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WG Full Metal M84 Compact Airsoft Co2 Powered Airsoft Gas Pistol - Black

8 Customer Reviews

by Jesse S. on 01/11/2016
"Highly recommended. Shots fast, accurate, and efficiently.
by Oswaldo G. on 07/22/2015
"I have to say this gun is great. It fires extremley smooth, is not a gas hog, for only 50 dollars this is a great deal. You can get the nicer version which is 15 dollars more and is chrome with a wood textured plastic grip, but if you are looking for a fun gun to use for target plinking, this is the one. It is too powerful to use in an airsoft war, so just stick to plinking. Also i have one question the mags sold for wingun matrix wg and another company do those work with this?
by Julie F. on 06/25/2013
"Great Gun! Very powerful and intimidating. This gun has come in handy many times during different wara.

Full Metal
Nice Weight
Good Range
Doesn't hog gas

Fire selector can be hard to switch.
Sights are small.

I would recommend this gun to anyone looking for powerful, all around good gun, for a great price.
by Riki D. on 04/25/2013
"This gun is awesome! if u want a small pistol that shots hard and far this is it. it has a solid 430 fps with 32G bbs and it is small enough to fit in a small pouch. i really love this gun and i am getting another one soon. only down side is some airsoft fields wont let you use it because of the high fps ,only down side. but if you put some 43Gs in there it should pass the fps test. over all this is a great gun, great feel, great size.

high fps
metal body
doesn't use allot of gas

high fps (some fields wont let you use it)
not very customizable ( i do not care but some one might )
by Jake M. on 03/24/2013

easy to maintain
looks beast
not a gas hog

just buy it. if you want a gun to get people to call their hits, this is your gun
by Joey M. on 04/21/2012
"Ok, this is a great gun.

Realistic weight
power (although some feilds may not allow it because of its power)
fairly acurate
nearly all metal intirior and extirior
CO2 is in the gun not the magazines

Iron sights are a bit small
not very customizable
Magazines are expensive ($15.00)
by Jakob K. on 03/10/2017
"Overall: A fun, intimidating little handgun. It definitely serves it's purpose in CQB games. Not so much for outdoor field use, though. Don't let the Con's scare you from product, as it has served me well, and left some great 'impressions' on my opponents. ;)

Pros -
Feeds flawlessly
gas efficient. 90-100 rounds before you have to chance out the co2
Louder than other pistols (can be a con)

Cons -
VERY heavy trigger pull!
Barrel comes out about 1/4 of an inch when the trigger is all the way pulled
Not for people with Large-XLarge hands
Loses accuracy at 30-50 yards. Use heavier bb's
by Donovan D. on 02/06/2014

Cheap Gun.
Cheap Magazines.
Not A Gas Hog.
CO2 Goes In The Gun Rather Than The Magazine.
Looks Awesome.
Non-Blowback- There Aren't Enough Of These.

The Sights Are Small, But You Get Used To It.
The Magazine Likes To Fall Out If You Move Quickly.
Shoots Too Hard To Use In Official Fields.
Will Make People Bleed If Shot Within Close Range.
Safety Switch Is Difficult To Operate Mid-Game, Just Leave Off.
Orange Tip Broke Off (Probably Just My Fault).
The Trigger Is Harder To Pull Back Than Any Other CO2 Pistol.
VERY LOUD, Although This Adds An Intimidation Factor.
It Is Tiny, People Will Laugh At You- Until You Shoot Them.

Overall, I Recommend This Gun To Anyone Who Likes To Shoot Targets, Or Has Their Own Field To Play In. I Am Satisfied With It. Buy It.