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Echo1 Full Metal Stag Arms M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle

17 Customer Reviews

by Brett P. on 09/22/2012
"i have had the plastic version of this gun for three years and i LOVE it, shooting about 399-400 it is right at the 400 fps limit for cqb places (i know i know most cqb places say 350 but in georgia its 400) the rof is about 13 rps with the stock battery fully charged
high rof
parts compatibility (i have a G&G crane stock and buffer tube but it is tight, a utg bottom rail, an ics qd sling point and a REALLY nice aimpoint scope)
pretty much all cons are user error
motor grip came loose
selector switch came loose
not enough space to list all the pros

conclusion:best beginner gun ever, fun to work on, fun to shoot GET THIS GUN GET THIS GUN GET THIS GUN!
by Brandon H. on 06/30/2012
"This gun is simply amazing, when you first get it and fire it, you will notice 2 things. Thing 1 is that its rate of fire is ridiculous, it fires so fast compared to most guns you will see at a beginner type level. The other thing is that this gun is ridiculously accurate at a long range, and it fires .2 bb's so they fly fairly straight.

Realistic Weight (Good for me, possibly not good for others)
High ROF
Great Accuracy
Great Range
Great range of attachments available

Magazine tends to get stuck or caught (results in small scratches to the mag)
A little fragile on the interiors

But all in all, pretty much 400+ FPS and great rate of fire and accuracy, not getting this gun could be the dumbest thing you ever do.
by Jared F. on 05/28/2012
"I'm just going to go straight to the pros and cons

very accurate up to 50 yds but can reach 75 or 80
390 fps (.28)
very powerful (just ask my friend who was 150ft away)
all metal internal
realistic feel
well balanced
good ROF

need to buy new battery
buy a fat boy mag off evike so u won't have to reload

Overall 9.5/10 great gun
by Lorraine P. on 02/08/2012
"Ive waited a full 2 years of owning this gun before writing a review on it for the simple reason that many people are quick to judge a gun before they put it through battle. So, heres what i think of this gun.

One thing i love is the solide build, it will NOT fall apart on you or crack, snap, break, or any other word you can think of to hurt this gun. it wont happen. you gotta try to hurt it if its gonna break. its also real accurate, great feel, and fire rate is solid. lots of room for upgrades too. which i do have some suggestions for.

1.) Get a new battery, i got a 1600 MAH 9.6v for longer life and higher fire rate.
2.) Take off that HUGE orange flash hider and put on a sweet supressor.
3.) RIS rails if you wanna add a grip or undermount attachment.
4.) remove the carry handle and put up a Red Dot sight or scope.

SO ALL TOGETHER: this gun runs great from the start and a few cheap upgrades make it killin machine. The battery really does need a change out and ALWAYS ALWASY ALWAYS use a Smart Charger. No complaints about this gun though. Echo 1 always does great. - thanks evike, echo 1, and readers
by Carolyn D. on 02/05/2012
"Let me start off this review by first saying that I am in love with this gun. I had originally gotten a Cyma full metal real wood AK 47, but it was defective so I contacted evike and sent it back. So after a few weeks of searching and researching I decided to get this M4. I saw that it was made by Echo 1, so I knew it would be high quality, and I wanted a full metal. I was looking for a gun that had a nice weight, good accuracy, good FPS, high ROF and just looked nice! This gun exceeded all of those expectations. Now time for some PROS and CONS.

Full Metal
High FPS (could be a con)
Great ROF
Very realistic
Accurate at about 100ft or more (.25g)

The only way I can think of to take the front sight off is to dismantle the entire gun, and im just not up to that. ( I want a folding sight )

Recommended Accessories:
Angled for-grip
Some mid-cap and high-cap mags
Some RIS mounts ( I had a hard time finding some, so I just sent evike an email and they recommended
a perfect one )
Matrix 9.6v battery
by Maureen S. on 12/17/2011
"This gun shoots hard and accurately to about 75 yards. For the price, there's not much more to ask for except for accessories (things like ris units) but it performs a lot better stock than some 500 fps lipoy m4 models. The only problems ive encountered are that taking apart the gun is extremely difficult because all the parts are assembled really solidly.

metal body
high fps 0.25g = 365/370 fps
weight/size (very close to the real deal)

components are on really tightly (could be a PRO if you don't plan on adding things)
battery is EXTREMELY BAD (recomend getting a peq or wiring to the back)
orange flash hider

OVERALL: For the price, look no further for realism and performance
by Spencer C. on 11/28/2011
"I purchased this gun about 5 months ago and it is amazing. I play every weekend for 8 hours a day and i've only had a few issues with the weapon.

#1 When i first got the weapon my front sight was crooked. To fixed this i just popped the to pins holding it the the outer barrel knocked it over and tightened the allen screw

#2 battery that came with it is not good at all. recommend buying another 9.6v small type as the battery goes in the front hand guard.

Exact replica to my real M4
Weight is not to heavy but not too light
high ROF
High FPS (Draws blood at 25 feet outta the box)

Small battery compartment, difficult to put battery in
not real accurate at range

Recommended Upgrades:
Tight Bore Barrel (I put a 6.04 in and can hit a man size target at 100+feet
BATTERY dont rely on the one that comes with, it does not last
Smart Charger

Overall the weapon is superb for the price. Great for outdoor play and indoor. I would highly suggest this gun for any new players or someone looking to upgrade to a full-metal AEG.
by Kaleb R. on 07/18/2011
"A few months ago I bought this gun as a Birthday present to myself and it's beast. The detachable barrel makes it easy for silencers and other stuff. If your tired of cheap m4's breaking on you this is a great buy for a low price. Now for some pros and cons.

Fully Licensed by stag arms
It's On a 1:1 scale with my real ar 15 by stag arms
Great Realism
Full Metal Body
And so much more

Wobbly Stock and handguard (but there's a quick fix)
No RIS rails (again theres a fix)
Scrathes Easily (paint it over with no scrath Matte black paint)

Well thats about it hope this review was helpful!
by Kaleb R. on 05/27/2011
"I got this one day after my birthday so just today. When I saw the package on my front door step I was psyched! As soon as I picked it up I was amazed! I have the real steel version and I compared them to each other. There's an amazing resembelance!! The stag arms trademarks are exactly the same! Now for some cons and pros.

A Little Front Heavy Summary: This Gun Is Great For The Price! At Only $255 This Gun Is
Hurts Like Hell!!!!! Amazing!!!! Its Much Better Than Alot Of The Other Ones Out There At

Good Metal Construction
Feels Like The Real Deal
Good Weight
Shoots Hard

Summary: This Gun Is Great For The Price! At Only $255 This Gun Is Amazing!!!! Its Much Better Than Alot Of The Other Ones Out There At This Price! The Trademarks Are Great To!!
by Kaleb R. on 05/09/2011
"Ok, Since I Have The Real Steel Stag Arms .223 I Wasn't Expecting Much. This Gun Is Amazing! Right Out Of The Box It Shoots Amazing! I Put My Real Steel Sight On It Because Its A Full-Metal Gun. I Didn't Have To Zero It At All. Now For Some Old Fashioned Cons And Pros.

(1) None

(1) Full Metal In And Out
(2) Great Price
(3) Great Quality
(4) Realistic Weight
(5) Realistic Trademarks
by lucas f. on 03/22/2011
"i got this gun a while ago and it didnt work right when i got it. I had to send it back but that was just unlucky. when I used this gun, the working one, I was amazed. This gun is full metal and I dont regret buying it.
great sights
powerful but not to powerful(for small games in woods with friends or something its perfect)
big mag

Cons. The mag is annoying because you kind of have to push it a little bit to get it to stay in the gun, but dont let that bother you. I dont know if other guns make u put the mag in then hit it again to
keep it in because I dont own or have used very many different guns.

Other wise i recomend buying this gun
by Dan H. on 01/07/2011
"I just bought one of these and LOVE it!!! It is heavier than my .308. It is extremely accurate and has an amazing rof and fps. I was hitting a 1ft by 1ft foam board from 100 ft.+ It has fip sights one for precision one for rapid fire. The stag arms logo makes it look like a military issue rifle highly recommend.

six position stock
long lasting battery
only plastic parts are supposed to be

by William G. on 10/14/2010
"First off, this gun is A TANK! it takes a beating from me and it has only small nicks on the outside. It will short semi-straight with no new barrels needed, but if you are the Marksmen AEG in your squad (like me) you'll want to get a tight bore gun. And the gun has plenty of room for a larger battery if you need it. And as an Echo 1 M4, it will take all your mags so that won't be a problem.
its a TANK
Fps (great for backyard battels and compitions)
upgrade ready
plenty of metal parts

none that i can think of.
by Kristin W. on 04/03/2010
"5 Stars! great gun! The gun is so durable and a great gun to upgrade! If you get a scope, tightbore barrel, and bipod its beast! It'll be even better when i get the m160 gear box, matrix magnum motor, and li-poli battery! I might even get a custom camo paint job!
by Tyler L. on 01/18/2010
"Stag Arms Full metal M4...... Worth every penny.
Got mine a few weeks ago and used in an outdoor skirmish. It worked flawlessly. Best gun out of my usual players who mostly have jg's or E1's. The only thing you need is a tightbore (preferably mad bull), some midcaps (i use the 130rd MAG ones), and a new battery (intellect!). As someone already said the stock inner barrel cuts off at the front sight where the outer barrel unscrews, revealing a 14mm- threading.

If you want to stay a step ahead of your enemy's jg m4, get this, and get it while it's in stock- I got mine for $230 here on Evike and the price is already up to $245! A DEFINITE BUY- ECHO1 HAS OUTDONE ITSELF!