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Model: AEG-MP44-STD

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by Naed-Mitchell C. on 2014-10-29 03:00:59
"Got this gun on August 2014.
It is a fantastic gun that I run with on my Heer setup! However, this gun has been greased up with petroleum-based lube and a re-grease is of the greatest importance if you want to keep this gun in top shape! If you do so, you might as well re-shim, change the barrel and hop-up, and so on. I have also downgraded the spring due to its immense power (chrono'd at 454 FPS the second time I used it) because some fields may not let you use this unless you get lucky!
by Todd S. on 2013-09-07 07:15:35
"Pretty cool gun, you can get the sling for it for like 30 bucks online(the nice leather one). In engagements its really fun to uses its just as intimidating as a saw or rpk even without a box mag.
Good size mag
Real wood stock
great weight(need a sling if your going to hold it for a while)
rare, it wont be another M4 the other 20 people you are playing with have

The one i got had a crappy hop up, when I adjusted it one of the gears popped off, was a fairly easy fix
Without a sling the weight will get the best of you, if not a sling a bipod might be helpful to set it down.
The wood is hard enough not to get messed up easily but i wouldn't set it on concrete or anything abrasive.
by Jacob S. on 2013-08-25 21:46:58
"Had it about 4 months now pretty solid gun.

Fairly accurate (mine drifts to the right a bit after about 50 yards, but nothing too major)
Good mag size
Hefty (some people don't like the weight but I find it makes a better firing platform)

The sling it comes with is pretty lame, would suggest upgrade.
Battery life isn't that great, on an all night charge it still only last about 4 hours, my buddies with M4s can go all day
doesn't seem to like semi-auto fire, if you shoot to fast the gears really start to sound wonky
Long barrel makes it less than ideal for room clearing

All in all though I'd recommend this gun. It's great for mid range engagements, and I've gotten a few long shots with it. As mentioned above its weight makes it really stable when you're trying to fire on the move. Also I can't leave out the shear 'cool' factor, every time I've played since getting it someone has complimented it, and I've never seen another player with one. So if you're looking for something unique, but is also a well rounded gun, this should be the one for you.
by Adam R. on 2013-02-02 13:32:48
"this is a great mine is shooting rite arund 460 fps i love this gun. pros high fps, high cap mag intimadaion factor, and all around a balanced gun. great for feild. cons might be to hevey for noobs, frony sight falls of kind of easy. i highley sugest this gun
by James L. on 2012-05-28 21:11:06
"Good gun, solid feel, shoots great, sounds great. recommend upgrade internals and mabe lower fps to around 400

1. ver. 2 gearbox
2. m4/m16 style hopup
3. solid gears
4. can be upgraded with 455mm AK style inner barrels

2. polycarbonate pistonhead, piston, and cylinder head seem to be cheap and breakable
3. safety switch has problems, which can be fixed with some grease on the saftey and a spacer in the between the two metal parts that make up the mag slot where the bolt goes to hold it together
4. extra mags are expensive and only hold 300 rounds
5. no short type mp44 mag, only the long type
by Peter K. on 2012-01-04 17:52:49
Very Accurate
Great FPS 400+ with .20 or higher bb pellets
Cheapest imitation ww2 replica StG-44 model on the market
Best WW2 model
Intimidation Factor
Rips in and out of cardboard, cans, cheap vests

Low Magazine Capacity
No Rail System
Average Rate of Fire
Average Rate of Fire

ALL and ALL, a very, very great gun for those who are both ww2 airsoft collectors and pro airsoft competitors. Not Recommend for beginners, unless you are experienced with maintenance and upgrading.
by Peter K. on 2012-01-04 17:06:30
Very Accurate at almost any distance
GREAT FPS 400+FPS (Use .20 or higher bb for best performance)
BEST WW2 Replica StG-44 Assault Rifle
CHEAPEST Price range for imitation wood version on the internet, trust me, I've looked far and wide!
Intimidation Factor (my friend stated he wants to be on my team simply because of the power of this gun)
Really good for both CQB and Far range fighting

No rail system (its a ww2 replica, very little optics were used during that time, iv'e seen scopes used)
Low magazine capacity around 300bb's (I recommend buying spar mags)
Weight 8 pounds (people who aren't built may have a hard time running and gunning)
Average Rate of Fire (rof, buy 9 volt or higher battery for faster ROF)

All and all, VERY great gun for both ww2 airsoft players and the elite, I don't recommend this gun for new beginners if you dont know how to upgrade or upkeep airsoft guns.
by Richie W. on 2011-12-13 08:06:13
"I bought this gun a few months ago and I'm in love with it its range and fps are amazing it's rof is around 700 which isn't bad either some things I don't love about it are it's very heavy around 11lbs and it's really hard to find mags for
by kasey K. on 2010-11-25 19:44:22
"good gun but with few flaws. i will name them with pros and cons

full metal
great fps
good weight (good for bigger players, but not for younger players)
iron sights good
enhanced hop up
looks good
easy to put battery in

rof is very dissapointing
accurate out of the box but gets slightly off after a few skirmishes
magazine isnt good
no rail system (not bad for players that dont care for optics but if you like that stuff you shouldnt get this gun)

this gun does get the job done but as i said this gun comes with some flaws as well. also if you have not worked with the enhanced hop up ask around before you mess with it.
by Brandon C. on 2010-05-22 19:29:55
"All I can really say here is that this guns is great, and then some! I think the best way to actually review a gun though is to do pros and cons so here they are....

-FPS, SCARY, 440
-Mostly steel, all metal except stock
-Very natural sights (easy to use and to line up)
-Accurate on semi
-Longer range then almost any other AEG
-Orange tip easy to remove
-Price, this thing is a steal
-Smooth shooting, no grinding/creaking

-Magazine Capacity, I would expec more then 400 rounds from such a huge mag
-Very heavy after prolonged use
-No proper fitting sling
-ROF is only average (600)
-Large BB spread on full auto
by Anthony P. on 2009-10-09 14:03:51
"I LOVE this gun, but , unlike the guy below me, i have no idea how his is shooting 900fps, lol. bro check ur chrono.
by Travis R. on 2009-10-08 19:34:21
"this gun rocks it's really sturdy because it's all metal the only downfall of it is that the stock is plastic that's why you should buy the 200 dollar one but this one will do just fine I've shot it but not at anyone so i don't know if it hurts but i do know that it looks like it does. it is really kickass and penetrates far i'm afraid it might be too good.

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