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Military DesertTec ACU Digital Desert Goggles (Anti-Fog / UF400 / CE Approved)

7 Customer Reviews

by Justin H. on 05/09/2011
"for 30$ im pretty satisfied with this goggles. theyre fairly fog resistant and offer a full field of vision. the tint looks cool and helpful on sunny days however i would not recommend these goggles for indoor play because the tint may be too drastic in the lower light conditions.

overall these are a great economic alternative to expensive, higher end goggles without sacrificing quality and functionality. definitely would recommend these to a friend.
by Steven L. on 02/23/2011
"If you need a pair of goggles that it comfortable to wear for hours, this is what you want.

These goggles look a bit funny without a helmet since the lends is huge but it makes up for it by being comfortable. The lends is almost 1 way so you can see out but no one can see your eyes. The lends is shaded like sunglasses but it isn't really dark. I wear glasses and these goggles fit around them so I can see and have eye protection. If you have huge glasses, like the aviator ones, then it won't fit but all other ones should.

I recommend this pair of goggles to anyone who wants to be protected from BBs while being protected from bright sunlight while being comfortable.
by Jared S. on 10/13/2010
"Very good goggles!!! I love them, they're very comfortable, they don't fog, and in the bright sun they act like sunglasses. I definitely recommend!!!
by anthony z. on 05/26/2010
"These are very good goggles . . . . . .

now for me being a BIG guy finding good priced goggles that don't fog up is rare . . . .

every goggle Ive used (masks too) fogs up on me but i can sweat a lot and these wont their great

now all in all that's enough said but their also scratch resistant and very comfortable

i suggest you buy these goggles if you looking for some that don't fog up
by Ben F. on 04/23/2009
These goggles don't dissapoint. When you see the photo of these and hope they are what you'd expect them to be, they are. Buy 'em fools. Five stizzles
by Joseph D. on 02/03/2009
"Havn't used these in airsoft yet. But been snowboarding with these for the past few weeks and these are by far the best goggles I have ever used.

Looks nice.
VERY V E R Y comfortable.
Doesn't fog.

by Sophei I. on 08/14/2011
Looks nice.
VERY V E R Y comfortable.
Doesn't fog.

A little bit dark
cushioning is glued on.