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Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Packing / AEG Hop Up Bucking (Soft Type)

12 Customer Reviews

by Donovan D. on 07/15/2016
"By far the best performing bucking on the market. BY FAR.

The G&G Green is a close second, and probably a better choice for those on a budget.

by Matthias R. on 03/02/2016
"Sweet thing! Pretty awesome! Get it! I'm not sure how long it will last but it seems pretty high-quality (c'mon I mean it's Laylax/Prommy, how can you get better than that?
by Caleb C. on 04/09/2015
"Great air seal and hopup nub it increased my fps by10 even though it was a little overpriced it was worth it!
by Brian G. on 02/24/2014
"Before you read this, I'm not too knowledgeable on parts for AEGs yet. I'm just giving an honest, unbiased review on THIS product. No comparisons.

I bought this as a replacement for the Bucking my Madbull Ultimate Hop-Up Unit came with. It wasn't really working right for me, it kept losing it's seal still after checking the space between the Hop-Up System and Gearbox, so I looked to other Buckings.

I decided to look at Prometheus, since I heard they keep pretty good seals. I'm not disappointed. The FPS stayed pretty consistent, averaging between 3 to 10 FPS of a difference. Not to mention it beefed up the FPS a bit as well. The nub for the Hop-Up arm is pretty great too, doesn't place more pressure on the Bucking than it needs too, allowing for pretty accurate tweaking on the Hop-Up.

For a Soft Type Bucking, this does a pretty good job. I'm going to keep using it until I try the Hard Type from Prometheus.

Keeps a great seal.
Nub allows for good precision tweaks on Hop-Up.
Increases FPS and FPS Consistency

A little over priced by a few bucks.
by Hunter S. on 07/11/2013
"Great bucking. Automatically noticed the difference between stock and this. The grouping is pretty tight with all stock parts besides the bucking of course.
by Tom R. on 06/24/2013
"I own a small airsoft repair business, and this is my 'go-to' bucking for drop in upgrades. Increases seal and accuracy. I have found it to be one of the best buckings on the market. As with any bucking, it will wear down with heavy use, but it is made of a higher quality rubber than most (you pay for what you get) so it should be a while until this happens. This is an easy upgrade to make that can really help your gun's performance. Pair it with a prommy tight bore and SCS or H nub for best results.
by George S. on 03/27/2013
"This is the best bucking i have used. I have used Kwa, Angel custom, Systema, Madbull, Guarder, King Arms, and modify buckings just to see what one works best at around 385 fps. I also used this in my 360fps G36 and it also worked great. I would reccomend this to anyone looking for a better airseal, range, and accuracy.
by James S. on 08/26/2012
"You can feel the difference of rubber quality when handling this bucking. I modified mine to work with a concave spacer better (a modification that will generally improve performance with any spacer). It puts a really good grip on the bb. This bucking probably works BEST with guns shooting bellow 400 fps. However, I wouldn't move up to the hard type unless your pulling anything stronger than an M130. It is a KEY item to use when improving the accuracy of your airsoft gun.
by Geovanni O. on 10/31/2016
"This is a great bucking! Installed it into my KWA Sr10 and it worked wonders. I bought this bucking to obviously flat hop my AEG to increase range and trust me you will see a BIG difference.
Pros- Easy to install
Easy to sand down (if flat hopping)
Cons- It wore down WAY to fast.
I know that soft buckings tend to ware down aloft faster but I installed mine around March and I noticed HUGE tare on it which meas it wont hold a good air seal. Pretty disappointed. So I will advise other players who purchased this item, to check their bucking.
by Ranger R. on 05/04/2016
"Installed one in a metal G&P AUG / M14 hopup unit over an AEG barrel, and another to build a custom hopup for a revolver using an Orga widebore intended for the VSR-10. I flat hopped in both cases, which meant I had to turn the bucking inside out and carefully shave down the hopup bump inside it.

As they say, this is a good bucking, consistent and very durable, yet elastic. If you’re buying this item, you will probably be interested in at least flat-hopping your hopup, which is the one sort-of hiccup here. Once your bucking is sanded, you can sleep at night confident U R L33T 0P3R@ToR!!!
by Austin L. on 09/07/2013
"This is the best bucking I have ever used.

Cool color
Feels strong and it'll probably last a while
Comes with a bucking and a spacer
Better than every other bucking I've used [Systema, Lonex (50 degrees), Crosman, G&P, Matrix, AIM Top]

Really expensive. These should be $15 at MOST.
Performance-wise, it's only a little bit better than a Lonex bucking. So if you're on a budget and want a good bucking, go with a Lonex. If you have to money, go ahead and get this.
by David D. on 07/03/2014
"WARNING!!! DOES NOT FIT VFC 416 Hop up!!! Just purchased along with Prometheus 6.03 407mm barrel. The prometheus bucking looks like very high quality and I wanted it to work but absolutely will not in the VFC hop up unit. I called and confirmed with a tech that they are know to be too thick for certain hop ups. Nice product and I'm sure works great if it fits your gun.