Reviews: AGM Full Metal M4 Stubby Killer Airsoft AEG Rifle (Stubby Full Stock) (Type B)


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Model: AEG-AGM-037
Location: A4-106

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by Zachery W. on 2013-08-17 15:38:12
"Absolutely fantastic little gun with a mean of fire. Low FPS which is totally excusable since it's made for CQB, mine shot 320 consistently at the indoor event I was at last night. The ROF was probably about 22rps on my 9.6V 5000mah crane stock battery I got on here. Only modification I've done to it is switch the connectors to deans plugs and added some external goodies to make it perfect for CQB and night ops. Also with .25g bbs it's super accurate for such a tiny barrel this thing has, I'm also surprised at how smooth and responsive the gearbox is. I recommend this gun greatly if you want one that's straight out of the box ready for CQB and decent field play this gun definitely fits the bill 100%

-Full Metal
-High ROF
-Can Handle High Discharge Batteries (although recommended to have MOSFET)
-Perfect CQB FPS at 320
-Looks Awesome With Some Magpul Goodies and Flip Up Sights
-Weight Is Realistic and Surprisingly Heavy For Such a Tiny Gun
-Overall Great Gun

-SPR Grip Is Uncomfortable For Left Handed Transitions
-Full Stock Isn't My Preference But That's Just Me
-Nothing Else At All Really
by seth p. on 2013-01-02 11:15:40
"This gun is amazing. Out of the box it is very sturdy and had no wobble anywhere. The battery it comes with shoots around 16-17 rps. With a 11.1 Lipo it pushes 20-22 rps. The fps of this gun disappointed me at 334 fps. With a 367mm madbull python it pushes out 385fps. Im an outdoor player. This gun has been dropped by me and scraped on hard concrete. The free float rail system was hard to get off and I mean I had to put it in a clamp hard. The Hopup is horrible on this gun. Instead of raising the bb it makes it go down. And dramatically. The gearbox on this gun is amazing. For 170 I thought ya it would be full metal and have crappy gears and pistons. No, they are amazing internals on the gears box. I have put about 10000 rounds thorough this and it hasn't failed me yet.

Good externals
Awesome gearbox
Good for cqb
Awesome ROF

Hopup is terrible
Low fps

This is an awesome gun for 170. Well worth the time and money for someone to buy this. I would recommend this to any beginning airsofter or seasoned veteran.
by jason v. on 2010-05-17 20:16:52
"I bought this gun and it is amazing. Im a very experienced player and I own KWAs, G&Ps, G&Gs, and I have a gun that I have pieced together part by part. I perform all of my own work on my guns. Upon recieving this gun for free from my cousin, I opened the gearbox and I was astounded with it's quality. I have no internal gearbox upgrades and i have used about 50,000 rounds through it and about 20,000 were with a 11.1 volt lipo and there is NO wear in the gearbox. It shoots at 340-350 with .23 BBs and using the 11.1 volt lipo it shoots around 20 RPS. This gun has impressed me more than any of my other $400 dollar guns. In my opinion this gun is worth more than most guns available.

-350 fps
-not advertised as but definately is lipo ready
-20 RPS
-full metal body

-absolutely none.
by ross c. on 2009-09-30 08:54:42
"looks AWESOME... I think I might just get this one. Comes with awesome attachments, looks cooler than the $165 or $170 versions, has great fps, and is great in terms of weight. great gun all around.

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)