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Matrix Iron Face Carbon Steel "Striker" Gen4 Metal Mesh Full Face Mask - Black

7 Customer Reviews

by Eric S. on 08/01/2011
"Fantastic mask! I've gotten to use it twice thus far and I love it! I would recommend this mask more for cooler weather games though. Great mask nonetheless and am very happy to own it!

Nice and cushioned around the mesh.
Close to the face, easy to use sights.
Looks great! Gonna try it with black face paint for the "faceless" look.
Better visibility than any mesh I've used yet!
Easy to put on/take off.

I have a large nose. It presses against the mesh constantly. Could stand to push out the nose part more.
A little warm, but that's the same with any mask.
by peter y. on 07/21/2011
"great mask. check with you local airsoft field about mesh policies. i have to where safety glasses under or goggles over. a bandana or head band is a must. you will sweat all over your face.

i bought one in woodland camo and had to buy another one. they fit great on a fat face or big head. lol. a little head or kids head won't hold as well.

i have 2 and plan to buy more.

5/5 stars for awesomeness. not effective by itself. get a bandana.
by Jason S. on 04/04/2011
"Hey just got this mask today, It was a little bit bigger than I expected. When I took it out of the box and threw it on, I tightened it to my face and it actually looked kinda weird, then I figured out the trick. Tighten it only so much as to where its stable on your face but not tight (more snug I guess) for that good rounded look.

*Full spectrum of view
*Impossibility of fog
*Amazing look
*Great Price totally worth every penny
*You can look down sights and scopes without your mask getting in the way
*Cheeks- It puts a little bit of pressure on them and it actually makes my jaw wanna cramp some, but all you gotta do is either loosen it or release some pressure and move your jaw some.
*Picture Misleading- The lower 2 pictures are from the original one from Russia I believe,,, theres no camo painted on the grid (but you can do this yourself), and I havent tried that glasses look but you would have to take some stitching out, plus theres a top flap (in the product picture) not shown in those lower ones (STILL COOL THOUGH :3!)
*Helmet- May be a little hard, I tried mine and it like, barely fits but this may be determined by the kind of helmet too, just know that if your planning on putting a helmet with this have a backup plan.

Overall, Great mask, totally worth it, if your thinking about getting it then you probably should.
by kevin s. on 03/10/2011
"I just got this mask in today... no gameplay with it yet but seems to me it is the best airsoft mask ever, protection wise with the exception of regular paintball masks. I really love this mask, if you are looking for a good quality airsoft mask, get this!

Low profile (you can aim down your weapon sights)
A LOT of protection around your face
Very easy to use
No problems fogging, as my goggles fogged up a lot on the Hakkotsu's iron face

Big if you are a kid or have a small head (no big con)
Can sometimes be really close to your face its annoying feeling metal mesh up against your face (not big at all too)
WARNING: This mask is so awesome, it blown me away
by harlan s. on 06/05/2012
"this is a pretty good mask for the money! there are different pros and cons for this mask and here they are.

stays on your head snug
great for night games because its black

you can get shards (small pieces) of bbs if they are .12 or even .20 shooting about 370 or higher so i recomend getting small glasses if the people you play with use bad bbs
little large
by Sam M. on 04/28/2011
"Well this mask was out of stock for a while, so I jumped on the chance to get it. I should warn everyone how is looking at the bottom two pictures: YOU ARE NOT GETTING THOSE. YOU ARE GETTING THE TOP PICTURE. The third picture shows 4-5 straps on the back of the head, while you only get three, one going along the back of the head and two at the bottom. As for putting the glasses on like in the second picture, no possible way to do that. Both pics also depict the cloth part surrounding the mask going back about halfway to the back of the head. You don't get that either. Maybe these are showing prototypes? I'm not sure, but it's misleading.

Other than not getting exactly what I was expecting, this mask is pretty sweet. You do need to wear safety glasses underneath to be 100% protected, but that's a small price to pay for 0 fogging. I wear glasses to see, so I get both sets pressed up against my face a bit. I just wear my hood and Balaclava and it creates enough of a gap.for me to be comfortable.

It looks great. In the right light it hides you face, gives you a very intimidating look, and it's the closest thing you can really get to a full helmet without giving yourself a whole bunch of shaking and discomfort.

-Looks awesome
-Flawless ventilation
-Did I mention it looks awesome?

-Not designed for people with glasses
-Out of the box the sides press out a bit making it a wider target, but it goes away once in gets broken in
by Geoffry K. on 04/02/2012
"I just got this mask today and it isnt what i expected. It doesnt fit like the ones in the picture. Mine is a little lopsided on the top. Also i would like to point out that it is see through from someone elses view. It isnt completely blacked out like it is in the picture. I would have prefered it to be see through only from the inside and blacked out on the outside.


serves its purpose
cant shoot through it
looks kinda cool
nothing blocks your view
visuals are like wearing nothing


mine was a little lopsided
not blacked out in front like in picture