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Matrix Lens Protector for EOTech 551 / 552 Series Red Dot Optics

10 Customer Reviews

by Kevin P. on 07/22/2013
"Just picked one of these up at the evike super store. Slid onto the eotech nicely but I had to take off the cover for it to fit; wouldn't slide right under the cover, so I'm going to shave some of it off eventually to allow it to fit. I have the old diamond tac model of eotech btw, not sure if it's any different than the new models. Doubt it. I shook the scope and slapped it a bit to make sure that the lens cover won't fall off while running. It didn't :D. Didn't make the glare on my scope any worse unlike the other guy that commented, the lens was already a dark tint and a pain to see through in anything darker than daylight; but it's parallax free anyway so I just go with both eyes open anyways. Overall excellent product. Looks as though it will hold up, didn't measure the thickness, no micrometer. I've been waiting for the day my optic gets nailed by a bb, and now I look forward to it _:D If you have an eotech, buy this before it's too late
by Tomas P. on 09/12/2011
"I got this to use with my BRAVO 551 Scope with a 3X magnifier to protect my investment of an $80 scope.

It is super snug so it will not come off during game play. Some of the other reviews mentioned concerns over clarity. MINE ARE VERY CLEAR!! With or without this cover my magnifier and scope look almost identical. No worries there. the only con is that in very low light, night time games, there is a little ghosting of the 551 scope in both green and red..

VERY SNUG will not come off

VERY SNUG, takes effort to take off so make sure you clean your scope before you install it.
Some ghosting during night time play.

For me 9.5/10.0
by adrian c. on 03/08/2010
"Perfect fit, and essential for every eotech you own. Will fit the real thing!
by brandi G. on 01/15/2017
"I bought this protector about a year ago for my 552 replica and I feel the need to say its not clear. It does have a slight grey tint to hint which in low light situation its becomes very hard to see the targets or anything in front of you. overall it was a very good lens protector it was a tight fit had to take off the cover and install it like that. It did take a few BB hits and held up great. just if you want a clear sight protector and or play indoors don't get this.
by Damien P. on 10/20/2015
"Bought this for my fake 551 and it does its job only con about this is that it's VERY difficult to install. It took about 45 minutes of sanding and filing to get it to fit. Other than that it does what it's supposed to do.
by Dustin B. on 07/03/2015
"Picked this up for my knockoff EOtech and so far I'm very happy with it. It fits fine with no mods needed but was very tight. During the install I had to remove the outer cover, slide the lens in, then reinstall the cover ensuring the lens stayed in place by gently pulling out on the sides of the cover. I've yet to test its durability but I am very confident that it will withstand at least a couple of shots.

LOL much cheaper then a new EOtech.

Difficult to install.

Overall I would suggest this for anyone running an EOtech!
by Jason D. on 05/03/2015
"I got one to protect my 552 knock-off that I have on my King Arms P90. Only reason this does not get 5 stars is I had to dremel the top tab a little to get it to fit between the sight and the outer casing, once that was done it fit snugly into place and is practically invisible to anyone looking at the P90. Other than that it is affordable, durable, and clear enough that I don't even notice that it is there while sighting down my weapon. An excellent buy for anyone with an EOtech they want to protect from BB hits.
by Thom P. on 09/13/2013
"Just placed this on my 551 clone. The tips on the three prong lens protector is thick. 1mm too thick for the top one. Will have to use sand paper or dremel to shave that 1mm down. I ended cutting the top length off by a 1/4inch from the tip. Once it's on, it's on. Very snug. I didnt have any blurred issue. The protector was very clear. If I had a real EOTECH, probably no modification would be needed on the lens protector. If you have a clone like I do, expect to do some shaving or cutting on the top prong. The side prongs can be left alone.
by Jin C. on 11/27/2009
"This is a very good protector for the EOtech series replicas. I bought one for my G&P 552 model and it can withstand 380 fps from point blank. Although it is good you need to mod it before you attach it on to the red dot scope. I had to shave the 3 prongs down about .1mm to make it fit into the red dot without forcing in on and off. Over all a good protecter just needs to be shaved down.
by Rick S. on 04/04/2010
"Don't think this review will make it because this product is terrible. It may save your EOtech's lens but it distorts your vision. I was very dissapointed. Good idea, just horrible quality. If your red dot is just for looks and you don't really use it, then get this product.