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Airsoft Shark Muzzle Flashhider for Airsoft AEG (Thread: 14mm Positive)

9 Customer Reviews

by Garrett B. on 08/17/2016
"This is awesome. Fully metal.

Some notes:
- Its not black, its a really dark grey
- 2 & 3/16 inches long
- 1 Inch wide
by Kyle W. on 03/10/2015
"Very intimidating flash hider, It is about 1.75 in long, comes with shims and a barrel washer. With that you are able to line up the flash hider with the rail system to have a clean look to the gun. Will be getting more of these for different guns.
by jake a. on 12/27/2013
"a nice flashhider. good metal. nice size. but for those who do safty kills by poking people with the end of there gun or just poke people don't buy this because it is very sharp.
by Nancy M. on 09/01/2013
"This is an amazing muzzle break!!!
I've had it one day and my friend already cut himself on it (you may want to file it down a bit)
Really strong, won't break or chip
Comes with thread spacers so it I'd guaranteed to have the correct up/down orientation
Is a bit more grey than black but it still looks great
Overall great muzzle break, if you are even considering it then buy this, well worth the money
by tyler m. on 01/26/2012
"First off this flash hider is the best on the market and is the place to buy it!!!!
i made a video review of this flash hider so check it out, thanks. VIDEO=
by Ben M. on 09/25/2011
"ok guys I have had this thing for quite some time now and I decided to do a review on it. When I first got it I thought it was just going to be just another flash hider but it wasn't. This thing adds a nice aggressive look to any gun. And I own a KWA M16 and I didn't notice it at first but I found that it has a distinct popping sound its quite unique sound effect.

gives off a cool sound when a bb runs through it.
gives a awesome finish to any gun

a bit heavy but eh oh well
the paint on it does come off after a while and will rust a bit. I painted mine with some rustolem so its all good now
by Saunders A. on 03/25/2016
"Is not black. Still able to stab friends though 3/5 would stab again.
by Mason S. on 01/22/2013
"This flash hider looks intimidating! I put this on my G&P 870 mad dog. Excellent craftsmanship. This flash hider is more grey in appearance. I plan doing a matte black finish on mine. Oh and this thing is incredibley sharp on the ends I recommend filing the points down to prevent a possible injury.
by Chris L. on 03/21/2009
"This flash hider is super cool. It has an aggressive look and adds a great custom touch to any gun. It came to me wrapped in plastic with a light coat of preservation oil on it. Good sign, so there is no worries about corrosion. It is built extremely solid and shows no weak areas. The only dissapointing thing about this flash hider is that there is no set screw to lock it in place. The only hope is that the threads stop were you want it positioned, or use some loc-tite.