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UKArms 1:1 Scale Replica L86A1 British Bullpup Airsoft Rifle

5 Customer Reviews

by Bennett H. on 04/30/2012
"ok , this gun is amazing ! i take this to giant pro wars all the time and own! the best in the world play me and cant beat me. the hav tried to steal and buy my gun from me but i keep it locked up its so valueable.

pros :
high FPS (800-900)
accuracy (dead on from miles away)
lightway , like holding a paper clip
ROF (like 1 shot in five seconds (OUTSTANDING)
intimidating !

you dont have it !

11 out of 10 star urvryday !
by Anthony N. on 12/08/2011
"Amazing. It shoots through cardboard like paper, but is hard to cock. The 400 round mag helps very much too. The sights are on the handle, but hard to aim with. There is rails on the top, front sides and bottom. It has the thing for a sling on the back.

This gun is awesome! The mag and handle are very cool and it has a handle with sights
Pros- $20!!!
Has place for sling
Has many rails
Comes with grip
400 round magazine

Hard to cock
Aiming is slightly hard with glasses
no iron sights without handle
by Tim H. on 11/21/2011
"ok, let me say this gun is amazing! I GOT IT IN THE MAIL TODAY! it goes about 120 feet, and has a higher velocity than evike says. it hits hard and is freaking accurate as hell. overall just a good gun

pros: evenly balanced weight, accurate, easy to cock, hits HARD! looks cool! uses m4/m16 mags
20 dollars!
cons: the magazine can be a little tricky to get into the gun.

overall a freakin sweet gun and i reccomend it to anyone with 20 bucks lying around
by Graham F. on 08/14/2011
"This gun is a great gun and it shoots farther than EVIKE says it does I nailed someone from 100 feet away easily. I recommend this gun to anyone. I found it was good to buy a universal sling with the gun, and use it as a secondary while having an electric assault rifle as my primary. I would recommend this setup for it works well for experienced players withe a big wallet. In all for the price of the gun it is well worth it and a fun gun for beginners or well experienced players.
by William S. on 03/26/2011
"I honestly figured it would be worthless, considering the price. The price of my arrogance was a sizeable hole in my arm when trying to unjam it (apparently it was not jammed at all). Excellent close combat weapon, fairly powerful, and quite accurate. The only disadvantage would be the lack of an actual aiming mechanism. Plus, it can be a bit of a pain to get used to bullpup models.