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Echo1 Licensed Barrett REC7 Custom Airsoft AEG Rifle

17 Customer Reviews

by Cody H. on 09/04/2016
"Excellent AEG, drop in a Madbull tightbore barrel and add a good scope for a deadly DMR under $300. Definetly recommend, I love Echo1.
by Jacob R. on 10/27/2015
"This gun is so good that I honestly think they lied to me about the FPS. In a good way of course. It feels way more powerful than a 350-380 FPS gun. Definitely worth the money.
by Phill L. on 09/04/2013
"This rifle has been one of the best I have owned.

The stock motor is reliable but ultimately you will want to upgrade it. The gearbox is solid and the stock spring is not bad out of the box. Hop up is alright for being a 2 piece hopup unit, BUT i will say that you will want to replace the bucking. I put a G&P in it and made it 10x better.

My biggest peeve about the rifle is that the handguard is floating, which after a while may start to slouch at the front. I would recommend putting a mock gas block and give the hand guard some extra support on the front and make it look more milsim.
by Nick T. on 01/25/2011
"I bought this gun about 2-3 years ago. It has done me extremly well and I do not regret purchasing it for the price. There are many upradable components about this gun. Enjoy it for a great price.
by Phoenix O. on 10/27/2010
"I've had this gun for nearly a year and it still runs amazingly. I have only needed to replace the battery. Its very comfortable and can be modified extremely easily.
by john m. on 03/20/2010
"i own this gun and it is thee best gun iv ever owned. its build is realy sturdy mostley metal. you can add SO MANY things to this gun i have a scope on mine because the thing fires so bang far for such a small compact gun! the gun is the perect size and works as a rifle and as a cqb weopon!
fps is amaizing
sturdy build
so customizable
rate of fire
battery life

rackety sound wen shooting (its completely normal for this gun)
have to use high polished bb's

overall this is the best gun iv ever baught and iv owned sum 16 guns.
by Glenn S. on 01/31/2010
"This is a very reliable gun. I bought an extra mag for it (believe me you will need it). It has a very high fps, and a very nice rpm. It is built very sturdy and will not let you down. Mine broke, and we e-mailed echo1 since my warranty was up, and they were very nice and sent me the parts i needed FOR FREE!! I would definitely look into buying this gun for your collection. I am the leader in the assault team within my team and have led my team to many victories wielding this beast of a gun!! I also bought a grenade launcher, but that isn't relevant to this review..just wanted to brag a bit :D

~very good fps
~nice rpm
~Very sturdy and won't let you down
~very durable and can fit a 9.6v pretty easily

~mine broke...but that's just mine.

SWAT out
by Jamison M. on 09/30/2009
"Hey I'm sorry to post a question on here, I've never done that... but does anyone know if the barrel is like the regular Echo M8A3 where the outer one can just screw off, and the inner is realistically around 300mm? I was debating buying this rifle and swapping the barrel with like a KX3 type flash hider. Saw a youtube review with one of those on the M8A3 so I was hoping this was pretty much the same.
by Kevin E. on 03/12/2009
"Got it in the mail today and it seems sturdy and good.

Chrono'd it with .25's and it shot 360fps.

Range and accuracy it is pretty good especially on semi.
Shorter stock makes the gun more comfortable.
9.6v fit in the stock just fine.

Only 'con' was it sounds a little tingy when it fires but thats it.

Overall I would recommend it. Echo 1 tends to make good guns and this one is an upgrade to their regular m4 series.
by nathan k. on 02/05/2009
"The body is abs plastic, but it doesn't feel like the crappy abs plastic on the echo1 mp5j.
This gun is actually quite heavy considering its body is plastic. This gun is very VERY well balanced. It just feel right in your hands. Since it just floats in your hands the ergonomics for this gun are off the charts. I'd give this gun a 10/10 if i could.

PS: GET THIS GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Chris S. on 02/01/2009
"saw this gun in person, its nice, has upgraded internals with some aftermarket parts, element orange torque piston, madbull blue bucking, and a nice RIS, Only downsie to this gun is the body is ABS not metal :)
by Chris S. on 01/16/2009
"the body is shiny and the trades and markings arnt very convincing...

however is good price for a good performing aeg with good compression. Jg/echo1 has good internals in the newer aegs, only thing need to change is the bucking to systema and get a nice tightbore barrel and add a good 9.6v high output battery and your scrimmage ready.
by Marco R. on 12/20/2008
"Great gun and its my first aeg

high FPS mined chroned 400
Metal RIS
heavy (can be a con)

Battery space
battery has large cells but a small connector so its a custom battery
heavy (can be a pro)

These are very minor Cons so live with it
by Andrew L. on 06/25/2013
"Ive had this gun for a couple of years now, and let me say, it is and excellent beginner to intermediate gun.
metal ris
high quality plastic
shoots fast and hard with a 9.6v battery
no wobble
ris was a litte off center with the receiver (very easy fix, just unscrew the rails and adjust it)
small battery compartment (I added a crane stock to fix the problem)
i didnt like the sights (personal preference, so I added magpul sights)
the barrel is only as long as the ris (its just an extension)
bad selector plate. Shoots full auto on semi and you can pull the trigger on safe
the rails are SHARP! (I just put electrical tape over half of them)
by John B. on 04/22/2013
"I have had this gun for almost a year now and it is a great gun. I wish it had a full metal body or a omega-x rail just like the real steel, but that's not to big of a problem. Im working turning it into a dmr with a 450 mm 6.03 inner barrel, a full cylinder, a shock abosorbing mushroom piston head.
good fps, It chronoed at 389 fps
fairly accurate
nice metal ris
awesome trade marks
fair decent rof about 15-18 bps on a 9.6v battery
internals are pretty solid
The aoe was way off and my piston had fair bad wear on it after about a year CORRECT YOUR AOE
The motor is incredibly loud and obnoxious
The gears need to be shimmed
The battery that it came with isn't the best, I would recommend a 9.6v
consider re-greasing it

Overall I would recommend the gun to anyone planning on working on and upgrading an m4 style rifle internally its not bad at all, it just needs a tiny bit of work done to have it run at its full potential.