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AGM Full Metal WWII MkII Sten British 9mm Full Auto Airsoft AEG Submachine Gun

13 Customer Reviews

by Damon D. on 10/27/2017
"Love the Sten..very accurate and fun to shoot. Motor is loud sounds good and hits hard. Great finish on gun can't say enough good about it..definitely a buy you can't go wrong
by Ben M. on 04/18/2017
"I've had this gun for a while and i love it.
.Looks amazing
.Feels great to shoot
.great for reenactments
.Everyone wants to try it
.Easily storeable

.full auto only
.BBs can feed into the fake ejection port (easily fixable)
.no options for sights to be attached

Overall great buy 9.9/10
by Chandler E. on 10/21/2016
Good ROF
Can work for indoor and outdoor play
Decent range for a SMG
Sick looking weapon design
All metal, good quality
Amazing for going prone with
Battery space ( really only takes a stick type)
Mag cap is 50-55 rounds but isn't to big of a deal if you have multiply mags

Overall this gun is great. I've been able to use it in a few skirmishes and it's performed better than my expectations. Anyone looking to get an awesome looking gun and well performing gun I think you should invest.
by Dominic B. on 12/15/2014
"This gun is great!!
-full metal (literally EVERYTHING!) the only thing that isn't metal on the outside is the orange tip.
-nice weight (although I prefer the added realism of heavier guns, so you may not like the hefty weight if you want a light gun)
-full metal
-good capacity
-full metal mid-cap mags
-full metal

-awkward to hold with your left hand if you're a righty while shouldering (I wouldn't hold it by the mag if I were you. There's no fear of it breaking or jamming, but with the real-steel, that would easily jam the gun. Plus it's just not an effective way to shoot)

Other than that, this gun is great! If only there were a GBB version...
by Christian G. on 11/07/2014
Full metal
Fixed decent sights
Crazy rate of fire with any 9.6
Comes with asia-to-u.s outlet adapter for charging the battery
Comes with decent battery and Allen key to unscrew stock
Fixed hopup
Mag well can move to the side and downwards for transport
First gun to actually get a BB stuck in the barrel
Mag catch somehow unscrewed itself and is stiff(hasn't unscrewed since)
Goes through batteries quick
Proprietary mags
Must unscrew charging handle if u wanna change the position(DONT COMPLETELY UNSCREW, VERY DIFFICULT TO SCREW BACK ON)
Sturdy And affordable ww2 air soft gun that's very underpriced for its quality
by Scott G. on 07/02/2012
"I received this gun for my birthday back in November, and I must say I am very impressed with the product that I got.

-Shoots fast & hard.
-Great ROF
-Great feel to it.
-Unique design captured perfectly by AGM.
-Feeds bb's well.
-Made mostly of metal parts; feels realistic.
-Shoots only full auto (I find this a pro because the real Sten only shot in full auto).

-Magazine only holds 50 rounds. Spare magazines have been sold out on here forever too.
And that's it for cons.

All in all, a great gun for WW2 airsoft collectors (like myself), or for somebody just looking for an awesome and unique airsoft gun.
by Galit R. on 10/01/2011
"i had this gun for about 3 months and it is absalutly amazing, it is really durable, because it is full metal and it shoots at a perfect fps, it is a wonderful smg and a ww2 gun. it looks amazing and feels really nice. i use this as a primary and i sugest u get extra mags.


full metal
respectable rate of fire
feels awesome
ww2 gun
looks amazing
shoots really far for a smg
and has a good spread and is ok acurate
has a good hop up system

mag holds only 55, but u can get a 110 rnd mag for it
shoots only full auto and has no saftey
and thts prety much it

annyone who wants a ww2 smg tht is purley awsome, should get this, i sugest getting it from airsoft megastore because it comes with the 8.4 battery instead of the lipo tht i heard can break ur gun after a wile.
by Thomas C. on 07/02/2011
"This gun is the best gun that I've ever used. It is very accurate and has a very descent range for a smg. I highly recomend this gun for anyone wanting a good gun for good price.

-Nice, realistic weight
-Full metal EVERYTHING (except orange tip)
-Comfortable to shoot
-Nice range
-Great for ambushing/ going prone
-Realistic magizine capicity
-Extremely Durable

-Stock wobbles a little when battery is in the gun
-Hard to fit a 9.6v battery into
-Mag capacity
-Heat shield wobbles a little
-Doesn't fit my WW2 German loadout too well:P

Dont let the cons stop, buy this gun!
by Mike C. on 10/26/2009
"I got to use this AEG at a game on Oct 24th 2009.

Can take a stick battery in the stock
takes King Arms MP40 midcaps (110 round mags)
Nice ROF
feels good in the hand
Best gun ever for going prone
Full metal

Lipo battery (I dont like using Lipos)
Pistol grip is a little uncomforable. Once you get onto the field you wont notice it though (atleast for me)
No Safety (always carry a barrel bag with this one and remove mag after game)

Maybe Cons or Pros
Full auto only (some people might find this a con)

My personal Rating 9.2 out of 10
I personally will be buying one.
by Jason S. on 08/27/2012
"I got this gun for christmas, and I really like it. I won't be taking it out to skirmishes, but its fun for shooting things in the backyard.
by Dotti P. on 03/28/2010
"Wow looks like a good gun to me but you would have to buy an extra magazine preferably hi-cap because my cousin has an MP 40 ,who's this Sten claims to feed off of, and its regular cap and when we use it we run out of ammo a lot. Come to think of it i should probably get him an extra magazine while I'm on here
by Peter L. on 01/13/2010
"I must admit, it's awfully nice that it uses the mp40 clips, very convenient. shoots about 290-330, good stuff for CQB battles. Although I must it's a terrible choice to use outdoors, sprays all over the place. I pure close quarters weapon me thinks. Although I'm converting mine into a japanese type 100


-Uses the same mp40 clips
-very strong construct, doesn't look it but it is
-you can use in in CQB
-It's a ww2 gun dammit, collectors like myself eat this up

-Very awkward magazine feed procedure for those unfamiliar with it
-uses a odd battery charger
-rather inaccurate
-feels odd to wield if you're not use to it

All in all though, it's a fine ww2 gun for CQB, don't use it for outdoor long range sorta fails at it
by Jacob P. on 04/05/2017
"I'm gonna rate this about the same as the MP40 for most of the same reasons.

V7 gearbox (takes a lot of V3 parts, don't use M14 parts)
Feeds every round
Easy disassembly

Low mag capacity
Very limited battery storage (I use a Lectron Pro 950 7.4v)
Terrible hop up (maybe even the worst)
uncomfortable to hold

I actually really like this gun a lot but again, AGM didn't make a very nice hop up for it. It needs a lot of modification just to get some semblance of function from it. There is a forum that will explain what to do, but they don't mention the arm the set screw sits in is very loose. Its like this so you can get the gearbox in and out but that also means that the hop kind of adjusts itself.