years and it has been bullet proof. Very satisfied. It shoots fast, is light for a full metal AEG and it is great in CQB. We still have the original two magazines that we got with it and they have been flawless. We use P90 mag pouches on a Ronin harness with no complaints.
by JAMES C. on 07/17/2015
"Bought the battery that is made for the gun and it went in fine after watching a few videos of how other people fit theirs in. Took it to my chrono and was really surprised at the FPS. The rate of fire is comparable to any other battery powered AEG with a nine point six volt in it. I'm getting four hundred fps hop up off and three hundred ninety with the hop up on. i'm clearing a hundred and fifty foot range with point twenties.
It is brand new so I expect the spring to settle in at a lower fps than that, but for now there's a big smile looking at the numbers. The gun has a good weight to it to let you know where your money went. It is sturdy! The mag needs a little slap to get it to seat but there's no wobble from it as well as from the stock. The stock extends and retracts with a solid CLICK.
The gearbox and disassembly of the gun itself is really not that hard to do. I haven't taken the gearbox apart yet so i don't know what parts are compatible with it yet. Maybe my next review will be on the gearbox itself once I figure out some of that. To get the gearbox out is easy though.
The battery door needs some attention paid to it as you put it on. Make sure it's on all the way so it doesn't drop off. That way it doesn't get lost, i'll be painting the inside of mine red to hopefully find it if I drop it in the woods. The grip is a little short for big hands. I was able to fit a MOSFET in the grip of mine so now I have semi/full auto. The field I go to has rules and I like to be able to keep going there.
The orange tip is plastic and I was able to take it off using channel locks and lightly moving back and forth til the glue let go. Pay attention to the manual and don't force the safety forward. The lever is the safety on this one not the bolt cover and it also relaxes the spring.
The sights are fixed so theres no windage or elevation. Painted the back side of the front sight white and it made things a little faster to line up. This is not a gun to try and attach lasers, scopes, red dots, or flash lights. Gotta use the mark one mod zero eyeball to hit your target. Sorry tacticoolers, you'll need some creativity and tools to dress the gun up.
All in all it is a very sturdy and comfortable gun. I hope they come out with a new outer barrel that looks like a suppressor like in Attack Force Z because the barrel is not threaded at all. Hope this helps answer some questions about it. Very happy with this purchase!
by Derek G. on 07/18/2013
"I got this gun for my military museum. Very accurate for the M3 model of the grease guns. wire brushed and emery clothed it and it looks so reat its unbelievable. Great display piece for our museum.
by Scott G. on 07/02/2012
"All I can say about this gun is 'Wow'. I just got this in the mail and already it is my favorite. Before, I owned a 1:3 sized springer Grease Gun, so when I first took it out of the box, I was surprised at the size of the thing.

-Shoots much faster than the ARES version.
-Much more affordable than the ARES version.
-Practically every part is made of metal.
-Retractable wire stock adds to the realism.
-Comes with Hi-Cap magazine, which never fails to dissapoint.
-Great spread and range.
-Spring detensioner is always a plus.
-Adjustable Hop-Up
-Very unique looking; you can never beat a Grease Gun.

-Battery is a SOB to get in.

Overall, a great gun for the price. Anybody looking for an affordable Grease Gun to add to their collection must get this gun. It's totally worth it.
by Dan R. on 03/13/2012
"This electric SMG is purely amazing and DEFINETLY worth $180, im surprised its not more! It shoots over 150 feet with the hop up adjusted correctly and has a GOOD spray.

*ww2 replica, looks awesome and is great for ww2 enthusiasts but still want a good gun for the field
*all metal externals except for one small part which is only a plate that covers the lower reciever
*amazing ICS internals: wont bail out on you and are built to last!
*perfect fps and range for cqb and mid-ranged field battles (about 340 fps with .20)
*nice spread, hard to miss human size target even from far away in a short burst!
*430rd hi cap magazine
*retractable, non-wobbly, comfortable stock
*9.6v 1500mah custom battery by ICS (hasnt run out on me yet in a war)
*spring detenchaner to release stress on spring and help extend its life

*very limited battery space and can only fit custom type (I recomment the one ICS had made for this)
*only has hicap mags, no mid caps and NOT compatable with MP40 mags
*only full auto
*has spread (i see this as a pro because this is a cqb gun not a sniper)

The pros heavily outweigh the cons (which are not a big deal at all anyway) and overall this gun is worth every penny of this purchase and is purely awesome! you cant go wrong with this if you mostly play in your yard or woods, and places that allow fullauto
by Joshua H. on 12/20/2011
"Best gun out there for cqb; this killer easily fires 1000+ rpm right out of box & shoots at just under 345 fps!
The build up of this greaser is just about full lightweight high grade steel, zinc and only a polymer front lower reciever.

Pros: perfect fps (especially for cqc)
superb rof
small, but realistic recoil for realism
ace quality external and internal body build

Cons: battery is a pain in the tail to put in correctly
you could only use 1 specific battery in this aeg (custom ICS grease gun aeg battery)
no semi mode
by Joshua H. on 12/19/2011
"Really, super high grade aeg replica of the real Greaser, you get a heck of a lot more than you pay for. For JUST ONLY $180 THERE'S NO AEG THAT EXISTS (THAT I KNOW OF) THAT OVERPERFORMS THE QUALITY, RELIABILITY OR FIRING POTENCY OF THIS KILLER MACHINE!!!!