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JG JSDF Type 89 Full Metal Airsoft AEG with 3 round Burst Feature.

30 Customer Reviews

by Joseph V. on 03/21/2013
"I have now had this rifle for just over a year. I love this thing! The three round burst is perfect, it DOES take M4/M16 mags (I have a Lonex flash mag, and it works perfectly), and is the perfect weight (at least for me)! I have done no upgrades to it, and the ROF is amazing (on a full charge), regardless of the fact that the battery compartment can only hold a Stick Type 8.4v battery. The accuracy is also very good, probably better than both of my friends' M4's. If you don't completely flail the thing around, the bipod should hold up.

Weight (about 7.8 pounds)
Flawless 3 round burst
Bipod is good enough craftsmanship
Iron sights are just fine

Can only hold an 8.4v stick type battery (mine has about 1/16" wiggle room)
Can't get any quad rails (kind of expected for a unique gun such as this)
You can find a scope mount, but they're pretty hard to find (I've only found 1, and it was in Asia)

I love this gun. I think that the Pros FAR outweigh the cons, and for a unique rifle that no one else on the battlefield will have, with a functioning 3 round burst, $160 is a very good price.
I hope that this review was helpful.
by Michael B. on 02/19/2012
"I have got this gun a year ago with the holy cow special. The gun is all metal except for the hand grip where you put the battery. People say its hard to put the battery in but just look at the picture in the directions and it shows you exactly how and its easy. Ive also heard that you cant put in a 9.6 well that's a lie as well, just did it and it shoots amazing. The only bad things are that the semi and 3 round burst only works for a little while after your battery is freshly charged after that the trigger will stick but all you have to do is keep pressing it fast. Other than that the guns good its not to heavy and if it is just take off he bipod , it makes a big difference.

Pros: 9.6 upgrade goes hard
Shoots a good distance
Can use m4 mags if you hold the mag itself
Bipod comes with it

Cons: 3 round and semi are not to good
Can be heavy for weaker people :p
Trigger Sticks sometimes

Over all i recommend it to anyone looking for a unique gun, if anyone know please tell the size of the scope rails and where i can get a scope.
by Dominic G. on 12/30/2011
"This gun is great. I recommend this to any player, be it CQC or long-range.
It has fairly good FPS and is insanley accurate, making it good for CQC or long-range. However, the best feature about this gun is it's RPM; the RPM on this gun is higher then an average AEG and feels as if it were made for accurate spraying.

-High FPS
-Good range
-Deadly accuracy
-Great iron sights
-Works with M4 magazines
-Compatible with Tokyo Marui parts
-Working 3 round burst
-Easily accessible hop-up
-Comes with bi-pod and a good magazine
-Full metal

-The battery is annoying to get it
-The bi-pod it comes with is fragile and can break easily
-When the battery is fully charged on automatic, the gun will shoot faster then the magazine can feed
-The gun is much heavier then an average AEG, about the same weight as airsoft LMGs.

Over all the gun is more then worth the buy, since (working) 3 round-burst guns are around $200 and up. This is by far one of the best guns for it's price. (I'm actually surprised this gun isn't more then it is).
by mitchell w. on 11/21/2011
"I like it a lot that's all I have to say about this amazing gun.
by John S. on 09/08/2009
"This gun is great, a friend has it and it always fires fast and true. Can rails be bought to attach a scope for it? if so which rails?
by Joshua O. on 09/06/2009
"Does it come with a bipod?
What are the cons you guys had cuz i want this for my b-day
by Lanzer M. on 05/20/2009
"Before I start my review, YES, I have used, fired and skirmished with this weapon.

This is by far the best assault rifle I have used so far. The 3 round burst is killer, it conserves ammo, and It's by far way better to spam bursts than just holding down the trigger like other guns do. Some people have asked me if it was too hard to quick fire with it, because it was a long weapon, and the answer is no. I'm 5'11" and it fit me perfect. If you ever get two of these on the field, they dominate.

I've been able to use all the M4/M16 clips I've come across with this weapon, so I'm not sure why the other person who reviewed was having problems.

Personally, I find this Type 89 astonishingly better than the Tokyo Marui version. It's rate of fire on Fully Automatic was allot better than I thought it would be, and it's accuracy, so far against other long barreled AR's, is unchallenged, besides Snipers on this.

If there are any cons whatsoever with this weapon, It would be the fact that when you put the bipod out, you have to use brutal force to put it back up, and I don't like putting it down because when I do have to put it up, I'm always afraid it will break.

This is a very cost efficient weapon, and it's good in almost any playing zone. I've had friends who prefer snipers over AR's drop their guns for this, and it is undoubtedly a great secondary weapon for snipers when the enemy get's too close. Just do not use .12's in this, because everyone knows they suck, and are only useful for saving money in a backyard airsoft game.

For this price, BUY THIS GUN!
by Salvador Z. on 02/20/2009
"Have to say great rifle, even for CQB (takes training to use off the shoulder technique)

ROF very good
range, reliable out to 60-80 feet

If you are looking for something alittle different from the M4/16 this is it,
370 fps (constant chrono on semi)
Burst was a new feature I found that should be more available on other weapons in the future)

Going to buy another, the reviewed was a gift,

and yes M4/16 mags are usable. another plus!
by Terry H. on 01/15/2009
"this gun is sweet... it uses type 89 mags....dont use reviews to ask questions thats why Evike has a forum...

Webmaster: Type in "Type89" on the search box and the mag will appear. We will have the Matrix version that is much cheaper on the site too, the magazine just landed our warehouse last week as of Jan, 2009.
by GARY H. on 01/01/2009
"KK to answer your question this gun can take m4 and 16 mags because i looked on the tm version of this and saw a guy that said that he uses m4 mags in his type 89 and the tm one is the same thing as this one and this one might even b better. NOTE- you cant use type 89 mags in a m4 or m16 hoped this helped!!
by Pierre C. on 12/01/2008
"I just received this rifle and all my expectations have been met.

and in my hand this version of the Type 89 is so beautiful!
i can see the parts that are metal and the parts that are plastic!
and it feels so right!

the Pros
the weight is perfect
i'm left handed and it works just right for me
easily able to take apart!



i can only hope its predecessor the Type 64 will be given attention
i also own the TM type 89 and its a complete copy that i'm very satisfied with.

domo arigato Gozaimasu Evike!
by Kip N. on 11/17/2008
"Just received this gun. It is very nicely constructed, and fires very well. 345fps with .25's. I was very please with the gun until I noticed that it is NOT compatible with M4 / M16 as stated in the description. It looks like a M4 mag, but the feed tube is a different design than a standard M4 mag. Somewhat reversed is the best way I can describe it. I have never seen mags with this design, so finding spare mags will be a challenge.
by Wallace W. on 11/10/2008
"The 3 round burst feature is probably the best way to save money on bb and get that tactical advantage of full auto. I bought it just for that feature and it works like a charm. Nice to see Airsoft coming out with new features. If they have that feature on a m4 I'll buy one right away too!
by Janice A. on 10/30/2008
"This is a great gun! A very affordable deal if you are looking for a type89. (A very compact long range gun)

Matrix is a USA importer. They distribute a lot of Airsoft products. Just like UTG don't call their guns "double eagle" or other brands such as Softair, echo1, tsd....don't call their guns the OEM factory name because they have to repackage it for the following reason to get Airsoft into the USA legally and properly. Evike is a retailer, they only make custom guns.

Removal of orange tip and improper markings.
Removal of stupid wordings on the box like "M4 assault rifles" that can be a problem importing
(Which is why you should never buy items from an over-sea website if you don't want to get in trouble.)

If you buy a Marui from Japan, you will get it with the gun all scratched off and the box all beat up with the writings cut off.
by Michael M. on 10/29/2008
"this gun is originally made by BE (Both Elephant) not Matrix (matrix is evikes brand name) this is by far the best AEG BE has to offer.
the metal parts insist of both top and lower recievers ( not the pistol grip) the outer barrel assembly, bipod muzzle and alot of other little things. compared to the marui i personaly like the BE version better because of the rubberized plastic finish on the forgrip stock and pistol grip.