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Matrix / AIM Lipoly Ready 8mm Complete Gearbox for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG (M160 / Rear Wiring)

15 Customer Reviews

by michael l. on 06/18/2015
"I already did 1 review and if your still not convinced watch my video review

I'm using this as a DMR gearbox anyone expecting to use this on full auto should not expect to have this gear box for very long it is a very powerful spring you're asking for a lot if you try to run it on full auto

if you want to build a powerful gun I highly recommend this gear box for a drop in gearbox you can't go bad with this one I've been using mine for about 3 months now and I have absolutely zero problems with mine
by michael l. on 03/26/2015
"incredible gearbox
well I can start off by saying I was very concerned about getting this gearbox mainly because such a heavy spring can do a lot of damage to your gearbox I bought the M 130 about a year and a half ago and it was really good but after all that's just an M 130 but I am insanely impressed with this one it is built so well it's incredibly solid mine was shimmed perfectly and it has an incredible air seal when I first started shooting it it didn't seem that powerful but 30 rounds later I'm blowing through a glass bottle at 40 feet away with a .43 mad bull

just a few things for people to know about this gearbox

people complain because the back wiring is short well with such a heavy spring and having to use a heavy battery you should buy rear wiring that has a fuse

this can use the aim monster torque motor or the Evike monster motor just know the rate of fire isn't going to be all that

with that being said to all the people complaining about the low rate of fire I don't know why you would want to use that on someone because honestly that just makes you the part of the human body that releases fecal matter

it may be somewhat large for some bodies but when you have those kind of parts in your gearbox you're going to be thankful it has that big bulky shell

all in all I give it 10 out of 5 stars matrix outdid themselves once again just keep in mind hardly any field will let this type of gearbox play unless your gun is semi only
by chad D. on 08/27/2012
"ive had this gearbox for about 3 months has held up perfect. i didn't open this up at all. i honestly just "dropped it in" my gun. the gearbox was put into my m16 along with many other upgrades. after complete installation the fps i got was 560~580 and a ROF of 16rps on full auto (11.1v 20c 1600MaH). the gearbox had about 8000 rounds through it so far and yet nothing broke. the matrix m160 gearbox is a great upgrade for any v2 gun. now this gearbox wont work without the following.

HI-torgue motor
or 9.6(not recommended)
mosfet (MUST HAVE!!!)

with my 6.02 tbb and Rhop i get 300+ ft. effective range!!!
P.s. if your buying the matrix magnum motor for this it works great.... except the pinion gear is horrible! i strongly suggest u get another pinion gear because mine lasted about 500 shots i replaced it and its been fine ever since :)
by Sam n. on 01/02/2012
"I've probably put about 300rds full auto and about 190rds on semi through my m4 with 509mm 6.01 barrel, and I have to say it feels like its just getting better the more rounds i put through it. Great gearbox so far. I need to chrono it still, but for reference, i've seen the bb travel atleast 200 ft(.20) before losing it, however the flight pattern was gnarley. At 50 ft It shot through cardboard into a wood door and shattered bbs to peices. The trigger response is surprisingly efficient, smooth, and instantaneous, however if your hopup/bucking is not the right type some trigger/operation issues will occur. The thing sounds like a monster and will easily let people know you are there, but does make an awesome sound I must say. The Matrix magnum motor did not mesh with the gears so I purchased an echo 1 that seems to have given me quite the RPS and overall power I was looking for using a 9.6v. Overall A great gearbox at a great price. Looks and feels great, has been reliable so far and feels like it will continue to do so.
by Brad B. on 12/11/2011
"I've had this for over a year now and still, no complaints.

1) Extreme durability
2) 8mm gears
3) great piston
4) it's just awesome. Best complete gearbox on the market.

CONS: no motor...

thats it

OK. I switched out the M160 spring, and I put an M95 spring in and the ROF just jacked up so high. It increased over 12+ RPS (With a G&P m160 motor in). Great buy.
by Philip A. on 04/26/2011
"I'm very happy with my purchase, as with the vast majority of evike's selection. Though one thing I'll point out about this gearbox is that YOU MUST ME MECHANICALLY INCLINED to install and tinker with it.

FIRST, there was no contacts on my selector plate. Of course I placed my old M4 selector plate on.
SECOND, the pin holes DO NOT match up on CA receivers, nor did they match up on my buddy's JG 416.
THIRD, my in-box wiring was grounded out on the gearbox when I received it. A multi-meter shown no continuity when tested through the trigger. After disassembly, whatever motor evike or the maker used to test this gearbox with had sliced the positive wire which wraps around the opening to the motor inside the gearbox. Obviously someone used a pinion gear that was a tad too big. :(
Not a problem for me, I have several V2 gearboxes with spare parts laying around, it's just a shame that I won't be able to use these 8mm bearings in my AR.
Everything else came sturdy and amazingly built. I love the piston.

I must say though, This is quite amazing for someone wanted a pre-built box for their rifle. BUT I must say that I could not just "drop" in this box into my CA M16 and run without modifications. :\

Still 5 stars in my book. Easiest upgrade. Consider wiring, grease (as the inside shown metal shavings. :O ), possibly an alternate gearbox, high torque motor (preferably the matrix 3k), and a selector plate. Consider using your old air nozzle too, this one misfeeds every few shots and I know it's not the mags.

Chrono'ed and averaged 552fps w/.20g KSC BBs. (I use .30's for accuracy, as should you.)
by Anthony R. on 02/16/2011
"Beautiful gearbox. I placed it next to my stock classic army gearbox and could really appreciate how great it looked. It was clean and shiny and i just couldnt wait to get rid of the classic army. Not only are the externals much better to look at but once i opened it up i could see a much higher quality. Where the CA(classic army not california) had ugly looking and no doubt cheap parts, like gears and such, and a full plastic piston with only one metal tooth, the AIM had terrific looking gears combined with a full metal teeth piston, metal cylinder head, and ball bearing spring guide. the AIM bassicly has everything you'd want to upgrade in your gearbox.

I have made a few upgrades to the gearbox: the Matrix polycarb devil full teath piston for high power high speed/ lipoly (thats litterly its name O.o) as well as an alluminium air seal nozzle, and an alluminium piston head.

This gearbox is truely a monster at this point(like it wasnt to begin with....) and i can say without a doubt htat there is no way i would ever want to be on the receving end of a weapon with this gearbox in it.
by Chase C. on 04/22/2010
"If you know what you're doing this gear box is very easy to install.
In fact even if you don't know that much about the inner workings of your gun you most likely have the brains to install this. If you don't and insist on getting this anyways Evike has videos on how to install it, so you can pretty much install this if you know how to use a screwdriver and can follow directions. lol

Things you need to know about this box is that the wiring sticks out the back about an inch or two at the max, so go ahead and put some wires in your cart now. lol The wire that comes out the back is a small type connector so make sure to get the correct wires.

This gear box has an m160 spring and from what I have studied/heard is that stands for 160 meters per second which converts into 524.9 feet per second! Yes you read correctly, 525 fps. This gear box will turn your m4 into an automatic bolt action sniper rifle. lol It is ridiculously loud which can be taken as a pro or a con.

Of course you will have to swap out your stock motor for a magnum/high torque motor. If you're going to put a spring in your gun meant for a pogo stick make sure you have a proper motor and battery.

I installed a Matrix 3000 motor and bought a 11.1 lipoly for this gun. A 9.6 will work for the gun, I've tried it but the rate of fire will be laughed at. Lol

To be fair I haven't tested the longevity of this gearbox, so I can't give an honest estimate to how long it will live.

This gearbox should be used with a full stock or fixed stock, because the pipe on your LE/cranestock will not go over the wiring. I have a crane stock and had to Jerry rig some wiring to make it work, but it is possible.

The response time on the trigger is awesome, it's the way airsoft triggers are meant to be.

The power of this spring cracks .2 gram non bio degradable bbs in half almost every time, so I recommend using at least .25's if not .28s.

From 65 feet away I was shot in the back with this gun (so that way people can't complain when I shoot them) It tore skin worse than any airsoft gun I have been shot with, I bled for a little while.

Obviously do not buy this gearbox if you play on professional fields, because this is almost 200 fps over the legal limit.

I bought this, I don't regret it, it shoots really strong, it's terrifying, and now I have a home defense weapon. lol jk
by Matthew W. on 04/02/2010
"I actually bought this, and so far so good.
You can see the craftsmanship from the moment you take it out of the box. Installation couldn't be simpler if you hit your head.

The shipping was fast like I had hoped for. I didn't have to tell anyone I upgraded the shipping like you do with some vendors. They kept me informed through email. These guys are pros and will be getting more of my business.

This GB looks / performs beautifully.
I might open it up and stick my M150 spring in there but I probably won't be allowed to play with it like that!
The instructions say that it can take up to an M170 spring but I'm not hunting wabbits or anything (it's a joke).
by Chase S. on 12/18/2009
"Every Complete gearbox is like that.

Go to the wiring section of this website and buy a cheap wire adapter. (small for if you have a crane stock..and large if you have a full stock / large type battery.)

This is a great gearbox....M160 complete for $110, you cannot beat it! I am so glad I got this over the Systema revolution which my friend is having so much trouble with.
by tadzio d. on 10/03/2009
"I just got this gearbox yesterday and the low resisetence wiring it came with goes out the back only about an inch, how am I suppose to connect it to my battery? Also it's a small plug not a large plug so how should i connect it to my large type battery?
by Asher T. on 08/15/2016
"If you buy this be ready to pull out your credit card and buy some replacement parts.
by Noah D. on 05/01/2015
"who ever made this needs a lesson on how gearboxes work,
for all you techs out there you know
this means this gearbox will fail very fast

VERYY strong gearbox shell
good compression
strong gears

no mosfet
bad piston head
teribble contacts
ball bearings
piston stripped
only 480-520 fps depending on your barrel length
(discription says 500-600 fps)
not a great upgrade

matrix internals are like a hit or loose, sometimes there amazing (like this gearbox shell) sometimes they suck....

jut ask a tech to build one for you who has experience and knows how to build high fps setups
by sue m. on 02/24/2016
"Do not buy this. I bought this gearbox and it didn't even work. I bought a high torque motor, prowin hop up, angle custom tbb, and a new bucking put them all in my gun and it only shot 5 feet. If it even fired it only fired 2 out of 10 times. I have spent thousands of dollars here and they won't take it back or give a refund. So if you do buy this hope it works and if it don't good luck.
by Ben S. on 05/28/2015
"I used a 650mm tightbore barrel and the Matrix Godzilla motor, with .2 bbs I got 520fps. ROF is quite low (as expected). After firing about 20 shots it stopped working because the motor shredded the wiring in the gearbox. The wiring in this gearbox is wayyyy too close to the gears. Not a very good gearbox, not pleased with this product.