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by Darrel N. on 2015-07-25 09:02:54
"This gun looks great and the internals are also great, but I cant get a battery that is big enough to make this work for more than 15 minutes, The front sight and bipod are made out of pot metal and my front sight broke ins at least 2 days of use. (All I did was set it on the bipod for a second). With .20g bbs this shoots like a pig spiting bbs at people at about 50 feet you have about a ten foot spread of bbs. But with .25g bbs it shoots like a dream. Over all decent gun but I would recommend not using the bipod and to just take it off.
by Landon C. on 2014-06-28 14:58:01
"Ive owned this gun for about six months now, and after a handful of usages and a good deal of backyard plinking I feel I have enough info to make a good review of it.

The CYMA CM052 is quite sturdy and hefty, though as mentioned by others the stock tends to wobble slightly though this is a simple fix. THe rear sight can and will fall off if you so much as look at it wrong which upon receiving it confused and disappointed me. Upon disassembling I came to note that the rear sight cant be held on by a death grip like a real AK because under the sight and leaf spring is a grub screw that secures the barrel This is something to take into account as its hidden rather well, so dont forget about it.

Mine came with a missing tooth on the spur gear, or at least I believe it did as while I ran out like a giddy school girl and shot it when I received it no issues seemed present until I opened the gearbox and I never found the tooth. Frankly I wouldnt have noticed ever had I not opened and cleaned the gearbox.

Overall the gun feels solid, though Im not certain I'd go smacking it around too heavily, it wont snap like a dry twig or anything but I would advise against trying to use it to till your garden. My only real disappointment with the gun is the ludicrously small battery space. Housed in the butt stock it is only about 100mm deep and given the massive fuse you loose about an 8th of that even if you do shoehorn everything in there like you're playing Tetris. This wouldnt be too terrible on something that wasnt going to be hosing down targets most of the day, and is only made worse by the fact that the butt plate is screwed on and doesnt snap loose, meaning you could easily loose the two fiddly flat head screws that hold it on if you were swapping batteries. I honestly would have preferred a fake charging handle and the ability to use a stick lipo under the top cover over the 'real' charging handle and piston that is covering it all.
by Ethan E. on 2013-06-06 17:55:26
"Excellent Support Weapon!


I received this gun in the mail a few weeks ago and all I can say is that this gun is a non abstract noun for excellence. When I first pulled open the box I was absolutely amazed at how realistic this gun looks. I have seen real RPKs at gun shows, and this one looks like they took the real thing and shoved airsoft internals inside it. It even has the removable gas piston and spring like the real thing below the steel cover. The real wood furniture is nice feeling, and really adds to the look of the gun. The rest of this gun is pretty much all metal excluding the strong polymer grip, and the gun itself is very sturdy and will withstand a decent amount of punishment. The bipod is easy to use and very quick to deploy, as well as looks very cool. The only downside on the externals are the stock. It is really wobbly. Tightening the screws made it less wobbly, but there is still an ever so slight wobble.


Performance wise is where this gun really shines. Right out of the box it is pinpoint accurate and has great range compared to other LMGs because of its longer inner barrel. The battery is comes with is a 9.6 and is actually the one I use, it is very high quality and has a very long life.The rate of fire on this gun with the 9.6 is very fast and perfect for a squad automatic weapon. I have used this gun in a few games and it was absolutely murderous! It is great for supporting your squad with heavy fire support and taking out those distant targets your buddies can't get to easily. It is also great for defending positions. We were playing Search and Destroy and I dug in hidden behind a tree and some bushes, well blended in with my camo and absolutely ripped through anyone trying to pass. I highly recommend that anyone who gets this get flashmags for this. The mag it comes with is ok, but looks weird and is not the best at suppressive fire for longer bursts. The flashmags make this thing even more beast in battle and it gives it a more classic RPK look. I have already ordered a drum.


Overall this gun is amazing for the price and will surely hold its own in combat. I use this in my role as a machine gunner and it fits in like a glove and will send the enemy diving for cover or force them to retreat. I give gun overall a 4.8/5. The stock is something to keep and eye on and the mag it comes with is not that great. But these problems can easily be remedied, and as long as you take good care of this gun, it will surely return the favor. And for only 230$ it cannot be beat. I recommend this to any airsofters looking for a great performing and great looking gun that is an eye turner on the field. All I can say is BUY THIS GUN!
by Paul H. on 2013-05-15 11:01:28
"Amazing AEG LMG for the price!

- Stamped steel receiver
- Well performing, econo gearbox
- Good weight, not too heavy, but built well enough to stand up to light punishment
- Good looks out of the box, not as nice as LCT, but much nicer than SRC (realistic design, unlike SRC)
- Everything's metal that should be, everything's wood that should be, everything's plastic that should be
- Nice faux bolt with full travel and nice "clang" when racked

- Bipod is a piece of excriment! Made of cheap pot metal and WILL break on you, guaranteed
- Too much grease in the gearbox (nothing a quick clean, regrease and reshim won't fix)
- Bad hicap mag, feels cheap doesn't feed very well sometimes
- Front sight, made of pot metal as well and WILL break on you eventually
- Finish gets scratched easily

So Sos
- metal hop up (CYMA brand, made of pot metal so it will break eventually, especially if you like slamming your mags into place)
- hop up rubber is ok, but would recommend upgrading to much better rubber 75 degree or 80
- length of inner barrel (inner barrel is 455mm, which is standard for AK AEGs, but does not go all the way to the end of the outer barrel. Sadly, if you want a full length inner barrel you'd have to upgrade the gearbox with a bore up kit. However, that would make this thing a full auto sniper rifle! : ) WIN WIN)

All in all, great AEG LMG for the price and looks the part. Wood can be easily refinished with the right know-how and will VASTLY improve the gun's overall appearance. Can take some punishment in the field, but don't be too rough with her.
by Charles M. on 2013-03-15 09:51:33
"Killer LMG!

I have played a few games with this gun now so i figure i can do a review now.

Right out of the box this thing was great!! It looks so sweet!

I like the Full Metal and Real Wood!
(the clear coat on the wood is to shinny for me i sanded mine down to give it that rought look and so people couldnt see the shine off my gun when im in the bushes.)

I love the range on this thing the hop-up is a little touchy.

The bi pod is good, not great but good. Stays where you want it and when you drop it down and have to run it doenst bang around like you would think.

I have owned the ICS L86 and thing thing is just as good Shoots just as far.

I like that it fits the Lancer Tac Flash Mags!!!! It looks alot cleaner without that ugly clay color mag that is to long for the gun YUCK!

OH ya and the stock.
Yes its made of wood and the batter is a tight fit but it fits.
I had the same probley with this gun i hurd alot of other people had, a loose stock. For the first week or 2 it wasnt so bad then it just bugged the heck out of me so i un screwed the stock (2 flat head screws) pulled it back a little so i could see where it connected to the reciever and put 2 strips of black tap in there 1 on each side folded hot dog style just as long as the gap for the stock to fit in and then put the stock back on.
Now there is 0 movement of the stock! That is the easiest, fastest way i could fix it and you cant see the tape at all if you do it that way. Noone can even tell lol. Oh and some people say its heavy so know your limits.
If your looking for a LMG and want something russian, GET THIS!!!!
by jake r. on 2013-01-01 14:02:55
"This is my favorite gun in my arsenal. The stock is a bit wobbly but the preformance makes up for it
by Jan J. on 2012-09-22 17:14:58
"I received this gun a few days ago, and have reviewed just about every possible aspect of it. And so far, it seems like a very worthy purchase. It shoots well, the bipod handles pretty smoothly, and the gun looks straight up awesome. There was the usual, expected minor issue: the front sight needed a little tweaking, which is pretty insignificant. It shoots very well in both modes (.2 seems to be the best BB type), and for bonus realism, the fire selector is in Russian. The real wood/metal is nice, though the wood looks a little worn despite being brand new (added realism?). The battery space, which is in the stock, is a little bit tight, and a good bit of maneuvering is required to fit it in. But all in all, this gun shoots well, looks amazing, includes many small details for added realism, and is a great piece for anyone looking to own a lesser seen model such as the RPK.

shoots well
realistic with attention to detail
is awesome

battery space is not ideal, but still manageable

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)