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by Blake C. on 2011-09-02 00:10:31
"Alright guys and dolls, lets jump into it shall we. First off i have being around predators and aliens since i was 5 years old, and when i seen a predator mask for airsofting i knew i had to have it. When i first recieved it, 2 months after it was suppost to be in stock, i couldn't believe the quality of this product. It reminds me of all the predator movies i have seen, which is a good thing due to the realism of this mask. Now that i have it for airsoft, all i need now is the shoulder fire rocket/laser that the predator has as well as the dread locks. Now to the pros and cons.

-Mask did have a fiber glass smell to it when i first got it.
-Prevents you from looking down the sights on most stock guns.
-May not be okay to use at some fields.

-Pricing was right for the quality you get in a Predator mask.
-The quality overall is good.
-The mask has good air flow so it will not fog with easies.
-Very, very, soft in side the mask due to the large pads insdie of it.
-The straps are adjustable which means this thing will fit 97% of the people who own one.
-Intimidation factor really does play a big roll.
-Is by far the coolest looking mask i have seen from Rlux so far!
-Last but not least the fact that is a FLIPPIN PREDATOR MASK HELL YEAH!
by quintin b. on 2011-03-16 10:37:31
"this is acually a great mask. i got it about a month ago and it has not let me down. this thing really is sterdy and take a close quarter hit right to the eye. it weighs more than i thought it would (about 2 or 3 pounds) and u can look all the way down to your feet with out the bottom of the mask hitting your chest witch i find very helpful for when you look down to get a second clip. i dont think it matters but the little spikes you can screw of and will not break for s***. i thought they would......the only down side is that the straps dont have buckles and that sucke for me but thry still work relly good. and i also have long hair so when i put the mask on i have to do something with my hair so it dont get in my face.

*tough as ever takes very heavy shots point blank
*straps are comfy
*there is some coushing on the inside and makes it comfy
*breath easy
* no one knows who you are (wich is pretty cool)

*if you have long hair your hair will get in you eyes
*even though it hasnt happened im afraid the straps might break

overall as you see there are only 2 cons that arent very good and you can always replace the straps... SO I HIGHLY RECOMEND THIS MASK it is very fun to wear and you will be known as the masked gunner
by Leenda A. on 2011-01-20 13:04:38
"i love this mask i wear it even when im not in a war, like while driving and stuff lol. this mask is fun and awesome and protects you very well.
holds up to lots of shots and can whitstand up to 550~fps.


nothing to complain about
if hit up close it may make a sight mark
by Ernesto M. N. on 2011-01-13 22:40:59
"It's very comfy! The padding on the inside is well placed and it's very sturdy, first 4 minutes I dropped the mask on the floor and not a crack, but don't make my mistake and drop it. It does have some weight to it though that shouldn't be an issue if you want to keep your face from being pelted from a friend's SCAR-H like I did earlier as well. The detail is quite intricate as well, it Predator symbol is well scraped into the mask's forehead.
by canon h. on 2011-01-13 14:44:01
"just got this and for it)....................awesome! love this, its so cool the way its painted makes it look so real. the red paint on it looks faided but to me it resembles blood which would fade a bit but other than that its freakin cool!
by Leenda A. on 2010-12-10 14:13:32
"i walk in and people are literally afraid to shoot me especcially in CQB its awesome buy it it looks freakin awesome to scares people and thats a pro no cons so far

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)