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Matrix MOLLE S.D.E.U. High Speed Airsoft Tactical Vest (Black)

27 Customer Reviews

by Cameron R. on 04/03/2018
"One of the best vest I've ordered by far can't wait to test it out
by christain F. on 07/13/2017
"There's not a whole lot to say about this vest. It's made well and has alot of good features. It likely won't be used for airsoft, but I will use it for a Mandalorian Mercs costume.
by Andrew G. on 07/08/2016
"Once again I'm hooked on this vest lol I already have it in OD Green and soon gonna get it in Tan. so far this vest hasn't caused me any problems and the neck protection/crotch protection is a great 2-in-1 plus for a vest.
by Lev M. on 04/04/2016
"It is a best!)
Супер короч&-
by Ryan R. on 03/21/2015
"This vest is very fun. I run a shock trooper look where I wear this as well as riot helmet shin and knee guards as well as forearm and elbow guards it looks intimidating altogether. and has lots of space for all my gear. I'd highly recommend this armor. My only compliant is that there is no place for plates, but that is because I'm more about realism.
by Justin A. on 06/28/2014
"I'm going for a support load-out and look and when I saw this vest with neck protector and shoulder/groin guards, I had to get it. I received it today and tried it on. Everything is Velcro except for the strap for the groin protector that goes between the legs, which means everything is easily adjustable/quickly removable. The only problem I have is that I have a longer torso. The groin protector comes down far enough to protect my groin, however the strap isn't long enough. Normally this is easily fixed by adjusting the strap, however the strap was manufactured in a way that it will always be the same length no matter how much you adjust it. This might just be my vest since I haven't seen any reviews detailing similar issues. For those worried about this vest not fitting or being too short/long: I'm 6' 1" and 230 pounds and it fits me very well with a good range of motion.

-Mobility isn't effected
-Velcro adjustments on everything
-Fits pretty much everyone
-Looks cool

-No plate carrier
-Neck protector limits head movement (slightly)
-Groin strap doesn't adjust properly

Overall I'd say this is a good buy for anyone going for intimidation, protection or a heavier support look/style.
by Carter D. on 01/25/2013
"nice very nice great vest i love it.

great fit
easy to get on and off
nice feel
all around nice

by Dennis J Y. on 01/03/2013
"This suit is amazing, is good for out and indoor and can fit most anyone!! (very Slim 6 Foot teen)
The Suit has velcro inside on 2 panels to help with loosening and tightening (great for getting it on)
It can just eat bbs though!! i was shot almost point blank with a 350 fps and felt almost nothing (i believe can be fixed by moving the inside tightening panel to the back since it has 2 sets )
Recommended with the Matrix Tactical Systems MOLLE Lumbar Belt & Leg Protection System w/ Thigh Rig (Black)

covers allot of area (shoulders - crotch - neck) but can be removed
Impact resistant
can make a nice combo piece

Gets hot easily (seriously, be careful running)
Needs some adjustment (naturally)
maybe too impact resistant? (gonna test soon with a 450 P*)

But by the airsoft gods this suit is a godsend!!
by Steven J. on 10/25/2011
"This vest is excellent! Light weight, mobile, agile, protective, durable, modular, and has MOLLE! Great for any airsofter.

The ONLY con is that it is hard to tilt your head back with a PASGT helmet (and I got the real thing, making it that much more of a headache).

Very respected in the airsofting community. You will be complimented every now and then about your cool armor. None of the pieces get in the way, except the neck protector on the front and (wearing a helmet) back ends. Overall excellent gear.
by corey P. on 02/25/2011
"i've had this vest for several months now and i must say, i'm quite pleased with it. most of the MOLLE is right except near the sides, it does get kinda hot if your wearing full BDUs and a combat helmet.i've even tested the drag handle when i steped on a simulated munition, and it works just fine. the funny part is when you get shot by a high power airsoft gun the bbs leave a litthe skidmark on the vest whatever color the are. i noticed that after being hit by 100 blue-ish bbs from an A&K Mk43 Mod0. but its a great vest, and it has lots of all my pouches and gear.
by corey P. on 10/12/2010
"this is a great vest it works well with all my MOLLE gear except one thing (Matrix Condor Molle Modular Utility / Accessory Pouch) i'm not shure if it's the straps on the pouch or the MOLLE on the vest but they dont align right. this vest fits me well and its comfortable, it does tend to get a little hot even when i'm just standing still, but thats nothing i'm going to complain about because it's worth it. all $75.00 5/5
by Glen M. on 09/15/2010
"I have had this product for about a year and it is very comfortable. The under/over velcro straps allow me to adjust the vest to fit me perfectly. This vest has a ton of molle witch is a must for me considering I have very odd shaped mags. The sholderpads are adjustable and I found them to be very usefull. The three things i have agianst this vest are that it will get a little heavy after about 4 hrs, it doesnt vent well (especially if you get the black one) and that it gets tough calling your hits. Wanna feel like a tank? Then I suggest you get this.
by Rasmus H. on 03/06/2010
"Just got this vest on, and my first thought was just "WOW!" It fits perfectly! You can adjust it to so many sizes and looks awesome no matter what! Like shown above it has molle pretty much everywhere, meaning you can customize it completely to your liking. This was totaly worth the money!
by lawrence v. on 09/30/2009
"looks awesome, and has a lot of molle. i was jsut wondering, wat exactly do u attach to the crotch protecter molle? maybe i should put a pistol holster there....
by Jude M. on 09/20/2009
"I bought this vest and i was stunned when i took it out of the box. It very comfortable even for a small person like me. I'm 5'7 and 120 lbs and it fits me perfectly. The only downside is the shoulder protectors, they are impossible to get on and are uncomfortable. I didnt want to use them anyway however. there is literally molle everywhere on this, even the neckguard. All in all, an amazing vest, the best that i have every worn.