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Matrix High Output 9.6V 1600mAh Ni-MH Small Type Battery

36 Customer Reviews

by Carter E. on 08/16/2017
"Holds quite a bit of battery fits very nicely in the butt stock of an AK
by Matthew K. on 08/03/2017
"Great battery for low price! Upped my ROF and trigger response about 20% from the standard 8.4v
by Eric S. on 01/17/2017
"I've had and used this battery for a Cyma Ak47 CM028 for about 2 years now without problems.
by Luke S. on 11/13/2016
"This battery works great. I run it in my G&G firehawk. With this battery I get 25 rps, and I enjoy that it can last for 5 hours. It will not fit in a buffer tube though. I zip tied it to my stock and that works. Overall this is a great battery. It would work best if you have a m16 stock.
by Jay F. on 05/14/2015
"This battery is EPIC. I used it in my Echo 1 G36C and it was so much better then the battery my gun came with. It increased the rate of fire and maybe even the power of the gun, and it lasted much longer. If you are going to buy this battery you MUST buy a smart charger. I picked one up at a local airsoft store, at the same place I bought the battery. My cousin used this in his JG m4 and it increased his rate of fire a lot compared to the stock battery as well. Overall a great buy, but you MUST buy a smart charger.
by Andrew S. on 10/29/2014
"It gets my AK just how I like it. Lasts a LOOOONG time compared to the battery that came with it. IT came with a pretty good battery too. No problems with it. Charges up good. Fits in my AK's stock great.
by Bruce Z. on 03/12/2014
"This is a good battery. I bought two of these for my S and T PPSH and they worked great. They keep their charge for a while. Overall these are good batteries.
by Kyle O. on 01/31/2014
"I have been using this battery for about 4 months and I can safely say it is great for the price! It is very reliable, and when you take care of it properly, it will treat you right! I have the B6AC pro charger (also here on Evike) and use that to condition and charge this battery and it works great. This is a pretty standard-sized battery that will run in most AEGs. I have been able to use it consistently for a full day of airsoft and can highly recommend it!
by Michael J. on 06/05/2013
"This is a good battery because it is the highest capacity 9.6V 1600 standard size small type battery. The "custom type" thats meant for M4 are the nun-chuck type (becaue M4 handguard has two compartment, so a nun-chuck will maximize the amount of room for battery inside the handguard.)
by Dale N. on 06/05/2013
"VERY GOOD BATTERY but it dies kinda fast...i have a quick charger and set it to a lower charge rate to get the most of the battery and it died in about 4 and a half hours of playing......although the shorter life span of the battery i would recommend this battery to all of my friends
by John W. on 06/05/2013
"The G36C need the butterfly config 9.6v small type if you want to fit it into a hand guard.

The best way to fit a 9.6V on a G36C is a pEQ2 box.
by Steve T. on 01/10/2013
"First off, this battery is the best for the money you're spending. I used this in my G&G M4 Full Stock and upped the Rate Of Fire at least 5-10 BB's per second. If you have a full stock, this battery is more than small enough. Unfortunately, it's a little too small. If you shake your gun, it will make a terrible sound. So you have so stuff like foam or rags in the stock. But if you do that, it works like a charm.

-Full Charge: 7 hours of playing time
-Increases ROF
-Small Type (Most guns are)

-A little too small

Overall, it does it's job. 5/5 stars.
by Allan U. on 12/27/2012
"very good battery!!! it makes my m4 carbine shoot at least 5 bbs more than a 8.4

only problem is that its big but still fits in my gun
by Seth W. on 06/25/2012
"It looks like others have touched on the same points, but basically this battery is definitely a winner! Used with my MK36C, my ROF and trigger response increased dramatically, almost double the previous output!

The only con is that it's a little larger than the small type 8.4V, and it just barely fits inside of the MK36/G36 handguard; I'd recommend trying to find an inexpensive battery box and equip it to one of your side 20mm rails, it worked great for me. Other than that, none! If a Li-Poly battery just isn't your thing, stick with this one and you can't go wrong.
by Logan R. on 04/15/2012
"Seems alot of people have gotthis battery for their G36Cor MK36C. I got this for my MK36C and it fits but its not easyand a bit of a pain but lasts me about 5-6 hours ( One day of games ). Mine dies at the end now that I use a Drum and rattle off covering fire alot so im gettinng another but It's great and should last all day for most.