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G&G Xtreme 45 Co2 Powered Airsoft Gas Pistol (Color: Black)

19 Customer Reviews

by vincent n. on 10/24/2016
"Great gun 5 stars *****

feels great to hold
great GBB
easy to operate'
fun to play with
looks great without the orange tip
full metal

the mag release is not all that great (but i think that was my fault)
no take down
shoots way to hard for indoor play
slide does not lock back when you are out of amo
couldn't find any extra magazines

this gun is a great first GBB pistol and i would give it 5 stars *****
by Jodi M. on 07/21/2016
"This Co2 pistol is amazing for the price! I love it! It is very comfortable, fits well, weighs a good amount, looks amazing! However, it does have a few flaws.

-Feels amazing
-Simple to use
-Very fun to play with
-Performs well
-Easy to adjust
-Easy to take of orange tip(just twist)
-AMAZING blowback- half blowback, not too much and not too little
-Super fun to shoot

-Accuracy is not super good, however that could be my fault with the hop-up, still adjusting
-Not a lot of mag capacity, but that's expected
-12 gram Co2 lasts about 3 mags, also could be a user error due to my first gbb pistol
by Brandon C. on 01/18/2014
"Hello! A few days ago I received this gun in the mail and when I looked it, it was more than i expected. Best gun I've every gotten. Shoots accurately and is efficient on C02.

Shoots Accurately
Nice price
Full metal
Efficient on Co2
Ajustible Hopup

Needs Extra mags

Overall, Awesome gun and you will love it!
by Jon G. on 02/28/2013
"This is an excellently made gun. Most of it is metal, and the accuracy was near perfect right out of the box. I was able to shoot a 5" target through occlusions at about 50 feet with this gun uning 25g BBs. (Fired through 3 sets of wood railings set at 5, 20, and 35 feet to hit the target, even slight curving would have been a problem.)

Gun feels like an actual weapon, not a toy in your hand.
by MIKE J. on 01/17/2013
"So I have had this gun for a year now no problems very accurate, removable orange tip, yes it does shoot really high mine was at 900 FPS till it went to about 450-500 FPS after a few rounds but I learned you can work with the screw and make it so not much gas goes in I got mine to start as low as 250fps people say that my gun is really cool all the time this is like the only G&G pistol and with my custom DMR they are the perfect team

High FPS
Removable orange tip
Amazing accuracy
Never misfires
Full metal

Had a safely issue if safely was on and I pulled slide back it will turn safely off easy fix

Best pistol for new and advanced players
by Ethan W. on 12/07/2012
"This gun is very good for only $100. This is was my first gun that i bought with and i strongly recommend this to anyone that wants to start buy airsoft guns. It has a removable orange nozzle for if you want to film or just want it to look real in an airsoft war. I also bought a KJW KP07 M1911 Full Metal Tokyo Marui System Gas Blowback gun but it uses green gas so i recommend you buy co2 mag because it kicks harder than gas. I'm definitely going buy more from this manufacturer.
by sung r. on 12/26/2011
"When I first got this gun I was amazed how well this gun shot. It is the best pistol I have. also its like 700fps!
by Robert M. on 09/13/2011
"I received this pistol two Days ago And over all its pretty nice. It will shoot as fast as you pull the trigger the majority of the time until your gas gets low. Also it looks like a gas hog but it isn't, I went through about four an a half clips before I ran out. I don't think it's quite worth a hundred dollars but its still not a bad buy.
by Joe M. on 07/31/2011
"BEST PISTOL !! shoots 480fps no problem got 10 people out in 3 minutes at Hotshots Airsoft its super accurate and i give it a 9/10 because when u run out of bb's in the mag the slide doesnt stay open like a real gun. but thats the only thing i highly recommend this gun !!
by MIKE J. on 07/17/2011
"Wow I got this at airsoft con and it's great powerful and awesome but it's a gas guzzler I used it once on field once for my YouTube channel and a few practice shots and I went through maybe 10 things of co2 I mean damn I get 2-3 maybe 4 clips till out of gas but still an awesome gun buy it
by Jake G. on 05/18/2011
"This pistol is insanely powerful, and a great gun. This is my best sidearm by far, and I have used it in many battles. At first, I wasn't sure if i would be let in to my airsoft location with this gun, nearly reaching high 500 fps measurements, but they surprisingly allowed me in. This is very accurate if you adjust hop-up, and will make a great addition to any loadout.
by cheryl C. on 05/08/2011
"This is a great gun for the money. It is the most powerful pistol you can and the best co2 pistol out there. Great power and accuracy
Mock blowback
Construction (built indestructible)
Attention to details

3 or 4 clips per co2 cartridge
Need extra mags and there sort of expensive
by tyler r. on 12/07/2010
"this gun is amazing it is way to powerful for any feild put let me tell u it is a great gun buy it and i would buy another one if i had the money
by Bryan B. on 07/02/2016
"I've had this pistol for awhile and it's served me pretty well. The third time I used it, the orange tip fell out and I hadn't noticed so that's a problem, but it shoots very well, albeit a bit hot. good on gas for a blowback, but extra mags are really expensive. Nice weight and feel, altogether a nice gun. I recommend it.
by juan v. on 12/28/2014
"This gun is a total beauty!! It looks crazy real and weighs like a real gun too. Lets get to the pros and cons

Pros: Beauty
Shoots really hard
Looks and feels real

Cons: Hop up adjustment broke (didn't make a lot of difference)
Small screw on slide came out but didn't affect performance
Doesn't shoot well in cold
Cheap metal part on mag that that broke off

Great gun because these little things don't affect it 4/5*