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15 Customer Reviews

by Alice F. on 07/01/2013
"Awesome gun, never failed me in a game.
by Jarrod R. on 03/29/2013
"First off, I want to preface this review by stating that I'm not terribly experienced in the world of airsoft. I've played quite a bit recently at a local arena, so most of my thoughts regarding this gun come from my experiences using it there.

Overall, I love this weapon. It's the perfect choice for someone just starting out (like me) who isn't sure if he wants to drop the dough on a higher end gun. It's affordable enough to warrant purchase, and it functions easily well enough for a CQB environment. I have some trouble shooting all the way across the arena, but at medium distances that I encounter when rushing the enemy it works flawlessly.

One thing to mention is that mine always chronos at around 300 fps with 0.20g bbs. I'm not sure if the 360 listed on this site was found using 0.12g rounds or what, but mine has never even come close to that. This isn't so much a complaint, just an observation (I was concerned buying this gun that it would break the 350 fps limit at my local arena).

Very affordable price
Comes with a hicap magazine that will get you through most short games
Mix of metal and polymer parts gives a very nice weight
Reliable and accurate

Again, the range is somewhat lacking, but for the price tag it's hard to complain

I highly recommend this gun to anyone starting out in airsoft looking for a solid primary weapon.
by Trammell H. on 01/31/2013
"The review under mine is incorrect. The gun has only been on the market for a year now. Although needless to say, I believe the gun looks pretty good. I didn't order this gun, I ordered a WE-Tech M4. Just wanted to point that out. And Also I wouldn't listen to his review. He doesn't seem like he knows alot about to the parts of a rifle. Seems like a good kid, but just say.

I am not "attacking" This reviewer, more so reviewing his review.
by Sandra H. on 02/21/2012
"I got this gun a couple months ago and it is amazing! It is verry accurat and has a nice weight to it. The body may not be metal but is mad of a high strength plastic. The fps is great mine was shooting at 400 fps and i got it down graded to br able to play in doors. The down grade was very inexpensive and totaly worth it. All my friends always want to use my gun when we go to tac city.

Over all this is a great gun and has very few down sides!
by Timothy N. on 12/06/2011
"I got this gun about a year ago and it is still running like new. crazy fun to use and all my freinds want one just like mine. Just one thing, the flash hideris plastic and so if you drop it it will brake so i replaced mine with a metal on, it looks better.

P.S. the flash hider is a pain to get off.
by Lisa S. on 08/10/2011
"This gun is really good. I got it a couple months ago and it is just great.

Metal Gearbox
ABS Plastic is nice
FPS( mine goes bout 380)
Very customizable( search m4 rails and you can get a rail system and foregrip for $12)
Adjustable stock
You can take off carrying handle and mount scope
Realistic reload( I call it a COD reload)

Getting the battery out is a bitch
sometimes when firing on full auto the bullets spit out or curve( I suggest shooting in bursts or semi)
It does not come with a battery or charger(I recommend a smart charger anyway)

Overall Amazing gun for the price!
by Harlen R. on 07/11/2011
"I just this gun today and i love it. my friends think its cool and it performs like a systema!


Good rate of fire
Great Accuracy
Good FPS
Great Feel
Good Internal


Magazines Are Woobly.
by Tamela M. on 07/08/2011
"i recieved this gun a couple days ago and all i can say is WOW!
i recomend using .23G bbs
accurate with .23's
good rof with a 9.6v butterfly
great internal quality

super light...could be a pro but for me its a con
limited battery selection
plastic body scratches easily

over all its a great gun for the money i would recommend this to a freind
by Daron D. on 06/29/2011
"This gun is amazing!!!

Great construction
Great realism
Comfortable to weild
Easy to upgrade
Simply cool

Cons: I have not found one yet
by nathan s. on 06/07/2013
"This is a good gun, it does have cons though. I would personally recomend it for a begginer. Regardless, here are the pros and cons.

Pros =)

-comes with a good quality magazine
-nice feal/weight
-looks cool
-epic trade marks
-amazing trigger response

Cons =(

-not the most accurate
-charging handle assembly is nonworking
-very hard to remove the front sight
-bad range
-part of the motor grip is pointy and hurts your hand, 2 sullutions: 1sand the pointy part 2get a new motor grip, that is what I did

All in all this is a good gun, espeically for begginers.

Note: use higher density BBs to increase the range, I reccomend .25g.
by mike p. on 02/11/2013
"This gun is great for beginners. it is a decent weight and very well constructed.

hits hard
good trigger response time
metal mags

mags dont fit very well
its hard to get the back plate off
by Kathleen S. on 06/13/2012
"I've had this gun for about 3 years now and the middle part with the rail and trigger broke off I fixed it with some tape


You have to spin the mag
by Kaleb J. on 11/13/2011
"The gun is a nylon fiber body(light but tough, plus good for the price)

Mainly the gun has good accuracy with .23g bbs. Good stock barrel and the battery should not be hard at all to take out (if your not a moron)

The gun at this price with its good internals makes it worth the cost, this gun (if you take care of it) will last about even 2 years without a repair.

The problem above about BBs curving is cause he is probably useing .12G and his hop up is not set.

Full auto only messes with the accuracy by a little.

Overall the gun is great for a beginner.
by zachery l. on 09/01/2011
"pros: great realism,fully upgradable,ver.2 metal gearbox,and its lightweight. cons: didnt come with a battery or a charger,the mag wiggles around,and the stock is kinda wide and bulky. overall its an amazing gun!
by Brennon D. on 08/12/2011
"This gun is awesome!!!! I've used this only twice, only bad thing is that it doesn't come with a battery so you have to order your own, I recomend a tri - 9.6 battery