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New Gen. Dboy Matrix Full Metal M16 DMR Airsoft Sniper Rifle AEG

8 Customer Reviews

by Isaiah M. on 04/22/2014
"Good gun for beginners, intermediate players, and probably even pros. I dont really think its FULL metal as its quite lightweight and the upper reciever feels like polymer. The stock is also plastic. Overall, its a good gun and i havent had any problems with it in the month that i have had it. And i've only used it in one war. If you throw on the included grip, PEQ box, and sling, along with a birdcage flashhider it looks sweet!
~400 FPS
Accurate at 100+ feet

Not really full metal
by Jeff K. on 05/07/2013
"Let me start off by saying this is not my first airsoft gun by any means. I have had this gun for about six months now and run it through multiple games and top it off with a 8 hour day at my local cqc field. This gun performs flawlessly. I had one problem with the gun. Once, a bb got stuck in the barrel because of a half trigger pull. However the easy breakdown allowed me to clear the jam with no effort at all ( although being honest it scared me to death). The RIS had worked flawlessly for me and had the thing as overloaded as it gets. If you get the hop-up dialed in it is really accurate. Its not a sniper, but it is close. The Fps is a little hot but also makes it good at range. The rate of fire is just right, not to fast but not slow either. It is not idea for cqc but can work if you know how to use it. Lastly it is heavy, it will wear you out over the course of the day especially in a cqc style scenario. Finally the battery compartment can take anything you want it to. To eliminate battery rattle you can just shove a rag or something into your stock. I changed my RIS out for a magpul rifle length hand guard. It needed slight modification but it fits nicely now and looks awesome.

-Excellent externals
-Perfect ROF
-Good FPS

- Length for cqc. Duh, its an m16
- Can get heavy over the course of the day

All things considered its a great gun. 5/5
by nolan a. on 12/15/2011
"this gun is awesome!
So i bought this gun and as always, it came about 2 days early. The first thing I noticed was how heavy the gun in the box was. Although this was at first one of the only cons, I quickly got over this. Now on to the actual review. The gun is heavy but that is really fine. Everything that said would come with it totally did: a 3 point sling, the gun, a 8.4v battery, a standard charger (get a smart charger), a sexy black 300 round hi-cap magazine, a vertical grip, 2 black rail covers, and a second stock ring with no sling adapter. Now directly on to the gun. At first very heavy (can't stress this enough), the gun has a VERY high rate of fire, and i chronoed it at 350 with .25's. the R.I.S. was very reliable at first, but after a couple hours of playing with it, it became very loose twisting to the right any time you put any pressure on it. also the carry handle is really heavy. well i guess thats it. Now for pros and cons
high rof
high fps
sexy gun
nice hi cap

heavy at first
3 point sling didnt come with a buttstock harness
the battery rattles in the stock (easy fix: put it in a sock)
loose rails
by Lee B. on 11/06/2010
"it is amazing i have it and it is one of the best guns i have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!
by Lee B. on 09/29/2010
"it is just amazing end of storie all my friends want one now
by David R. on 09/09/2010
"I have had this gun for 4 months now and its still intact. full metal, has awesome rof with 9.6 battery and kills. As a first gun this is a must buy.

full metal
looks real

none right now but my butt stocks a little loose because of my brother but no problem

must buy really good gun!!!!!!
by Matthew B. on 09/29/2009
"Evike as an Army Ranger i personally thank you for your excellent services. This weapon system is top of the line it fires about 100 rounds per minute on full auto with a fresh charge, My standard issue M16 that the military gave me shoots 150 rounds per minute. Fps is great max is 440 better than all those other websites so called "good AEG's".

BOTTOM LINE: If Evike sells it, It's a good weapon.
by Cordell S. on 09/29/2009
"I just got this gun yesterday was very impressed with all the aditional stuff included with the gun. I charged it with my smartcharger then when it was done i went outside and took some shots with .25g's. It shoots very accurately and has about 390-400 fps. When i started to adjust my hop-up the magcatch broke.... so the metal piece that covers the hop-up will not snap foward unless i take the gun aprat to do it. NOT FUN! overal Great performance, nice finish on the body, i just got a faulty magcatch doesnt change much. 4 stars