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FN Licensed Open Bolt SCAR-L Airsoft GBB Rifle by WE w/ CO2 Mag - Tan

5 Customer Reviews

by kelly s. on 09/25/2010
"this is the best gas rifle ive ever had!!!! this gun must be more than 400 fps i shot it through my wood fence and it went straight through it like butter. i bought the green gas version before i noticed they sold c02 ones too. this gun overall gets a 5 out of 5 for performance the fps is really high if u use .2s but the accuracy is a little off. but when you use .25s the accuracy is better but the fps is down. i have a hard time aiming cuz of the sights and the recoil on this beast. so better buy a sight (i use red dot). any way the first words out of my mouth wen i fired this were ''holy s#@t!!!!''.
by Randall S. on 06/14/2010
"WE has produced an outstanding product in the SCAR. Initial impressions are quite positive and the 1 for 1 comparison of the real steel is remarkably accurate.

The benefits of GBB vice AEG are manifold:

1-Milsim: The weapon simulates, as best as possible, the recoil and sound of the real weapon.
2-Magazine: In conjunction with #1 above, the magazine is 30 rounds and requires the user to conduct a tactical reload during engagements.
3-Maintenance: Though diligent care is required in lubricating appropriately, this also follows the Milsim philosophy. Lube is cheap, life is not.
4-Complexity: Far simpler in operation than AEG, no gear box, no electronics.

The WE SCAR captures the essence of a real weapon and provides an entirely new frontier for Airsoft and sim-weapon enthusiasts alike. Their attention to detail is impressive and will never fail to satisfy. The weight of the WE SCAR is lighter than the real weapon, for obvious reasons, yet provides a good feel for carrying the real thing.

If you are on the fence as to whether to go GBB or AEG, I recommend the GBB. Consideration should be given for a few factors, primarily is what the user is trying to get out of the game. Do you wish to let slip the dogs of war and open the flood gates of .20g BB's? Or do you wish to get a better feel for the management of ones ammo supply? Another consideration would be operating needs: spring, battery, or gas? Since all weapons require power, how are you going to feed the beast? Batteries give you good engagement time but take time and an outlet to recharge. Gas is quickly refilled and a single charge can cover several reloads, but is expensive (green/red gas) or bulky (standard propane) and the mags can be needy (silicone lubrication required for seals). Spring, let's not go there.

The cost of a quality AEG and GBB are comparible, so the bottom line is: what do you want out of yoru experience? The WE SCAR will quickly become a prized part of your collection, should you go that route.
by Raymond Y. on 09/11/2009
"Excellent Gun.

Lubricate it well with your standard silicon oil and this rifle with go with you for a long way.

Very realistic and heavy. For those that wonder why the lower receiver is made out of Nylon Fiber, it is because it is made to be as realistic as possible. The lower receiver is very sturdy and there is no such thing as metal scar lower receiver.

After watching a few youtube videos, you'd be surprised how easy it is to work on this rifle or to take it apart.

Mine shoots consistent 390 FPS. But the final point is, this is the coolest Airsoft gun I have ever seem. You have to fire it to believe it. I have had mine for over 3 month now and I absolutely love it. I have both the green gas mag and Co2 mag. (for cold weather)
by Audrey J. on 09/28/2009
Need to lube before evey battle.
Clean after use for best performance.
30rd mag.
A slow rof (rate of fire) on Auto

It is soild as a tank.
green gass has a nice kick.
Puts a smile on your face.

Sometimes the tigger spring might get stuck all you need to do is lube a little for and let it sit for 2 minutes.
The Blot might break or crack ( just happened to mine ) send it in to evike use warranty for free fix.
by brandon q. on 09/12/2009
-Stock hinge plate is weak and possibly shatters after using CO2 mags. Evike sells reinforced hinge.
-Firing pin fails to retract b/c a tab breaks off from the pin delay. Evike sells reinforced part. (i have this problem)
-I've heard about possible problems with mag, but have yet to see any.

This gun has great BB and with a 30rd cap. You definitely won't have the advantage in the field but probably the most fun. :)

even with the problems on my gun, i still enjoy using it over my AEG.