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Matrix Iron Face Carbon Steel "Striker" Gen2 Metal Mesh Lower Half Mask - Digital Woodland Marpat

8 Customer Reviews

by Cole T. on 06/16/2016
"Pretty nice face mask, id caution future buyers though. big ol' thick eye pro isnt gonna work so great on these. The mask comes up over you ur nose then drops down to leave room for eye pro. only problem is your eye pro has to fit under the nose part, so make sure the eye pro is slim and isnt thick and chunky like mine.
BUT this is not a huge issue though just fair warning. the "no fog" eye pro that sticks out a bit probably wont work so well FYI.

Overall they look #ULTRASEXYBEASTMODE when their on and they are completely adjustable to fit any kind of face. so yah bend around a little to get them to fit, just no folding it in half.
by Dein G. on 07/03/2015
"I made one of the best decisions of my airsoft career when I bought this mask. It has saved my face from 400+ FPS guns enough times to say I would never go without it again. In fact, I even let my friend shoot the mask, while it was on me, at point blank range. The shot didn't even leave a paint mark. I was crawling under a barbed wire fence one time, and didn't see the lowest wire because it was in the grass. I smashed my face straight into it, and didnt even know what I had hit - and it never phased the mask. The mask fits great, and it is bendable so you can adjust it to your liking.
Also, as for the woodland camo, it is amazing. I am a sniper, and have had many people tell me that they couldn't see my head in the grass because of this mask.

Great camo, and comes in different colors
Modifiable to fit you comfortably
Accommodates safety glasses very well
Doesn't feel tight, but doesn't wiggle around much while running
You can still aim down your sights or scope with it on
Covers your ears as well

Doesn't accommodate all goggles
(These work very well

Great mask. And im sure any other type of iron face would be very good as well.
by MARK P. on 03/27/2015
"Best 1/2 face i've owned. You can bend it to fit your goggles. Goggles fit nicely over the top to allow for air flow & protection. 1 elastic strap over the head, 1 behind the head keep it securely in place. Works well with the fast type PJ helmet. EXCELLENT if you're looking for full ear protection. (2 thumbs way up)
by Jacob G. on 01/28/2011
"This is a very comfy face mask, and will protect you from getting your tooth shot out. Which actually happened to a friend of mine. But this mask is easily formed to fit your face.
by April B. on 12/29/2010
"this mask is awesome it is sturdy and fits well and if it dos not fit vary well u can bend it in to shape its strong metal and durable i recommend this vary much
by Albert B. on 07/15/2013
"I've had this mask for a while and its great. With some bending I was able to adjust it to where I can aim down my sights. I'm 5'2 so this mask was a bit big for me and I found it uncomfortable to wear my goggles under so I had to bend the nose part down so it would work.
by Mathew S. on 02/16/2012
"This is a fantastic face mask, VERY sturdy. But the only thing i dont like about it, is the inability to let you aim down your sights, the mast comes out a bit too far for you to lay your cheek against your gun to get a clean shot. But besides that it's a great item!
by Ben S. on 12/20/2011
"I got this from Evike about 6 months ago, and it has come in handy! It is comfortable as any mask can get- the padding on the cheeks are very nice. My only real complaint is that it does not match well with regulation woodland MARPAT... it's a couple shades lighter. Yet it does the job it's supposed to do... block BBs and allows me to breathe and hear normally.