Reviews: Echo 1 M4 CQB XK Assault Pistol Airsoft AEG Rifle


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by alton l. on 2012-10-04 16:52:43
"This gun is the best gun I've owned by far. Never a problem. Loud as anything, no amp needed. Though one would be BA. Great for CQB. the second you fire, you see the enemy disappear. I put a folding stock on mine just to add weight but very realistic weight. The only thing I have had to do was cosmetic and maintenance.
by Jeffrey c. on 2011-12-16 13:29:06
"I've had this gun for almost 4 years now and only had it repaired once it is a great has a great rate of fire.very sturdy.great gun for c.q.b. only issue i have with this gun is its not very accurate but once again great for cqb
by Gage J. on 2011-05-03 15:40:25
"I've had this gun for over a year and it has been amazing. I have a full size M4, an MP5, and a G36 but I find this to be the best all around for my play style. It is very loud and heavy which may be a turn off to some. My team thought I brought a 22 to the field at first because of the sound. I added a mock silencer and a longer inner barrel and I use this in field games as well. The rate of fire out of the box is great due to the 10.8 battery. I would recommend this gun to anyone who likes to play aggressively and get in close. Firing from cover is easy due to the compact nature of this gun and without a stock you can look down the sights with just about any mask setup. It was shooting 360 out of the box and jumped up to 400 when I added a few inches to the barrel. Hope this was helpful.
by jake a. on 2010-05-11 17:59:33
"bad mistake for buying this as a primary... If you are considering it i would only get it as a secondary.

Functional bolt catch
Comes with grip
Comes with 10.8v battery (i think) i bought it at my local airsoft store so i didnt get it
Decent fire rate (i cant tell i only got the 8.4v)
Sling swivel mount
Comes with 2 mags

Loud as heck and feels like some gear is going to bust when i shoot it
Grip is very wobbly
PEQ box (i dont like those but thats an opinion)
Heavy (not necessarily a con for some people)
Wires are exposed
Has problems with firing semi

Overall: Very good secondary. I got it as a first gun so it wasnt that good. All in all with 200$ you can buy alot better

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)