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FN Licensed Open Bolt SCAR-L Airsoft GBB Rifle by WE w/ CO2 Mag - Black

6 Customer Reviews

by Sam O. on 11/07/2016
"This gun is incredible. This is my first GBB rifle and I've been eyeing it and researching it for the past 4 years, and I finally got it. I'm a mechanical engineer, so my attention to detail is very important. I've disassembled and cleaned this gun 4 times already, so I'll give you all the rundown.


Standard cardboard box. Once opened, the gun is in a plastic bag sitting in a cardboard layout along with the magazine, speedloader and manual which is in English. (YES!!!)

First impression

Beautiful. Holy cow. This is amazing. That's pretty much it. It looks and feels great. Weight is very evenly distributed. Machine work is gorgeous and has a very sturdy feel.


Full CNC aluminum upper receiver, CNC aluminum side and bottom rails, polymer stock and cheek riser, polymer lower receiver, plastic orange tip, steel outer barrel, aluminum front sight, steel rear sight, steel charging handle knob, steel bolt catch release, potmetal magazine release, steel screws. potmetal buttstock baseplate.


Potmetal bolt carrier, potmetal charging handle beam, potmetal trigger group, polymer nozzle, potmetal hop-up unit, steel spring guide, steel recoil spring, rubber recoil buffer. The tolerance between some of the internal moving parts is a bit high, but does not affect performance.


I don't own a real Scar-L, but from pictures online, it looks to be exactly like the real one. Very easy to get to anything and everything. Pull out the front pin of the lower receiver, slide lower receiver forward a little and lift up. Gently slide stock down and remove all internals.


Kicks like a mule! Very loud bang and clack as the bolt carrier hits the hop-up unit. That's where most of the sound comes from. On semi, you can shoot all 30 rounds with CO2 left over. On full auto, you can shoot 20-25 rounds with full power but the last 5-10 rounds struggle. Loading the magazine is easy, but takes some time and force to get the BB's past the lip.

Side Notes

You'll see many videos tell you the "tool" that comes out of the front of the gas tube is for detaching rails. This is FALSE. Before people review this rifle, they really need to test their claims, The tool is used to disassemble the rifle. The tool loosens the 6 hex screws on the sides of the rifle so you can remove the barrel and hop-up assembly. You can also use the tool on the front sight to move it left or right. ALWAYS maintain this rifle. Lube before every use. The potmetal internals actually aren't that bad. They don't look like they'll break, but they will wear down for sure. The RA-Tech Steel replacements may be a good idea after some time. The hop-up is SO sensitive. You turn it one degree too much and it flies straight up. So go slow with it.

Final Thoughts

I'm very happy with this rifle. Nice kick, great performance, good quality product honestly. Moral of the story: If you take of it, it'll take care of you. And in the heat of battle, you want a reliable weapon. Make those shots count, you only have 30! (Plus other magazines you carry) It's actually surprising how long 30 rounds on semi auto last.

Happy Airsofting!
by kenton b. on 11/01/2010
"great gun it has a great kick and i like the full metal
hard kick
hits hard
real look

the only con is the clip it can fall out and it only can hold 30 bbs but other than that its a great gun i love it
by mark h. on 09/12/2010
"This is a great gun, and for the price it is unbelievable. I looked at all the reviews and the you tube videos and was not let down. It is a heavy gun and the blowback makes it even better. I bought the gun over labor day weekend, I spent three hours to get there and three hours in line to get to buy it.
The only problem was getting use to useing gas CO2 cartridges, some of them would expell all the gas before I could tighten the screw. So I was frustrated, because by the time I got home the shop was closed, so I couldn't tell if there was something wrong with the magazine or it was just operator error.After I got the hang of installing the CO2 cartridges the gun literally "Rocks"....
by Cory G. on 01/17/2010
"i just bought this gun a few weeks ago and recived it in the mail i must say its amazing i love the gun.
it has its ups and downs like any airsoft gun tho i havent quite found one that is perfect but this is the closest i've gotten. its deff a realistic airsoft gun and is probly as close as you can get to the real thing. i'll give you a run down of the pros and cons i've found

full metal for under $300
easy operation if you take the time to go over the gun
it works like the real deal
heavy weight for more realism
gas blow back it has kick
it will intimidate anyone you play against
loud people will put there heads down when you start shooting
saves bbs due to the 30 round clips you cant just wast 300-400 rounds like a aeg can
collapsible stock is easy to use and continent in tight quarters
fps is better than most 200-300$ aeg's
sturdy holds together well

co2 or gas can get expencive
30 round clip may be realistic but isnt helpful in a fire fight
needs silicon oil make sure us spray the bolt regularly or it will jam and wast gas
heavy for those of you who like a light gun this isnt it
sights the stock sights are a pain get a scope or a red dot and you woulnt have any problems
co2 only last one clip and is a pain to reload
only comes with one clip and extras are around $50 and you do need extras for a battle
clips dont load well with a speed loader bbs go everywhere
loud people will know where you are so stealth isnt its strong point
when out of co2 it makes a wonderful hiss to let everyone know u need to reload

over all the gun is great for anyone who likes it realistic but if your just a spray and prey kinda preson i dont recommend this for you get a saw or m60 instead. this gun will blow a whole mag befor you know it and you will get caught on a reaload. i personaly like airsoft to be more realistic so i love it. i used to use 30round low caps with my ca m15 a4 so the gun isnt much differnt to me aside from looks and sound. the accuracy and fps of a gas gun kill that of a aeg any day so if you like power and hitting your target first shot this will be better than a aeg.
by Raymond Y. on 09/11/2009
"Excellent Gun.

Lubricate it well with your standard silicon oil and this rifle with go with you for a long way.

Very realistic and heavy. For those that wonder why the lower receiver is made out of Nylon Fiber, it is because it is made to be as realistic as possible. The lower receiver is very sturdy and there is no such thing as metal scar lower receiver.

After watching a few youtube videos, you'd be surprised how easy it is to work on this rifle or to take it apart.

Mine shoots consistent 390 FPS. But the final point is, this is the coolest Airsoft gun I have ever seem. You have to fire it to believe it. I have had mine for over 3 month now and I absolutely love it. I have both the green gas mag and Co2 mag. (for cold weather)
by codey c. on 09/07/2009
"i am really looking to buy this gun and i just might be able to in the next month from what iv seen i am really impressed, id give up both of my AEG echo 1s for this thang my only quesiton is what type of battery should i use and what kind of lub should be used on such an awesome gun

Webmaster: This item is gas powered. You do not need a battery and you should use silicon lube.