Reviews: Snow Wolf M24 Military Full Metal Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle - OD Green

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Model: SR-SW-M24-O
Location: L6-031 WO2-09

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by david b. on 2013-10-15 20:55:21
"I've had this sniper for about a year now, and i must say the first 6 months are great for .2s. After you realize the range with .2s is 75-100 feet if your lucky you want to test out .25s. Lemme tell you now. Dont. the hop up is garbage with them. Also in the description it says its compatible with APS2/Type96 that is a huge ass lie. I have been trying to talk with employees about it for a long while. Apparently no Type96 or APS2 upgrade will fit in them...

Great Consistency
High FPS
If you are willing to mess with your hop up .25 hit hard and go further.
Will get heavy after about an hour of carrying
Get a bipod, if you put all the weight on your elbows you will screw up your elbow
Upgrades are hard to find
by Joe S. on 2013-08-07 17:54:58
"So after about a month I've replaced all the internal parts (barrel and hop up should be your priority, I suggest a Prometheus barrel and the PDI hop up) and the gun works fantastic. I had ZERO compatibility issues as opposed to my JG G-Spec (nightmare). The Angel Custom MAX kit for this gun works too, it's $130, a lot cheaper than PDI or Prometheus parts.

-HIGHLY upgradable (APS system)
-Adjustable stock is nice
-Steel sears!
-Metal trigger box
-Magazine design allows every bb to be fed

-Thread adapter it comes with is too small on the inside to allow a longer barrel to be fed through it, had to modify the thread adapter which was annoying.
-Bad stock hop up and inner barrel
-Weird scope mount base (the mounts are 4-5in apart, so you need to use a long scope or your mount rings will not reach the spots for mounting)
-Big magazines. I use a small utility pouch to carry mine. The do not fit in pistol mags without the bbs being exposed

Overall a pretty good platform for upgrading!!! The cons are more of advisories than actual cons, and the pros outweigh them anyway. Great gun!! Get this and upgrade it and you will be unstoppable.
by Tyler F. on 2012-03-06 15:48:33
"This gun is great! I got it for Christmas and I have not formally used it yet, but it seems to be good.

Overall looks cool
Not hard to assemble
Stock is adjustable
Sounds Good
Fires Alright
The fps on mine was 416(it is too much for the field I go to, but for some people it might be good)
Bullet curves a lot(But I have not doped the scope yet so it might be just my fault)
Jams a lot(Spraying silicon oil in the bolt will stop jamming for a while)

Overall very nice gun! Good for the price and Evike is just that awesome! I hope to buy more from Evike soon.
by David J. on 2011-04-26 14:21:12
"I have had this rifle for about 3 months now and I love it!!! The materials and construction is amazingly realistic and feels just like a real M24! It's very heavy and has a large grip, which I personally like because I have large hands. I had some issues when I first got it, but i realized that was because I was using too heavy of bb's. DO NOT USE 0.28's!! I use 0.20's and they work perfect! Most people would say that is too light for a sniper and I agree, but this rifle can pull it off in style. The 0.20's don't waiver or fly off in random directions, they are fast since they are light and are still extremely accurate. If you get this gun, get some 0.20's or even 0.23's, but no heavier, the bb's will drop.
Heavy and solid, realistic construction
Easy to assemble
Shoots very straight and VERY accurately
Looks great!
The main material (polycarbonate i think) looks kinda weird in the picture, but is really awesome in real life!
This M24 is very accurate without a scope, I just look down the rail and use that. Works great!
bb's fly very fast. It is amazing how quickly they are just at your target!

I kind of wish it would handle heavier bb's, but maybe that's not so bad after all. 0.20's are cheaper :~}
Strap rings make a lot of noise, i would suggest putting some electrical tape around part of the ring. (I have not tried this yet, but I think it would work.)
The rail mount is kinda limited because the only mounting places are really spread apart, make sure you get a long enough scope.

Despite these minor cons, this gun is still a freaking beast and all my friends are afraid of me when I use this intimidating monster. If you don't mind the sacrifice of rate of fire in bolt actions for bullet speed and accuracy, you should look no further. BUY THIS GUN!!! It is very worth the money.
by Matt R. on 2011-04-26 14:20:48
"This is a great replica of the M24 sniper rifle. Was eyeing on the Classic Army one but this is way better. Don't be fooled by the price, it is just as good or better.

The Classic Army M24 is a design from about 6 years ago, for anyone looking for a M24, I highly recommend this one instead for the following few reasons.

Same construction / built.
Easier to work on APS system
Higher FPS out of the box (470 compare to 330 FPS)
M U C H more affordable
You can find spare mags here at
Scope ready bipod ready

I will post more after I play with it for a few more months, it is constructed very well and seems like a rifle to last.

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