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Real Sword Dragunov SVD Semi-Auto Airsoft Sniper Rifle. (Type 79/85)

10 Customer Reviews

by maria d. on 12/22/2010
"The only thing i can say about the gun is its perfect real steel and wood is strong and heavy.

looks and feels great
shoots far and hard
a 90 round mag

about 15lb
dosnt come with extra gears and not shiny like the older models
its hard to take hand grip off to put the battery in but its no big deal
by David N. on 09/26/2010
"Hands down the RS SVD is the best airsoft gun I have ever owned and operated. Real Sword pulled out all of the stops with this gun. Not only is the gun spot on with the real steel SVD but RS provides a very good user manual, parts and disassembly poster and plenty of quality tools for the rifle. The only drawback, and it is very minor, is the battery compartment. Installing and removing the battery is a little difficult but a little patience goes a long way. Other than the battery, the gun is absolutely perfect. Shoots well, hard and VERY far, the accuracy is improved with a new hop-up bucking but what gun isn't?

All in all the Real Sword is worth evey penny, and you can purchace and use real steel Russian PSOP or Romanian LPS scops on it, they install exactly the same as the real SVD Dragunov.
by Edward e. on 09/24/2010
"OK I bought this about 3 weeks ago from Evike. I also purchased 1 extra mag with it to be on the safe side. first thing I noticed was the look and the feel of this replica! Real Sword has out done themselves with the SVD a 690mm barrel! My SVD chrono'd at 480fps with .2 of course you dont want to use .2 gram bbs. I personally was using G&G .28 gram bbs and was still hitting out past 200ft. absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to have a semi only sniper with that unique look to it. Please OOO please get a scope for this dont get the cheap $120 one if you have to sure but save up to get a nicer scope for around $280

1:1 scale to the real steel
96rd magazines
high power out of the box ready to rock and roll
690mm inner barrel
extremely well made

for some 15lbs is a little heavy for me not a Con but for some who knows
doesnt come with an extra set of gears and such anymore
alittle expensive but personally well worth it
by Stephen G. on 05/17/2010
"Just got this rifle in today and I must say I am very impressed.

First off was great to me about it being on Pre-order and notified me of updates the whole way through. Then they shipped it out as soon as they got it in.

The first impressions of this gun are great, real wood, sturdy metal exteriors, tight fitting parts, and plenty of extra tools and instructions. There are no plastic parts visible on the gun though I am sure there are a few in and around the gearbox. This gun feels like you are holding a real steel gun.

I found my first Con when trying to access the battery compartment inside the handguard. It was nearly impossible to get off without scratching the wood or chipping my tools. When I finally got off the ring holding the two halves in I was able to sand down the parts a little more and now they come off with a little more ease.

Back to more good stuff, I found that the gun shoots extremely constistant. (not very surprisingly) And shoots at around 390fps with .25g bbs using my own chrono that may or may not be completely accurate but this at least shows that it is over 400 fps with .20g
Even with an 8.4v battery this gun cycles at a good speed allowing for very quick and accurate shots.

Overall this is by far the best quality gun that I have picked up and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great DMR.

-All wood and metal exteriors look great!
-Extremely sturdy
-Revolutionary gearbox generates more torque with less voltage.
-Great FPS
-Fast rate of fire
-low voltage requirement
-easily adjustable sights
-Heavy and well balanced
-Plenty of instructions for take down and adjustments
-Attention to detail is superb

-Slight wobble in Handguard (fixable with sanding)
-Handguard very difficult to open (fixable with sanding)
-Holding rifle too long makes you grow Stalin Mustache and refer to all your friends as "comrades"

Thanks Comrades,
by yannis v. on 03/20/2010
"i meen this thing is sexy and just feels right and with the right adjustments it can become 3 times deadlier
by Donovan W. on 01/31/2010
"This looks like the best gun ever! i saw about a few months ago and i decided i must save up i know real sword has not many catogorys of guns but this my fav gun is the SVD so i must save for this i highly recomend it!
by Hung D. on 09/24/2009
"I received this gun on the 22nd, and let me just say, it is a beautiful gun! Right out of the box, i attached my 11.1v lipoly battery to it, and BAM! It shoots perfectly strait, and with the hop up adjustments i can really say it shoots around 140ish feet maybe less when i was using .25's. This is the most realistic SVD air soft that i own and i couldn't be anymore happier because of this purchase.

-Shoots accurate up to 160feet with .2
-very nice real wood hand guards, stock, and leather cheek rest (which is quite comfortable)
-full steel construction, solid feel.
-Comes with spare gears just in case anything happens.
-Beautiful to look at!
-theaccuracy of this gun makes you want to scream, "head shot!!" Everytime.
-Overall 5/5, cant get a better SVD than this. G&P and CA SVD's cant compare to this!!!

-Getting the hand guard out, for me, was challenging because the the bracket that holds it together is VERY tight on, but no big deal. More like a heads up if you're going to buy this gun.

-FPS may be low (but that's not a problem at all), but it shoots up to 160feet without any upgrades, however i upgraded mine with a m130 by Evike, Thank you guys!
by Erick Johnson J. on 09/22/2009
"Just got mine today! The most realistic SVD to date. Worth the pre-order wait, and best price i'v seen too. Good lookin EVIKE.
by Jason H. on 09/07/2009
"Does this dragunov come with a scope? and if not where can i purchase one?

by Hong L. on 06/12/2009
"Just got my pre-order today! This is one of the most realistic SVD out there that is an AEG.

Great, PERFECT finish. Super accurate. A must have if you are looking for an AK Type Sniper.