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Avengers "Skull" Iron Face Lower Half Mask (Silver Grey)

12 Customer Reviews

by Charles F. on 03/19/2012
"Being a support gunner I have to say it's completed my loadout.

Vents very well
I'm a big guy and it fits great
Easy to breath with it on so if you hate paintballs masks get this and some full seal goggles.
Easy to aim down sights

There is very little padding on the interior of the mask so sometimes the plastic edging will since directly on your cheeks which can be a little uncomfortable.
by Kadeem G. on 01/10/2012
"The mask provides great protection very comfortable and allows for easy breath
by daniel o. on 03/13/2011
"Got this mask around halloween when evike was having their awesome 20% off all gear sale! Let me say, this mask is awesome!! It looks intimidating on the field and protects perfectly. I shot it with a 380 FPS gun from point blank and it left a dent no deeper than 2mm


Looks awesome!!
Color is sweet
It's a skull
Protects very good
Can withstand a strong gun from close


Looks kinda bulky,so not really for the small headed person

Overall GREAT MASK! Good performance and Awesome Looks! Thanks Evike!
by Isaac V. on 03/01/2011
"This mask is FREAKING AWESOME. I have the exact same mask except it covers your whole face and has metal mesh eye covers.

The Fearsome look.
Covers all of the front of your face

Can be hard to loosen and tighten again but it should be hard to figure out

This mask is amazing and a must have. The fearsome look is just a bonus to the sweet amount of protection it gives. Great buy
by RJ W. on 02/21/2011
"This is a very cool mask, a bit bigger then the original Iron Face but not a problem.It fits great once you adjust it. Works well with goggles and helmet.

•Looks Cool
•Intimidating,hope i spelled that right
•There is a tooth missing on purpose but it looks like a bb could go through the hole but still very unlikely
by Kevin S. on 09/07/2010
"I just got this mask today and it is great. its bigger than I expected but I dont care it looks like it would scare the crap out of someone during a game haha. I give it a 5/5 star rating for awesomeness!!!


fits great
very comfortable
very intimidating


it looks like its missing a tooth LOL
thats pretty much it
by dylan u. on 09/06/2010
"what helmet is that ? and i bought this product today !

so detailed
looks great with flap jack goggles
doesnt break easily i steped on this accidentaly and it didnt break


nothing :)

what helmet is that ? i wanna buy it
by Eric T. on 08/31/2010
"Awesome mask. I got the black one but I will review all 3 colors as they are all the same.

Awesome look
Fits most of my goggles perfectly
Planning on using it this Halloween too

by Dan T. on 01/20/2013
"I got this mask back in December for Christmas, and it looks really cool with my face setup of this, a socom helmet, and some tinted goggles.
Looks cool
Easily ventilated

Not very low profile(it's hard to aim down my sights)
Not the most comfortable mask out there.
If you are a heavy breather and play in the cold, if you get hit there, the condensation of your breath will splash in your face inside.
by Walt Z. on 12/13/2010
"I just got this today. It is pretty bada$$ looking. the only thing is that I wear glasses, and have bigger goggles because of it. It shouldn't be a problem with shooting glasses, or smaller goggles.

Awesome details
Awesome looking

Uncomfortable because of my glasses. This only applies to me really.

You should buy this. For $22 you get: intimidation, awesome looks, and you save a lot of money on your car insurance. Er, I mean uh, you save money buying this half mask than buying a different mask.
by Leo S. on 04/28/2016
"If you want a mask that looks amazing! Then you should get this mask, but if you want something that functions well, don't get this mask.
by Josh B. on 08/01/2015
"Well, I guess I'm giving this mask its first bad review,

The mask is well made, strong but flexible. It's not bad looking, as it's mostly black with some silver paint in the right spots for definition.

Now to the bad.

I'm 5-11, 200 pounds. Not a big guy by any means, but this mask is NOT comfortable to wear. It does cover most of my face, but rides HIGH up my face. With this so high. The 2 different pairs of goggles I have do not sit right, as this mask pushes the goggles up. Because of this, your goggles are now to high and you can't see correctly. Even after adjusting the straps and placing them in various positions on my head, I couldn't find a good position for this mask to sit. If you pull the mask down so that the goggles sit correctly on your face, then your nose is SMASHED. Don't get me started on the one little strip of foam on the inside.

Looks kind of cool
Solid detail

Not comfortable to wear.
Rides high up your face
Hard to wear goggles with this
Not enough foam to help make these comfortable to wear
Not enough airway vents, you will sweat in these