Reviews: Condor G.I. Type Panama Sole Jungle Boots (Black) - Size: 10


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Model: Boots-701-BK-10
Location: D4-146

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by Jeffrey V. on 2014-06-23 09:12:27
"These are excellent boots! I have worn them on several hiking treks and airsoft events and they are great for both! The rubber sole has amazing traction and the ankle support allows you to run fairly well. I recommend these boots to anyone who is either on a budget or wants the great look!
by Kevin P. on 2013-08-27 00:41:51
"Awesome boots. I hate the waterproof boots that when you trudge in water above your knees, the water will go in through the top and stay until you dry them out. With these every step squirts the water out through the ventilation holes. Incredible traction. One time, not airsofting, I was walking through the wetlands on a rainy day and the dirt turned in to straight thick mud. My foot slid out one time about 4 inches and stopped. Blew my mind. The traction is now worn down, in a dry environment on pebbles the tread will wear out somewhat quickly, but they've still lasted me a few years of hard occasional use. I would definately recommend them, especially at the price, if you're on a budget go for it. I wear size 11 1/2 vans and the size 10 are perfect for me. 11's got way too much room inside. My foot would have to be wrecked to swell to that. Highly recommended. Get them
by Cody H. on 2013-08-14 19:49:29
"To start, this is an excellent buy. When good boots at any sporting or military surplus store cost 100 dollars and up, airsofters on a budget need alternatives. This is that alternative. I have used these boots twice now, and owned them for about a month. Both times I went airsofting at the local field and had these on my feet for 5-6 hours at a time. Never did my feet feel sore or sweaty, and that alone I think makes it a neat little pair of boots. The fact that these are the panama style boots only made me happier, since my gear is vietnam themed. Granted, these are not quite the same as the real thing, but by design and look they are close. The sole is huge and rubber, and has some intense gripping power. I doubt you will slip in these. Second, the majority of the boots are a sort of nylon/canvas. Going from your ankles up to your shin it is all rather thin canvas. This is where costs are cut obviously, but it is a sturdy material. The ankle support is acceptable, and the canvas also gives good flexibility. HOWEVER. These boots do run large. I am about a 10 (American shoe measurements) and these were just a little big. I wear two pairs of socks, but they still dont fit perfect. Nevertheless they work, but if you are an 11 get 10's, and so on. Unless you are airsofting every week and plan on doing amphibious crazy milsim things, for everyone else these boots are worth the money. 5/5.
by Darlene W. on 2013-08-07 17:50:42
"Great, durable boots that look great and you can rely on them

Comfortable once you break them in
Not TOO much ankle support, so you can run
They breath even though they're vinyl
They can take a splash, but don't go wading though water for too long, there is ventilation holes on the side of the boot that water can get into

The sole leaves black marks, so don't break them in inside of your house
There is ventilation holes on the side of the boot that water can get into
One of the plastic eyelets fell out, but the durable leather / vinyl kept the shoestring in the eyelet
by Adam C. on 2013-01-05 13:14:28
"Great boots, nice and sturdy. My only issue was they were to big, I wear a size 10 US but they were 1/2 of an inch to big (even with thick socks). I returned them for a size 9 and they fit fine.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)