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Condor Tactical Shotgun Scabbard - Black

14 Customer Reviews

by David B. on 07/28/2017
"Not much to say here; fair priced, fit my CYMA 870, and does it's job.
by Shaun S. on 05/25/2017
"Absolutely love the fps on this.
by Anita B. on 03/16/2016
"This scabbard was a good bargain, and worth every penny. I bought it to use with my AGM M-500 SWAT Airsoft CQB Training Weapon Shotgun. It was a perfect fit for the gun, and the gun slides out easily WHEN YOU PULL IT OUT. Otherwise, it stays snugly in the scabbard, and will not fall out. The only annoying thing is that the metal buckles on the strap dig into my shoulder, but I'm pretty short. This problem can be easily fixed by changing the strap, (what I did) or putting padding on your shoulder to make it less uncomfortable. Overall, this scabbard was really great, and for the AGM M500, it works perfectly!
by Ethan B. on 06/08/2011
"I just got mine in the mail, and it is very nice, you may not see it in the pic but it comes with a good sling, it is very well made and very comfortable, i am a big guy, 6'2'' and 250 lbs it fits me well and it doesn't move when i sprint. 5 stars
by Andy B. on 06/01/2010
"love it : ) it looks legitimate too.
I would definitely recommend this to anybody who wants an easy way to carry a shotgun/sniper on their back
by Sean P. on 03/31/2010
"Unique product. Works great. I use a UTG M3L in it, and it squeezes in nicely. Because shotguns are longer it is hard to use the scabbard as a shotgun "holster" especially when its on the back of a tac. vest. Its a great way to keep a shotgun handy as a back-up though.
by cormac m. on 03/22/2010
"This scabbard is really handy for longer battles, and having three guns. It straps right on to the MOLLE loops on thye back of vests, and you can also attach a sling to it if you dont have a vest with molle loops. Nice for quick transition between sniper/AEG to shotgun just incase enemies get too close. It is also very handy because now i carry my UTG "Tri-shot" M3, Echo 1 Stag Arms M4, and a Y&P MK23.
by Nayr i. on 09/23/2009
"Fits all sniper riffles, but you have to remove the scope. to awnser the guys question below me, OD. fosho. tan looks ok... but OD is so much more versitile
by Tyler G. on 09/11/2009
"Have one and love it but i am switching loadouts from desert to Woodland so what color would be best on a woodland vest? OD or tan???
by Andrew C. on 02/03/2009
"if u cut a hole at the bottom u could put a sniper in there...
by Matthew Y. on 12/22/2014
"I like this scabbard, it's a good scabbard, I'll just go with pros and cons it doesn't get any more complicated.
Note: I did 4 stars, not that I didn't like it. But I feel giving it 5/5 means it blew my mind and I was like WHOAA this changed my life. And that's just stupid.
3 is good
4 is very good
5 is exceptionally good and nothing about this product could possibly be wrong.

-Really secure even has an annoying strap I don't use.
-Easy to web on... Kind of.
-You can web sfuff on the back. Get two together and you got a second back. (Don't know why you would though.
-hell if I know it's tough I guess and it has hole for water. What more else could you want?

-You have to break it in, a metric jump the gun and say "eihr teh sucks, I cant open it" (get it? You can't open it, that's how stupid they are. *also not mad*) when they've only used it twice.
-The rails on some shotguns get all over the side of the scabbard it gets annoying and you have to jiggle it out. Is been like this for a couple of years it's obviously how you insert it.
-Don't web it sideways it's an ass to do
-just how you'd figure it's an ass to pull out, but it's the logical type of way. Your shotgun isn't just some bendy peice of poo. And neither is this scabbard.
by George M. on 03/31/2012
"I've had two shotgun scabbards like these for a while with two identical shotguns and i copied Hot Fuzz and called 'em the Twins.

Great carrying shotguns
Easy to put on and off
Keeps gun nice, clean, and safe
Great for that Oh SHOOT factor!

Cons: None so far
by Nathaniel M. on 07/17/2014
"I just received this scabbard on the mail along with the full stock utg m1014. It's very tight and it's a pain to put the gun in and it's impossible to pull the gun out. I tried it with the M3s (another utg tri-shot) and that one had a heck of a time getting in there. I did like that the MOLLE attached to my vest keeps it tight. I read other reviews that said it was uuncomfortable, but I thought it was good. The problem is that even though it's comfy, it's not doing any good because the scabbard is way too tight.
by Kim M. on 04/25/2014
"I was not too happy with this purchase.

I thought that I could use this as a way to carry a shotgun as a secondary for my M60. I thought wrong. It has molle straps to attach to a vest, but it's way too long to fit comfortably. That wouldn't really be a problem, but I can't pull the gun out of this damn thing once I put it in!

It's hard enough to pull it out as it is, but to do it under-pressure and from behind your back? Impossible.

I'm not sure what type of shotgun they had in mind when they made this thing, but my M500 sure as hell doesn't fit in it. It was made too tight, and so the pump on the shotgun gets caught on the way out.

Overall not a good purchase on my part. Waste of 30 bucks.

TL;DR: Do NOT think you can just whip your shotgun off your back like the friggin' Terminator! It's not gonna happen.