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S-Thunder Universal Airsoft 40mm Grenade Launcher Pistol - Short Barrel

5 Customer Reviews

by Ramsey C. on 04/15/2012
"This thing is exactly what you want in a grenade launcher! It's small enough to serve as a side arm. And you never know when you might just need to make 5 kills in one shot.

Its compact.
Fits in most holsters.

Most people don't like the flare gun look but it doesn't really bother me.
The latch to load the grenade could be a little stronger to avoid having the launcher swing open and the grenade falling out.
by Vincent J. on 10/31/2010
"This is AWESOME, I double welded two of these with some dummy grenades and I owned in CQB. It's got a pretty good range and it just feels straight gangstah when you clear a room with this or get a direct headshot. A++ the only thing I might would like to see in the next generation of these is if it was full metal. This is abs PLASTIC, but no doubt that it's AMAZING. Get one or two of these before it's sold out.... -vince from CQB STOCKTON
by Stephen S. on 10/03/2010
"It is very compact and has a short barrel so dont use grenades that are too long or it will look wierd. aside from that it is VERY GOOD. If you drop it on concrete it will be fine. The grip is made out of some kind of carbon fiber, also known as "reel steel". The grip can be unscrewed if desired, it is very convient and is very light weight. Its almost all plastic except for the mechanism and the trigger.

High quality
Low price [pre order sale, $45]
fits all 40mm
Light wieght
Really small [like the size of a normal pistol, can fit most holsters]

Long grenade look wierd in it
Came with an orange tip
People dont think its a grenade launcher when they see it, they think "FLARE GUN"
by Sean F. on 10/01/2010
"Got it. Shot it. Love it! I'm using King Arms 120 round M381 shells with propane. It sounds like a bomb going off. Shot spread is reasonable and distance is far better than expected- 50 to 60 feet. This baby far out performs its $45 pricetag. I suspect we'll start seeing more of these at the local games in the near future. We also play "pistol only" games- boy, are they in for a surprise!
by victor e. on 06/12/2012
good side arm
has a shotgun spread for close enemys
compact so u can get in more pistions if u have it out

the cover (red cap) blows off(can just do wat the vid says about the tape)
resembles the gp25 gernade launcher (not a flare gun)