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Matrix Heavy Weight Dummy Airsoft Simulation Rubber Grenade

12 Customer Reviews

by Deann M. on 12/12/2016
"Great dummy Grenade, I would recommend buying it. I have mine for about a year now and it still looks new. Also you can use it a barrel plug then when you start the game you can use as a grenade. The weight on it makes it more realistic.
by Justin C. on 10/10/2015
"Awesome dummy grenade, realistic, almost unbreakable, cheap, all my team now wants to buy 2 of them.

While having trainings we realised that the grenades make a sound when they are on their way to the rooms, its awesome and intimidating. It,s like you can hear them comming when they are in the air. 10/10
by Cameron M. on 07/18/2013
"Great Dummy Grenade. Will never break and looks awesome. Worth every cent and loads of fun to use. It's made of what feels like solid rubber but there is a yellow piece of fabric on the inside. I wrote my name and phone number on it just in case it gets lost or someone wants to say it is theirs. I will be back to buy another on of these.

Looks cool
Identification fabric on the inside
Won't break at all

None I can think of
by Austin L. on 07/17/2013
"This thing is fantastic. This is the best of every non-exploding grenade that I have ever held or used.

The weight is perfect for long tosses.
Doesn't get dirty easily
Only $8
Comes with a yellow string so that it's easier to find
Can be thrown at annoying people to hurt them

Screw that holds the yellow string in can fall out. Not a problem, just screw it back in.
by mckee c. on 06/05/2012
"Such an awesome buy for on $7.50! I borrowed my friends and I just bought one a few days ago. *WAR STORY* I was running pistol only at SC Village and I threw this like 70 feet with no problem and got a double kill. A different time I tossed this through a window and got a SECOND double kill. If you run a light loadout and rush a lot buy this or if you need to clear buildings...its great for quick kills.
Has some heft but is still rubber
Yellow band on the end for easy finding
Looks real
Convenient and hassle free
Makes clearing buildings a breeze
Some people abuse these and carry like 10 each game
Not to be thrown like a baseball, easy to lose at night
Very common, someone could easily mistake yours for theirs
Confuses people because of no explosion
People may walk away if it lands next to them....
by Chris L. on 04/06/2012

excellent for taking out campers
no way these can break
only 7 bucks
huge difference compared to the featherweight madbull ones

some people dont know the rules about grenades and run from them
easy to lose, always underhand if you dont wanna get stuck on the roof
by Dustin B. on 04/05/2012
"this thing is great. very realistic, nice heavy weight to it. if you saw this skitter past you during a war you would run.

just plain cool

its awesome
by Nathan K. on 03/28/2011
"This is a very good product. Its heavy weight and will take throw after throw... If you can use grenades in your local fields I suggest it.
by cormac m. on 05/31/2010
"when i first got this i told my friends it was a BB grenade and they freaked. We played "Barn Defense" in my friends barn. there are 9 doors in the barn, a small shed type room, 5 horse stables and a loft. i was an attacker and the first thing i did was throw my grenade in to the barn up in the loft, then i came in through a horse stable door while they were freaking out, and they didn't even realize i was in the barn. after they realized the grenade wasn't real, they payed attention to my friend and forgot about me. i popped up from a horse stable and took out my friend with one shot from my echo 1 m4 and my other friend got the other guy out. FUN TIMES. get this grenade as a prank while playing air soft.
by Kevin W. on 01/16/2009
"Must have!

Looks very realistic.
The rubber ones are much better to throw
Doesn't hurt as much if you get hit by it
Bounces on the ground a few times after it lands
Good price.
Loosing one of these in the game is better than lossing a $100 bb grenade.

Doesn't fire bb....can be a pro (safety)
by Paul c. on 11/16/2008
"Great grenades, easy to throw, affordable, durable, and realistic looking. great product. would recommend to anyone
by Mikhail K. on 11/09/2008
"Less Dangerous than airsoft grenades huh? LOL! whats worse? Getting hit with small plastic rounds or a heavy chunk of rubber?