Reviews: Magpul PTS 39rds Magazine for G&P King Arms WA M4 Airsoft GBB Blowback - Black

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Model: MAG-GP-WP159B
Location: V4-019

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by Andrew R. on 2013-12-12 09:36:27
"These magazines are the absolute bomb! They operate perfectly, no leaks and very economical on gas. But don't drop them however, I dropped one by accident and now it leaks.. Anyway, I would recommend these over any of the others sure they may be a bit pricey, but its worth every cent. They just need slight sanding on the sides to fit into the magazine well properly and they are good to go.
by John F. on 2013-11-14 18:41:18
"I suppose I could start by saying that these mags feel great, they have the weight and heft of a fully loaded RS 552 mag, however, I am disappointed because I bought two of these mags, one leaked after only three uses, and the other leaked right out of the box, they both leaked from the top seal (O-ring) and the last one I got actually leaked from the output valve, I'm hopping that 'soaking' it in silicone oil will fix that.

Would I recommend it?
Yeah, sure. If you don't mind repairing/changing the original O-rings.
by Connor C. on 2013-07-09 19:15:21
"These are great magazines, and are much less expensive than Pro-Wins. I have had no trouble whatsoever using these in my G&P WOC build. They have a fair amount of heft to them and weigh a little more than a fully loaded real-steel magazine- I'd say between 50-75 grams more.

I prefer these to the standard STANAG style G&P magazines because their design allows you to quickly address any internal leaks by tightening the screw that holds the three sections of the magazine together (located under the spring-latch that holds the Magpul baseplate on).

Make sure to keep the internal and inlet/outlet o-rings lubed and this magazine is sure to perform well. On a good day I can easily let off 4-5 loaded magazines (30 rounds ea.) on Semi with one fill of propane.
by garrison h. on 2013-03-15 10:11:51
"This is the best magazine for king arms, wa or anything that these will fit. They feed flawlessly, less prone to leaking(compared to other mags). Also they're cheaper than other mags out there. Not to mention they look great!
by evan y. on 2012-05-21 20:04:00
"I currently have two of these mags for my g&p WOC challenge kit m4 and they work amazingly! They feed very well and they are super durable( they are metal) . I've only had one problem with them. Since the mags are built in 3 separate chunks with big o- rings between, there is a big screw that hold it all together. My mags leaked a tiny tiny bit out one of the cracks and to fix u just have to fake the bottom plate off, pop the pin out that holds the grey lever on, then the screw is revealed. Tighten a lot to hold the mag together tighter. I did that and no more leak. The fill valves are very nice and have o rings so they don't blow gas everywhere. All in all these mags are very nice and work great. Best mags I've used and need to get more.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)